What are you currently focusing on most in your preparation for the Great Waves?

Posted 9 years.

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  • Quynh-hoa - 9 years ago

    The Great waves of Changes are overwhelming because they are powerful and long lasting. There is nowhere to hide. There are so many things that one has to do, so many close people we have to care for, so many parameters to be considered and most of them are cascading at an uncontrollable speed.
    Where will we place our Faith ? As the New Message says. God is not going to take care of you personally, to save you personally. God has given you a deeper mind , a mind who knows the truth behind the veil, who senses as animals sense about what is coming over the horizon, a mind who is endowed with an intelligence which acts before thoughts. This mind must be called forth because of the urgency and the power of the situation. Steps to Knowledge is the preparation . The answers must come from within and we must build the courage and the Faith to carry them out. "Knowledge is calling us and the world is calling us. We must prepare"

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