Would you buy a data-only cellphone? (Poll Closed)

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  • Carl - 12 years ago

    I think the ipod touch is the closest to that. I honestly think AT&T is stupid for not recommand apple to add the data features to the ipod. For a maximum of $30 a month after taxes, I wouldn't mind getting data in my ipod touch and i would of been cut off my cell phone and started using google voice. I use it everyday for text messages and calls so that i can preserve from giving people my actual cell number. The only thing about it, the wait time is little to long but thats fine.

  • Gary - 12 years ago

    I already have it...especially surprising as I live in a technology backwater of Australia. I've got a newly released Virgin E5832 mobile wifi modem and a Nokia E65. Their connection is extremely stable and I use a voip account with Pennytel for all my calls. Easy, simple and very very cheap telephony by comparison to the telcos cell phone charges

  • Jason - 12 years ago

    Carriers are already have the capability to prioritize VoIP traffic, no extra VLANs required. Most VoIP clients mark their outbound packets for expedited forwarding. It's just a matter of the carrier looking for DSCP marks or 802.1p bits and honoring them. There's the rub kids - getting them to either honor those bits, OR do traffic classification and mark at the ingress point, then stick the packets in the right forwarding classes, queues, etc. Then they need to honor the markings through the rest of the network.

    The problem? With current price structures, there's no incentive for them to do that. Why? "Unlimited" (or 5GB) data plans are $15 or $30 a month, depending on device type. Typical calling plans cost quite a bit more than that. You'll get VoIP on your wireless carrier eventually, but it's going to be on their terms, where the phone's native call stack is a VoIP client that's registered on the carrier's "PBX". Why? Just like dumping TDM phone systems in favor of IP phone systems makes sense in the business world, driving cost savings, the same deal goes in the mobile world. The carriers just aren't ready for it yet.

  • tristan - 12 years ago

    I've been wanting a data only phone/mobile device for the last couple years. I honestly almost never use my phone to talk. I just want something to get my email and texts to me. Add music, web browsing, and google applications and i'll be elated. Voice plans are what keep me from getting a new fangled phone- I can't bring my self to throw out 30-50 bucks a month for a service I never use, with data and initial phone cost on top. I'm waiting with bated breath for these rumors to pan out.

  • Joaquin - 12 years ago

    I'm using Google Voice /w Gizmo5 on my Nokia phone right now. It's as good as a voice call when I'm on a wifi connection, but it's a little flaky when I try using the 3G connection. We're almost there, and I think in a year we will be.

  • GabeC - 12 years ago

    Aren't we basically talking about a (useful) PDA?

  • John - 12 years ago

    What about 911 service, though?

  • Brad - 12 years ago

    LTE uses VOIP for data calls. It'll just be prioritized on a higher VLAN than regular data, so that you get better call quality.

    The few K of data it takes to have a high-priority VOIP call is more than enough. Couple that with Sprint/VZW that don't differentiate between their voice and data networks, and this isn't surprising.

    I don't see any carriers turning over their biggest revenue streams (data, sms) to Google.

  • JeffPHenderson - 12 years ago

    Isn't that what the iPod touch is already?? If Apple would enable 3G on the touch and AT&T would sell a data plan only, we would be there already.

  • Ed - 12 years ago

    This IS the future of mobile phones. I know for a fact that there is at least one US carrier that has put a substantial amount of effort into getting VoIP running on their network. Not necessarily for an addition to their service, but for a complete overhaul as to how they handle calls. I would be shocked if the others aren't doing the same or at least looking into it.

    The best data network wins.

  • Raffaele Castagno - 12 years ago

    I was expecting it:
    A method of initiating a telecommunication session for a communication device include submitting to one or more telecommunication carriers a proposal for a telecommunication session, receiving from at least one of the one or more of telecommunication carriers a bid to carry the telecommunications session, and automatically selecting one of the telecommunications carriers from the carriers submitting a bid, and initiating the telecommunication session through the selected telecommunication carrier.


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