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18. Which was the agency of the decade? (Poll Closed)

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  • BlackPen - 13 years ago

    Goodby is a flame that while it doesn't burn the brightest (at least not this decade), you must concede it has burned the longest.

  • mick - 13 years ago


    Still the best consistent big creative shops of them all.

  • Martinus - 13 years ago

    Publicis??? Come on guys...

  • Geruvah - 13 years ago

    Agreed that Crispin is overhyped because of the small award-winning stuff they do to win awards. If I remember though, that's about all they accomplish. Something like Burger King actually fell in sales while McDonald's, Wendy's, and even Subway went ahead.

    I think Goodby is great. They tend to stay on the good side of everything. Deutsch...I'll keep my opinion to myself about them.

    What makes this hard is that this seems to be a time when so many agencies are transforming in every aspect because of the times, so it's hard to pick which one is the "winner."

  • JAB - 13 years ago

    I don't even know why BBH is on this list.

  • Bad Hair - 13 years ago

    Goodby has done so much more than any other agency and done it with amazing consistency. Crispin is the most hyped place of the last decade.

  • TPJ - 13 years ago

    What does it matter anyway. Crispin will win it officially because every trade press is so blind to the amount of average work they do. Instead they all focus on the tiny one off stunts they do that win awards.
    Old Navy, Microsoft, Coke, Dominoes, Nike, popcorn guy, Best buy, Amex and now Gap. All no better than what McCann does for its clients.

  • ROBO - 13 years ago

    Where's Fallon?
    Well, if the honor was "Best Agency of the First Half of the Decade" they'd have a chance. But all of the good work they did in the US was done years ago (BMW films, Citi, Holiday Inn).

  • Bob - 13 years ago

    Can someone please post the email from Euro asking all of the employees to vote for them. What a joke.
    My favorite part is that David Jones, their CEO, is leading for Creative Director of the Decade.

  • John - 13 years ago

    Euro RSCG wins! I'm sure none of us saw that coming. Can we just stop the sham contest now and resist the temptation to outsource everything to a consumer vote? Please.

  • Matt - 13 years ago

    You can vote as many times. Just clear your browser history and vote again. How is this responsible journalism!

  • Are you kidding me?? - 13 years ago

    Where is Fallon - this is ridiculous - Adweek you need to rectify this immediately

  • forgotten - 13 years ago

    agree with the other comments. where's Fallon? for being a shop 1/8th the size of many others represented here, Fallon has certainly punched above it's weight class in terms of delivering great creative.

  • can't believe - 13 years ago

    there isn't even a mention of Fallon. That's a huge oversight.

  • Anne W. - 13 years ago

    Wow...No Fallon...Unreal!!! United Airlines "It's time to fly," Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express "Stay Smart", Citi "Live Richly," BMW, Sony Bravia "Colour Like No Other," Cadbury, Dyson, Virgin Mobile "Christmahanakwanzika," Bahamas Tourism, Amazon, Lee, Ted Airlines, Starbucks....and the list goes on. Fallon has produced some of the best campaigns of all time during this decade.

    Adweek, get with it!

  • george tannenbaum - 13 years ago

    This is one of the more asinine abdications of the responsibility of Editorial that I have seen in a while. Let's hold a popularity contest and call it a poll.

  • David Eiben - 13 years ago

    I know I'm biased as I worked there, but to not even nominate Fallon as the best agency of the decade? I know the 2nd half of the decade hasn't been kind, but look @ your best creative and Fallon is all over then nominations. BMW Films, Sony, EDS, Cadbury, Citi...

    It was also the incubator for some of the best talent of this decade as evidenced by the BBDO work from Greg Hahn, David Lubars, Brian DiLorenzo. Fallon has also spawned some of the best new small shops as evidenced my mono, Toy, Barrie, D'Rozario Murphy, Zeus Jones and I'm sure others.

    I would argue that no agency has been as influential as Fallon this past decade.

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