Is the Earth conscious?


  • Elaine Owen - 13 years ago

    THEREFORe all consciousness in everything ( all that is)

  • xy - 13 years ago

    In that point of view if we can properly view and construe our living inner body interconnectedness with its outer environment - yes we should personify also the Earth as a living Entity and as any living one has consciousness he/she/it may also has.

    The 'above thought' - MODEL however is not regarded only for 'OUR' present PLANET! The word PLANE-T would mean figuratively seeing, scanning ourselves by our consciousness from inside-out as an entirely complex BEING composing ourselves from our smallest parts (quantum states) to our biggest one (MULTI-UNI-Versions). And this grand picture looking ourselves as a coherent one even more would be severally arranged - plane-t-s (in time and space).

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