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22. Which was the multicultural agency of the decade? (Poll Closed)

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  • Carlos - 11 years ago

    We are a Hispanic Agency, proud to be Hispanic and Cross-Cultural. Most U.S. Multicultural Ad Agencies are Hispanic, African American or Asian American. UniWorld was one of the real Multicultural ones, maybe the only one in this list of agencies.

  • Jíbaro - 13 years ago

    The most awarded Hispanic agency is Grupo Gallegos, so if the criteria is creative/work they should be #1 and La Comu #2; you can then argue that Latinworks, Dieste, Conill or Vidal should be #3.

    Even though Cassanova and Bromley are pioneers in the Hispanic market they haven't been real contenders or innovators in the last 4 years thus can't be considered the for such an award.

    Global Hue has no business in this group, have you seen their Verizon work? You could say they are the only real Multicultural Agency of the bunch, but that wouldn't be fair for the other shops.

  • no puede ser! - 13 years ago

    This poll is the Joke of the decade. Please correct the list so we all can vote. Otherwise you are loosing the most rapidly growing readers of this market: the Latinos! GRACIAS.

  • Sinpe Losenlalengua - 13 years ago

    Maybe the list is based on creativity. This premise knocks Lopez Out (since they seem to be most making a fuss). I would like to see what creative shops have to say on this - note their absence - either they have won before or are too busy working - rather than bickering, struggling to get another award (apart from the local Addys) focus on elevating the work, with innovation, storytelling and technology.

  • Edu - 13 years ago

    This is a shameful, half-assed and mediocre attempt of a survey. What is the criteria? what are the parameters? Popularity? Give us a break and don't waste our time. Whoever is running this at AdWeek is not taking this very seriously and neither should anyone responding to it.

  • Jameson - 13 years ago

    No need for ugliness. Let's keep AdWeek's poll clean and on-point.

  • Bobo - 13 years ago

    Roberto were you let go from lopez negrete?

  • Roberto - 13 years ago

    I agree that they are some good agencies missing from the list, but most of them have not win agency of the year, been in business for more than a decade or won any big National or International awards. For example; Lopez Negrete Communications have never WON multicultural agency of the year, they have won bunch of Houston creative awards (what other local agencies have participated). They lack creativity, insights and innovation, please check their new site as a great example of their lack of creativity.

  • M.A. Bates - 13 years ago

    AdWeek should be ashamed of this poll. It is obvious that the Adweek brass does not know or care for the Multicultural markets or it'd clients. I hope that an intern or secretary came up with this list. Multicultural agency of the decade? Are you serious? Where are the real shops, Lopez Negrete, Bromley, Alma, MPG....get your facts checked AdWeek. You don't seen like an authority worth reading when you get this list wrong. Shame on you!

  • Billy Shears - 13 years ago

    When ignorance and enthusiasm get together, you get polls as uninformed as this one. There is Bromley, there is Lopez Negrete Communications. Decades of Multicultural work. Did you guys do your homework? I vote for Lopez Negrete, well deserved AND it shows.

  • Robert - 13 years ago

    In this decade, La Agencia has decreased severely its roster of clients and overhead. But thanks for the nomination.

  • Elmero Mero - 13 years ago

    The only agency you need to add to the list is Grupo Gallegos

  • theresa - 13 years ago



  • Jose Lencioni - 13 years ago

    @ Linda

    Don't disagree with you about Latinworks' ommission from the list, I'm just not sure if I would suggest that #1 Hispanic agency, Dieste, HQ'd in Dallas, didn't provide any texas competition.

  • Linda - 13 years ago

    Where is Latinworks? Great creativity.
    Lopez Negrete I never cared for. They lack creativity and innovation. They are who they are because until Latinworks came to Texas, they had no competition in their geographical area.

  • LAla - 13 years ago

    Where is LatinWorks? The agency of the year...... has won more awards and Pitches than anyone this year. Lopez Negrete with the most important accounts for the Multicultural Marketing such as Walt Mar and Bank of America. My vote is for Latin works!!!!! great creativity you guy are the Multicultural agency of the year........

  • Chelita - 13 years ago

    I think the point has been made regarding the list missing a few of the top Multicultural agencies. Maybe this list was an "oops" moment and was posted prematurely. Let's see how quickly they can correct their mistake.
    Go ahead, add Lopez Negrete Communications. You know it is the right thing to do.

  • Rafa Juarez - 13 years ago

    This looks like a scam. Not only you can vote any number of times (no wonder how some agencies here have OVER 2,000 VOTES!). Where is Lopez Negrete, Bromley, Latinworks, COD, and the rest? You are a respected magazine within the advertising industry, but your lack of awareness of the multicultural marketing and communications industry in the U.S. is a clear sign of how bad we need a serious and professional publication for the multicultural market, specifically for the U.S. Hispanic market. Thanks for revealing it.

  • TPM - 13 years ago

    No surprise here. Are any of these contests really fair? It's always a popularity contest to get on the nominations list. But it IS a shame that Ad Week didn't make a genuine effort to create a list comprised of the true multicultural leader agencies.

  • Robert - 13 years ago

    I agree with many of the comments above. I wonder if this is a sign of the lack of knowledge AdWeek might have on the multicultural business and its growth in the last 10 years. Now, including everyone in such a broad category would have been absurd too. I think that Hispanic, due to its exponential growth, could be a category on its own. I doubt other multicultural non hispanic agencies have had such a growth during the last decade. So write in your choice if not in the list and let's see the results.

  • Hommer Simpson - 13 years ago

    GlobalHue was founded in 2000, when Don Coleman Advertising acquired Montemayor & Asoc. Why do you have Don Coleman for agency of the decade when the company ceased operations early this decade? Shouldn't Don Coleman and GlobalHue be considered as one agency for the purposes of this poll? ... from reading the comments below, it seems that the designating criteria to select top multicultural agency of the year is flawed and biased. One word for you Adweek: D'oh!

  • Disappointed - 13 years ago

    No mamen. Quien fué el genio que creo esta lista de agencias y tuvo la audaz de meterlos a concurso para el mejor? Tuvo que haber sido un gringo que no tiene idea. Faltaron bastantes y de las mejor merecidas. Donde esta Lopez Negrete? Bromley? COD? Bueno... lo bueno es que nosotros sabemos quienes son los buenos.
    Translation: You must be kidding. You missed the boat.

  • steven - 13 years ago

    Ad Week, come on! Where are Lopez Negrete Communications and Bromley? Names like lopez negrete are synonymous with Hispanic and Multicultural advertising.

  • Remo - 13 years ago

    Please explain how you chose the agencies, many great ones are missing; Latinworks, Lopez Negrete. And more agencies that have being doing a work for "Multicultural Market".

  • Randolfo - 13 years ago

    The idea is a good one. But, but, but who came up with this list? Seriously. It is lacking many of the finest in the business. Why is Lopez Negrete Communications not here. This agency is one of the premiere agencies in the country and the fastest growing (for a reason).

  • federico traeger - 13 years ago

    This seems to be a list of agencies written at a bar between a small group of friends. There is clearly nothing serious about it. Sadly unprofessional. Where are the pioneers of our market that were the first ones to pave the multicultural road? Where is the biggest one of them all, the one who has been doing multicultural project after project, year after year with brands such as Walmart, among many other iconic advertisers? Yes, where is Lopez Negrete Communications? Hello!

  • FernDog - 13 years ago

    With all due respect, it's confusing AND embarrassing that you guys excluded so many good Agencies. Where is Lopez Negrete? Where is Latinworks? Where is ALMA DDB? I think that your list is coming out TOO short.

  • J - 13 years ago

    Seriously? There are some great agencies here... But there are too many gaps. At the very least the top 10 in size should be here... Lopez Negrete, Latinworks and others. I am not sure what criteria was used, but I am dissapointed to see the lack of representation overall of some of the great agencies.

  • Gomez - 13 years ago

    I am really surprised that you guys missed some of the REAL great Multicultural Agencies. ALMA DDB, Latinworks, Bromley and the largest owned operated, Lopez Negrete. Or 25 years of constant growing are not enough?

  • Just Me - 13 years ago

    Multicultural connotes multiple cultures, GlobalHue seems to be the only agency to meet this criteria. It would make more sense to have separate categories for Hispanic, African American and Asian agency of the decade.

  • Fleur - 13 years ago

    I am in complete shock! How can you exclude agencies like Lopez Negrete Communications? Bromley? What was the criteria you used to create the list? Could you share it with us?

  • El Negro - 13 years ago

    I wonder where is Alma DDB, Inspire (Moroch), Latinworks, Lopez Negrete. And more agencies that have being doing a lot for this "Multicultural Market".
    The list seems way short and the criteria so random. I'm confused, and I bet a lot of people in the bussiness will be too.

  • M - 13 years ago

    Multicultural Agency of the Decade sounds really big. Now, the criteria it's billings, or creative? Or non.
    Because on both ends there's some big names missing.

  • Marcos - 13 years ago

    How did you guys came up with this list? Where is Bromley? Where is Latinworks? And where is Lopez Negrete for crying out loud? These Companies are clearly one of the most respected and important in the business.

  • Jose Lencioni - 13 years ago

    Unclear selection criteria + gapingly noticeable omissions makes me think that this, despite how BIG "multicultural agency of the decade" sounds, isn't a very incredible designation.

    Not to knock whoever ends up winning this, I'm sure they're worthy, but I struggle with the meaningfulness of this.

  • Pete - 13 years ago

    I wonder how this list was created, i'm trying to grasp what the selection criteria was....i see many agencies missing

  • J2 - 13 years ago

    I'm dissapointed that the more prominent agencies are not listed. Lopez Negrete has a distinct history of more than 25 years and represents fortune 500 brands. Wal-Mart, a leader in multicultural marketing has been in their roster for many years. LNC should have the honor of being a part of this list.

    Sosa Bromley is one of the original multicultural agencies and is not mentioned. We should remember who the pioneers are of multicultural marketing, Hispanics have been driving this for many years and continue to redefine advertising.

  • Paloma Fletes - 13 years ago

    I personally have met all of the Dieste employees and they are all very kind and very helpful.
    I'm a single mother of 2 children and when my home burned down and was left with nothing, Dieste was there and donated clothing and some cash for my needs. Thanks to Dieste my kids were able to have a smile on there faces and warmth from the clothes and toys given from Dieste.
    Dieste Rocks!!!

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