What you require to "Redefine India"

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  • Sundar - 12 years ago

    We should take a leaf or two from Gandhiji's approach. Seflessness (as indicated by one of the posters here), combined with the commitment to transform the society is the need of the hour. Today's situation is extremely self-centered and people have accepted defeat even before the war was started. As Gandhiji said:

    "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win"

    This resiliency is the need of the hour. A country with such a long heritage, such a rich culture and abundance in intelligence is going to dogs because of absence of active contributions from "Selfless" individuals. You see a spark now and then and then, it all fizzles out. We need strength in our minds, energy in our legs and love in our heart to run this long race, which would ultimately give immense satisfaction.
    Though we may not be able to change the entire country on day-100, small initiatives in our neighhourhood can make significant difference in the lives of people around us. There are lot of individuals and organizations who would like to contribute to the society in a big day but lack of a concered effort ends up in wasted energy.
    There has to be a beginning and the time to start action is NOW.

  • manubhai patel - 12 years ago

    i would suggest to change ourselves selfishness and try to learn our economic policies. and i agree with all view. we are fighting with all political member and talking with our countries people about to change our country.

    am proud to be a part of INDIA REDEFINED.....................................................................


    from- manupatel - mehsana.

  • Parthiv Patel - 13 years ago

    I would suggest to pay TAX honestly. Start from that and do not pay any kind of bribe for any reason. That would be the first step everybody can take without hesitation to redefine India.

    I am pursuing this thing. Would you ??

    Good Luck.

    Jai Hind

  • Sambhunath Tiadi - 13 years ago

    At first we have to change ourselves by eliminating our selfishness,try to learn and Analise our economy policies,education policies and legislative issues including judiciary system. Most of our India citizens are not well aware about our micro and macro level administration system. So education plays a vital role here. Importance on agriculture,education,medicare should be given first. Instead of complex nature of economy and other administrative system, we have to make it simple one. But starting from Honorable President to Prime Minster and ministers, all are passing their time just like other government servants with out deep look towards development activity. I am sure, 100% employment opportunities are possible in the above sectors, subject to proper planning and its implementation. I know the planning and strategies of it. But such planning and strategies should be convened to others with positive attitudes. I know within the available resources, a sweeper can come to the road to sweep in his/her own car. I am thinking for it and waiting for that time. So at first we have to educate ourselves, means to change ourselves and than to change others around us.

  • Jayanth - 13 years ago

    Am proud to be a part of INDIA REDEFINED...
    JAI HIND..

  • Neelam Joshee - 13 years ago

    I earnestly believe that as I am eager, anxious and willing to change to make a positive difference, each of us need to demonstrate this willfully, proactively and continuously in order to earn respect and gain faith from others to who we need to bring awareness.
    I also strongly believe that we need to implement this awareness for change at the grassroot level, among families (in all strata of society), schools, colleges, private and public sector employees, business people and all others.
    I am so glad that for example Aamir Khan is rightly chosen to spread awareness among citizens the need for civil duty.
    Let us meet area-wise, formulate a vision oriented strategy to bring forth awareness then go ahead and do so.

  • chayan - 13 years ago

    i think we have to change ourself first then others which are near to us like we have to sort out our state problem..
    we r fighting with each other and talking about to change our country so first change yourself then other .......

  • Anjali Gahrana - 14 years ago

    I don't know what can I do but I want to do something and there is so much to do for my country. This is starting as a mini movement but I am sure if the efforts are sincere it will be a Mass movement. Someone has to start itand the we,the people will join you.

  • Mohammad Reyaz - 14 years ago

    I agree with all above views. I would just like to add that we need to redefine our thinking first. Our ever step should be positively for betterment of ourselves, our society and the nation…..

  • Dr. Neeta Mishra - 14 years ago

    Its not just one it should be WE and all coming together for a better today,tomorrow and so on.Clean,Healthy,Friendly nd Green Mumbai.

  • Gayatri - 14 years ago

    sathi haath badana ,ek akela thak jayega mil kar bojh uththana.........

  • Rakesh Kumar Singh ,advocate supreme court - 14 years ago

    every positive,cooperative,directed and concerned feeling and action may bring desired result...once taken up with deliberation and conscious thinking and consistent action ,should b allowed to reach to its sought objects...to b a party, to build a nation , strong mind of alertness and consciousness is needed throughout...

  • Prof.A.N.JHA - 14 years ago

    all should try to their level best to contribute for the betterment of this universe.

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