Should Michael go to court and fight the ticket he was given last week?


  • Seth - 15 years ago

    This past week I have been fighting with my apartment complex regarding a supposed late fee of $100. They claimed that I paid late and although I did pay on the 2nd and not the first someone in the office stamped my check for the 4th which meant I would owe.

    I contested for days, it emotionally dragged me down because I started to question myself, what if I thought it was the 2nd but was actually the 4th? I was on vacation and had a lot going on I could be mistaken but I was sure my complex was in the wrong and I demanded they pull the video surveillance and prove when I actually dropped off the check.

    Without even a second thought they dropped the charge. They felt my insistence was enough and at the end of the day I was upset but glad I didn’t cower and pay them. I say fight, at least you can say you fought even if you don’t win.

  • Mark - 15 years ago

    Wow, I'm amazed at how many want you to pursue this petty injustice. It's taken some time, but after years of not being able to let things go, I've finally come to a place in my life where I can really start to let things go. I'm not saying I'm perfect by any means. But think about the time this will eat out of your days preparing, waiting at the court and the energy it will take will in some respects distract you from your goals. Even if you are successful there's no evidence that these guys will ever be affected by your actions. And if not then you have given them the power over you. Dr. Dyer is a wonderful writer about letting things go and being at peace with your life.

    When you first made the decision to let it go, it was encouraging to see you do that. But if I learned anything, once you let something go and bring it back into focus like you're doing, it will have triple the affect on your mental state than it had when you first dealt with it.

    Whatever your decision, I wish you luck.


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