Would you be interested in a new, online quilting magazine?


  • Rose - 15 years ago

    You are my new BFF! Love your idea and it would most definitely be something I would be interested in reading with one stipulation - I want you
    to be the one that writes for it. I love your writing style and sense of humor.
    I just recently found your blog and it is one of the first ones I go to everyday.
    You make me laugh out loud.

  • BJ - 15 years ago

    I would love this! I'm always looking for a tutorial I saw here and there...sometimes never end up finding them again, even though I'm sure I bookmarked them. It would be nice to have good info all in one place

  • Anne D - 15 years ago

    I have just started to read your blog and love it!I would be very interested in an online magazine if you were involved in the writing of it. My only problem is I waste far too much time reading blogs the last thing I need is something else to read!!!

  • Cathy - 15 years ago

    Ok I am right with you. I like reading about quilts and tips that are quilts I can make and would not mind throwing it over the couch and tips that I could really use. You are onto something. Also some of the online sites that you can go to are so expensive and I cannot justify paying for a site that I will not use that much. I also don't have that perfect house that that fancy quilt would even fit in with.

    Count me in and I will help with what ever I can.

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