Hidden Truth of WTC Attack in America !

  • hijack - 9 years ago

    muslims are the original culprits.no doubt abt it.

  • Proudamerican - 9 years ago

    This site is a joke and your facts need to be checked. You throw these comments out there without stating any references. These are all personal opinions and partial truths. Almost seems like this was created just to create more tension between religions. Me personally, I have no religion to call my own. I believe that no matter the religion we will all be called to answer for the wrongs we have done when our life comes to an end. These comments are a waste of time and a bunch of political jargon.

  • Ali - 10 years ago

    Asslamuailaikum, There must be still a lot of things hidden in this 11/9,someday somehow they will opened up and world will know the reality,Muslims don't do and can never kill Innocent people,Islam teaches us Love,peace...Islam is not only the greatest religion,It is the only Religion.( from Adam (AS ) to Allah's greatest Nabi Mohammad Sallalahu alaihi Wasallam( May Allah Peace be upon him and his Family) Ameen Allahuma Ameen !

    Thanks Brother such great Article,JazakAllah

  • KingslaveofAllah - 10 years ago

    JazakAllah khair Everyone...! I Posted one More Video....don't forget to Watch that!

  • Ambreen - 10 years ago

    Hey Its a very gr8 information, as i was asked several times this question from my non-muslim frns n i was unanswerd. Thanks dear. May Allah hv all blessing Upon u.

  • ALI AZEEM - 10 years ago

    thank dear far the good work done, may ALLAH SWA blessed you in tha life ahead and after

  • zeenat - 10 years ago

    Bush has done this all for capture IRAQ, he want to become fooled to world later he have used his politics, first he ruined to IRAQ people, capture the IRAQ whole world looking quietly, media make him hero in world eye, he is hero those only can remove terrorist , who are terrorist , he have killed million of human kind just for became hero, he is only fighting against terrorism, after IRAQ then he attack on Lebanon.

    he is not removing terrorist, he want to remove muslim country from world.

  • Hafsa Aiyub - 10 years ago

    Jazakallah brother for such informative article..which most of us dont know..May Allah reward you in this world & hereafter..
    Allah says in the Quran"They planned & plotted.Allah to planned & Allah is the best of planner"
    Our religion is a peaceful religion..We hate terrorism...We put our trust in Allah & surely He will bring out the evidences to the world!!!If not in this world then Hereafter
    Surely disbelievers donot know of such divine religion......Our duty is propagation even if we know one ayah with its perfect meaning.....why our Prophet says just one ayah...Because it is the only religion which inspires people with even one Small Ayah....

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