Johnny Depp for the win, or not for you? Weigh in with your World's Sexiest Opinion.


  • km - 13 years ago

    I used to have this big crush on Johnny Depp when I was a kid... But now, I'm obsessed with ADAM LAMBERT. Adam and Johnny have similarities. They are the HOTTEST Guys in the World!

  • Migoto - 13 years ago

    Maybe not the sexiest man alive, but Mr. Pattinson certainly has some lovely bedroom eyes and an alluring mouth!

  • Grace Hampton - 13 years ago

    Whatever happened to classy, clean cut men like Paul Newman, Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner and Cary Grant?

  • Nora Smith - 13 years ago

    You say this is a choice!! Yah Right!!
    Well you know that Robert Pattison got voted best Vampire but not the sexiest man alive (NO!!) He can't act anyone can play his part and vampires are sopossed to be hairless. he coverd in Hair!!
    Taylor Launter is so Hot!! Nothing is hotter than a Indain with Hot abs EVERYONE KNOWS THAT!!
    Jonny Depp is not that cute to me, But (IM ONLY 14) so he would be hot to women over 18 not under so thats my opion! ANy Questions (Call 1-800-I-GOT- A - Promblem) LOL!!!

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