What is your favorite V.F. cover from 2009? (Poll Closed)

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  • anna holton - 9 years ago

    u r one of the best actors I have ever seen! U r also a great looking man that I truely wish some were around here iin West Virginia lol, but u should win an award for everytime u take a breath lmao!

  • tefy - 10 years ago

    Obvio que Johnny Depp!!! Es el mejor del mundo! ♥ TE AMO

  • Lara - 10 years ago


  • sweeet kahlon - 10 years ago

    johnny depp.. :)

  • laura - 10 years ago

    wooow johnny depp 4ever !!!!!!

  • Mary Davis - 10 years ago

    Johnny Is all that and a bag of m&ms too.

  • sarah - 10 years ago

    Johnny Depp the best

  • rosana - 10 years ago


  • Deyna Ramirez - 10 years ago

    Johnny Deep

  • julia melo - 10 years ago

    the BEST !! (L
    4ever !! ;)

  • Edward_Scissorhands-Fan - 11 years ago

    Johnny Depp is THEE all time best actor ever! All you RPAttz fans, you only love the guy because he's "Edward Cullen" and he's sooo "dreamy". (not in my view) Sure he was Cedric Diggory also, but no way in hell can he compare to Johnny Depp, a living legend.

  • Silvia - 11 years ago

    Johnny Depp the best (L)

  • norelyn - 11 years ago

    ,.go for johnny depp!

  • soumari - 11 years ago

    Un grand acteur!Bravo!

  • Shelbi Reed - 11 years ago

    Omg. Johnny Depp is the HOTTEST 46 yr old man i have ever layed my eyes on. I am all about him. On my Myspace.com i have a photo album of just him and 51 photos. Lmao. Plus, I know almost everything about him more than anyone except his wife and kids and of-course himself. (: Well have a greeaaaatttt day. BTW who thinks the mad hatter was just a master piece?

  • Oksana - 11 years ago

    I like both Rob and Johny, but Johny looks ugly and old at that cover!

  • Blendali - 11 years ago

    Johnny Depp, the best!!!

  • KukaHollywood - 11 years ago

    lool Johnny's the beeesttttn :D

  • phantom_operatic - 11 years ago

    ouch, JD almost lost to the twilight kid...that aint good

  • johnnyzhotdah - 11 years ago

    twilight suckz robbert pattison is so ugly and pasty and new moon suckz 2

  • Linda - 11 years ago

    Robert should have won

  • AMADAHY - 11 years ago

    Robert is just not comparable to Johnny, I mean, what did he lost in this vote?
    Johny will win in any case ;)

  • MeldeDepp - 11 years ago

    Johnny deserves to win in this!! Is the Best! best actor, best singer, best guitar, best at all! so you decide but Johnny is the Best
    i love heath but i'm sorry i love more Johnny

  • Twilighter - 11 years ago

    Hey Depp lovers give it up you know Robert Pattinson is going to win this one so don't even bother...hahahahaha

  • Laura - 11 years ago

    I am a huge Johnny Depp fan but I voted for Heath as I think it would be a nice tribute to see Heath win. RIP Heath

  • Jene - 11 years ago

    They said voting ends today, Just wondering what itme?

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