The AP assigned 11 fact checkers to Palin's book - not to the books of Obama, Giuliani, Gingrich, Bill Clinton...why the different treatment?


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    good things

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    nice things

  • Sandee - 13 years ago

    Sarah Palin wouldn't even be so much in the news if THEY weren't afraid of her. Go Sarah!!

  • gordon - 13 years ago

    They are so scared of Sarah Palin, if she came up behind them and said real loud "CONSERVITIVE", I bet they would pee in their pants.

  • ERichardson - 13 years ago

    I enjoy reading others comments, Sarah Palin is a Happy Camper, she takes a good time wherever she goes, she lifts the spirits of the people, talks with expierence, common sense, states facts, sets a high standards for politicians holding public office, leads by example, not do as I say, leads by setting an exampe to follow. 80% approval rating in Alaskia, when McCain picked her for VP position. Attending Elite University's makes a person educated,neither does it make you smart, or intelligent. A thought to ponder, a student that studys Constitutional Law,maybe becomes an instructor, does not believe in the Constitution, what gainful information do the students attain? Smart & Intelligent people have Common Sense. Their is no doubt Sarah cleaned Joe'S plow on the one on one debate during the campaign, VP logic, common sense, Smart, Inteligence all went to Sarah Palin. Joe Biden opens mouth & puts his foot in, Run the country? He has had the gag order since the election or has been limited from public,never knowing what blunder will come out of his mouth. Diffinition of conversation: talking & listening using common sense to to retain or disguard what you are hearing. All that hold valures dear,stand by them in decission making process, truth over lies will prevail. Our country is in grave parrel, we the people can't just sit back & let someone else fix the problem, we have to get informed, take action when needed, make a difference with people by applying good principals especially to those you disagree with, as in the Golden Rule, set an example in words & actions, we all will be judged by the same person, we don't have time to judge others, life is to short. My pholisphy is take a good time wherever you go & you won't be dissapointed, if you are, its your fault. I think I can, or I know I can as the little REd Engine going up the Hill in the story book. If you want to change someones behavior, you might want to look at your own first. 2010 Election if not before OB's Longform Birth Cert will surface or be Demanded by the people to justify Eligibility for Transforming The United States of America, Replacement President will have to Restore USA by Null & Void all laws signed by Soetoro aka Obama-Congress-Senate -Czars- Legislation-Supreme Court- Treatys with other countrys all in 10 months Healthcare month 11-12-& 11 months added. What will be left of the USA? Military? Economy? Healthcare? Terrorism?

  • KatieOnLine - 13 years ago

    Shoshanna, You wrote that Sarah Palin is the direct opposite of everything you grew up respecting and admiring about the Republican party, and she is the reason you left the party. You can't be serious! I hope you didn't let the door hit your backside on your way out. I believe YOUR intellect is nonexistent.

    Governor Palin is precisely what the republican party is about. She is intelligent, courageous, honest, down to earth, a true patriot, and has more common sense than Obama and his entire administration.

    Her experience and accomplishments far outnumber those of Obama. She eliminated the corrupt government in Alaska and could do the same in Washington. That is one of the reasons Obama and the liberals in Washington fear her.

    She eliminated wasteful government spending in Alaska and gave tax dollars back to the citizens. Another reason Washington liberals fear her.

    Maybe you should explore the truth about Sarah Palin rather than give credence to the left media - who is so invested in Obama that they have to do everything they can to demean Sarah Palin and anyone else who threatens their agenda.

  • Lorna - 13 years ago

    Well said Richieb! I will help you pay for his one way ticket, but he probably won't leave. I don't think they will have government freebees where he's going.

  • richieb - 13 years ago

    JOJO, I went back to read your post because of what other people said. I found it amusing, typical left winger, "hit and run". Wheres the substance? i FIND iT fUNNY tHAT yOU pOKE fUN At PUctUAtION aND uSE OF tHe capS kEY. How about the space between those last few sentences, didn't you use your spellcheck? Hey I invite you to contact me via this blog, I will be back, so I cand send you a one way ticket to the country of your choice so you can live amongst the Atheists. This country was founded upon Christian principles, that is a fact. Your parents freely copulated here to concieve you, and with your birth you were given rights, if you don't like them, they work both ways, you are FREE TO LEAVE ANYTIME YOU WANT. If everyone that hated these freedoms would leave, we wouldn't have this problem. There are many people who would love to take your place and make a wonderful life and be good citizens. Again I invite you to send me a note stating when you desire to leave, pick a flight and I will purchase you ticket.

  • richieb - 13 years ago

    It's amazing that all of us"right wing fanatics" are liars, cheats and want to destroy everything American. The "left wingers" do nothing but complain and point fingers, what good has come of their camp? JFK was probably the last true democrat. Try to have a political discussion with them and it ALWAYS gets heated, lack of facts and always blaming someone. Rarely are there any discussions filled with hard fact, they just spew accusations and get flustered. Mention Franks, Reid, Pelosi, Obama etc. and immediately they go on the defensive. What they are doing is admitting they have no argument. It's sad to see the kool aid drinkers are so hell bent on being right, they just say stuff with nothing to back it up, even when the factss are there to prove them wrong. Palin is under the microscope for one reason, THEY ARE AFRAID OF HER, she speaks her beliefs and it resonates with the majority of Americans who work hard for what we have and resent the fact that our current administration is looking to spread the wealth, Joe the Plumber nailed it. If the McCain camp would have been more aggressive and played the game the way it should have been played, we would probably be in a different situation right now. On a positive note, this may be exactly what this country needed, a swift kick in the groin. Just hope they don't do so much damage we can't recover. 10 months into his term and a 48% approval rating, not much better than anyone else, I'm guessing it's going to drop even lower. He's not a savior, he needs to be a magician to pull this one out f his hat.

  • Sarah 2012 - 13 years ago

    She is so powerful, they sized it right. But it is disgusting! Look at the LA democrat who came on the Factor. She was blaming her for dodging on Afghanistan & Iran. Nice, isn't it? Meanwhile there is a president who is not able to take a decision. How could Sarah give her ideas to him? she is not the VP. and she shouldn't provide them with anything which could be turned against her. She did great. I voted an A for her.

  • Marsha - 13 years ago

    I was reading some of the posts. I'm glad I didn't have a 3rd grade teacher like Sarah's. Teachers should be proud of their former students not jealous. I hope she is our next President. You have my vote.

  • NO COMMON SENSE-BUT CAN TYPE! - 13 years ago

    JoJo: You think your being able to type and use punctuation correctly makes you an asset to your Country. Makes you honest and hard working? Makes you "intelligent".

    I'd want to have a beer with almost everyone here but YOU!

    You have an overinflated view of yourself.

    If higher education put those in office, in Washington, including Barry Hussein, I'd rather be one of the dumb ones.

    At least I have values, honesty, integrity and I can't be bought.


    You see, its a really really smart person who has COMMON SENSE over all that book learning, but I'm sure you wouldn't get or understand that.


    JOJO: We've had your brand of so called "HI MENTALITY" running the government and what??? Their doing a GOOD JOB? DUH!

    You can use all the fancy words, punctuation, big college degrees, and still wind of with crap in the government. At least most of the politicians.

    A man showed up on the job one day dressed like he was a worker. Dirty and old clothes. He happened to OWN the company. Be careful how you judge.

    Barry Hussein Obama has glowing education yet he's a communist lover, hanges around with people who hate and have bombed America, lies very well (comes with that great education I suppose), spent what, 9 months or so in the Senate. Used all that time campaigning for President. Never voted.

    With your "fancy" punctuation and I suppose higher learning you may wish to read his books. I trust you can read.

    You belong in Washington with the other lying, cheating, highly education garbage.

    Your an IDIOT if you think THAT is what makes a person honest, a patriot, and able to run our Country.

    God Help You!

  • James J Canale - 13 years ago

    Perhaps the "Press" has too much "freedom". Maybe our excuse for Congress or the "Supreme" Court should set some guide lines. The rest of the world is laughing at this once great country. Speaking of "freedom", Sarah Palin is the only answer to the evil that is now in power. Wake up Republican Party-nominate Sarah Palin in 2012 with a gusto never seen before in the political arena.
    Jim Canale
    Angry, Scared & Hopeful
    in Smithtown, NY

  • nancy cole - 13 years ago

    when obama went to hawaii to see his mothers mom,she then died the night before the election !!! she was the only one who could vouch for where he was born !!!!!!!well, do you think !!!!!!!! no waaaay !!!!!! YES, WAAAAAAAY !!!!!!!!WHAT DO YOU THINK ????

  • nancy cole - 13 years ago

    when obama went to hawaii to see his mothers mom, she just happened to pass away the night before election. and ,gosh, she was the only person who could have vouched for where obama was born. do you think ????no waaaaay !!!! YES-WAY!!!!!!

  • Shoshanna - 13 years ago

    Sarah Palin is the antithesis of everything I grew up respecting and admiring about the Republican party, and she's the reason I left the party a year ago and become an Independent. If she somehow becomes the nominee in 2012 there will be literally no one for whom I can vote, as I consider her views appalling, her manner embarrassing, her behavior unstable, erratic, undependable, and unprofessional, her choices questionable in the extreme, and her intellect nonexistent.

    That said, I do feel that the media has gone to special pains to make her life difficult, attack her family, and cause her as much discomfort as possible. It's also a safe bet that they'll continue to do so, and use her to distract attention from genuinely viable candidates in 2012 and to make the party as a whole look as foolish as possible in 2010.

    While this is unquestionably unfair to Ms. Palin, it's the reality of the situation. While it's not surprising that someone of her type could not resist the lure of being in the spotlight-- witness the current behavior of that vulgar young man, the father of her grandchild-- she had no business on the national stage and if she insists on remaining there, she will be used, and very effectively, to aid the efforts of the Democrats and Barack Obama.

  • Diane Ballard - 13 years ago

    Obama and his friends are afraid she will some way of gaining a little support and hurt their plans for their take over of our country in the future. She is a very smart, down to earth nice and sincere lady. They think especially white people are to stupid to know what is happening. Obama and his cronies got through the crack the first time, and if they can slander anyone who might get in their way they will do it. Americans have never run into people like them before and really will not know what happened until it is too late. What really scares me is they just might make it. I have never felt like this in my entire life and I have felt that way from the start of hearing about Obama. He and his cronies are dangerous. I only hope I'm wrong. I worry not for myself, but for my children and grand-children and great-grand son.

  • roger collette - 13 years ago


  • Robert M. Ehring - 13 years ago

    If it wasn't already blatantly clear it should be now, the majority of the press in the US are liberal allies with the current administration, and they will do what ever it tkes to discredit anyone who opposes obama, pelosi, reid and their gang of thugs. They are hell bent on giving Americans the change they promised; its just that when they promised all of this supposed change they never quite outlined what the change would be. Well SUPPRISE, you are all getting that change shoved down your throats, and unless we send to washington in the next election people that actually represent us, and not those who vote what they please because they're bought off with the American taxpayers hard earned money; then we are all doomed to a country that has seen its greatest days in the past, and the future a dismal one.

  • Dave Smith - 13 years ago

    The AP, { Attack Palin } hit squad, came up with squat. This book not only in intention, but structure; is a biography. When asked why they did not do this for Obama's books, the defense was, he was just a Junior Senator, when the books came out---oh---so when he declared as a nominee; became the nominee; the thought never, apparently crossed their minds; maybe this would be a good time to see, what he wrote; is it consistent, or accurate to what he is saying?

    There is no denying it, the left, and lame-stream media; hate with a passion Sarah Palin; no reasonable person, can argue otherwise. Their hatred, which they wear on their sleeves, is what is going to propel Sarah Palin, to the White House in 2012. America loves underdogs, the media's kill Palin attitude at every turn, at all costs cements her as America's underdog. The nation's people are struggling; they need a pick me up; something to root for; the lame-stream media; has made Sarah Palin that person; hope they can live with the outcome ahead.

  • John - 13 years ago

    Why did'nt they fact check Joe The Plagiarizer Biden, and why are they so scared of her? And to the KA drinkers OB , Teddy and Pelosia etc never lied, now that's funny.

  • Peter Beard - 13 years ago

    The Liberals are terrified of Sarah. I just purchased a 'PALIN' bumper sticker on e-bay, I love to mess with their heads.

  • Wayne Foster - 13 years ago

    I wish I could say what I believe even half as well as Sara & Rush are able to express what I believe.

  • Jojo - 13 years ago

    How sad but somewhat funny it has been to read these comments. A common thread through them all is that "SarAh is one of us- she isn't one if the elite with their noses in the air- she uses words we can understand." What makes it entertaining for me is how those comments are typed in all caps without any subject/verb agreement, mispellings, and other things that make it obvious that people who think Fox News is a legitimate news source and who say Sarah is honest and is who america needs ... Well they just aren't too bright. I am embarassed for you all that want a president in 2012 that talks like they flunked HS English class and appears to have a below average intelligence. Yes, if would make me laugh except that there seem to be enough of what you all refer to yourselves as Mainstream America and I fear you might be right. Some have you respond to people who like their presidents to be smarter than the average Joe and do not think it's a bad thing to talk with well rounded vocabulary by telling us we are not Patriotic and to move to a Communist Country. No wonder the the rest of the world thinks Fox News is like SNL, a comedy sketch show, and have a hard time understanding how anyone can take it as fact- fair and balanced. I wish I could move to a European Country - or Switzerland would be ideal since the majority of the citizens there have enough common sense to be Atheists! I'm sorry, but the majority of you that watch Fox news shouldn't even be allowed to vote since you lack judgement in identifying truth and are perfectly happy to have anyone be president as long as they don't use big words, believe in God, and talk at the elementary level you understand. Oh, and to answer the poll- my response wasn't there. I think there were 11 fact checkers based on Sarah's
    reputation as a liar. If she lies about

    things that are so easily proven she lied about, for example not knowing what
    state McCain's campaign was headed to next, Katie Couric and her interview, to
    hear her tell it was a talk between working moms. BS it was a well known fact
    that it was to gauge her readiness when it came to foreign policy and relations.
    Don't bother responding - I am not going to waste anymore time coming back since I know I will be bombarded with insults calling me "Stupid and a money taker expecting everything for free " - which seems to be the most common response to the liberal elitist. I think it's funny we are called elitists. I think you all know we are more advanced than the mainstream america - you all don't want to have to think- you don't want to have ti fact check, you just want somone to tell you what to believe and feel. Sad.

  • ERichardson - 13 years ago

    For all who love America & Her History, The constitution is the past & Future map of protecting this country and all who are USA Citizens, all the peoples that came to America became USA Citizens to work for their America Dream. I Know the founding Fathers had Divine Guidence in their work. 2. Specific Proof re: writings such as Eligibility Requirement for the Office of President, Both Parents Must Be USA Naturalborn USA Citizenship. Canidate, Same Requirements. The Founders wanted to protect the United States from A Foreigner with (Dual Citizenship) in the Presidency. Loyalty to USA no Alliengence to any Other Country. Fear that a Foreigner would use the Broad Power of the Presidency Against its People. 2008 Election, look at our Country, Constitution means nothing to this President-Czars-Administration-Congress,Senate, Gov's, Sec of States, Courts Local, State, Fed, to the Highes Court of the Land Supreme Court, under Samuel Alito & 8 other Justices. The USA was ready for change, the Bush haters wanted change,Unions wanted change. Remember the Dem Nominating Committee could have picked Hilary Clinton Baggage and all. An African From Kenya with an African Father from Kenya,under the United Kingdom British Citizenship. Constitutional Violation Barry Soetoro Canidate with aka Barack Hussein Obama. The real Deal was to put our USA on a Socialist Path. The Voters hook line & sinker believed the Great One and the Dems had the backing of Trillions of dollars 6 to 2 over McCain. John Dean Dem National Chairman, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid under oath of Office to Protect the citizens under the Constitution, Resko,Blago, Rev Wright & Church Chicago Pay to Play, Foreign Millions for Campaign, Banks, Big Biusiness on Wall Street, Unions, Sieu, Acorn, Dem US Gov's, Left Judges in every state, Dem Sec of States over voting places in every state,I could fill this 4000 comments with more. Next Dems Greed for power now they had chosen their canidate, they had to protect his identity. Easy Enough the people love Obama, the big attendance where ever he went, better than any movie star. All the Dems had to do, Don't do the 21 points to qualify foreligibility, game over WH & Presidency Gone! Get the lawyer's ready for law suits coming, No Vetting my News Media the owners of TV stations had campaign promises, as did the News Media, Seal all Records, Schools, Med, 6 paragraph of One Doctor for annual ck up in the last year. Work Experience, Accademic Achievements, ect, ect. To Many questions were being asked, Maya Kasandra soetoro Maternal Halfsister to Barry aka Barack was called upon to donate her Livebirth Cert Reg in Hawaii issued to her by the Department of records State Department. Forged Document was made. 3 Forensic Experts examined this photostat copy 1. Fathers Nationality: African Term African was not used in 1961, Term was Black, 2 Seals were Embossed differently. Typed on photostat copy was not the same as it would appear on original. No Court of law would accept photo copy if original was available. This questionable Livebirth does not state Barack was born in Hawaiil only Birth was Registered, in order to get a Livebirth Registration the Original Birthcert has to be verifed, was Livebirth in a home, hospital, state, ect. Next Dems thru Mara Kasandra Soetoro provided Registration to Fransiskus Assisi School Jakarta Indonesia Name: Barry Soetoro Age: 6 Citizenship: Indonesia Religion: Muslim. Stanly Ann Durham Married Lolo Soetoro an Indonesian in Hawaii 1963. Moved to Indonesia( No Dual Citizenship in Indonesia) Mother Stanly Ann Soetoro Indonesia Naturalized herself & Barack Application by Marriage to an Indonesia National. Barack now Indonesian, Stepfather Lolo Soetoro Legally Adopted Barack & Legally Changed his name to Barry Soetoro 1966 Jakarta, Indonesia, Maya Kasandra was born Aug 15,1970 Jakarta, Indonesia. Facts are documented in 1000 cases filed in Courts!

  • Laszlo - 13 years ago

    Comments to ruffian. You are ignorant and a idiot for sure. The only
    liar is Husseine Obama. He is misleading the American people 24 hours
    a day. The bastard is dismanteling this great country in breathtaking speed.
    Hope, change, yes we can. Thanks Obama, you are going to be judge by
    American people. Name one lie what Palin said. None, nada, zero.
    Idiot get your fact together

  • Irene - 13 years ago

    The old playground expression, "What you say is what you are" certainly holds true with the revealing bias of the mainstream media. The judgments they pronounce on those who have a different political perspective reflect with poetic accuracy on themselves. Facts are not something they know much about.

  • AUSSIE PHIL - 13 years ago

    OH! BUMMER is such a fraud

    What will it take to have the majority wake up that they ALL LIE TO US in Washington, DC?

    AP, REUTERS is owned by ARAB OIL MONEY, so don't expect any TRUTH in our corrupted media

    How could SOETORO fool so many people without the whole DEMAGOGUE (DemocRATS) LIARS putting him up as their little puppet, with the complicity of the US Supreme Court, all the Lying Media and many RINO's assistance?

    He ain't just INCOMPETENT, but so bloody blatantly arrogant to go with it.

    He is not even BLACK!. His sperm donor "father" was a drunken ARAB KENYAN MOSLEM

  • Bob the Bus Driver - 13 years ago

    Remember when the liberal Senator, Daniel Patrick Moynihan (Professor of Sciology) fall out of favor with the progressives when he advised against some of the tenets of the Johnson Administration's Great Society. Moynihan predicted that the abortion issue would eventually hurt the Democrats in a big way. The worldly progressives in the Associated Press know that Sarah Paylin is a powerful, commonsense voice against abortion, corruption, and government control of health care that they have to discredit.

  • Made-in-America - 13 years ago

    When Sarah becomes president look at all the work she will have to do to reverse EVERYTHING Obama did.

    No it is not okay to be homosexual. No abortion is not okay. No socialism and communism are not okay.

    We can't wait until Sarah restores our traditional America.

    Yes, it's okay for God to be in our government and schools.

    God Bless Sarah Palin!

    Thanks Greta!

  • Krista - 13 years ago

    MY VOTE IS S-A-R-A-H :)))))))

  • B. Cook - 13 years ago

    Christians are persecuted all over the world, even in the USA. Satan is trying to stop her testimony. He uses puffed up people who have no concept of his devices to persecute her into silence and disgrace. Sarah is a Godly woman. The Holy Bible is truth. It says in 2 Timothy 3 v12-13, that all who live Godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, and that evil persons will wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived. Everything wrong in the world today is caused by Satan and his angels. Ephesians 6:12 states; for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. If you doubt this, explain the atrocities coming from the muslim world. They call us the Great Satan and Israel the little Satan. This is spiritual wickedness. It is blind hatred that they claim is Allah's will. Bush derangement and Palin derangement are both directed at persons who unashamedly call themselves devout Christians, thus targets of Satanic rancor.

  • cat. - 13 years ago

    everybody should buy her book now.america wake up we have to take back our country. we gonna stop washington corruptions before its to late.

  • marktheengineer - 13 years ago

    What is that scent I smell coming from the lame stream media's marxist maggot elite? Sniff, sniff...Hmm, I do believe it's FEARomones.

    You can make a lot of noise my little libbies, but that won't scare us...or save you...we know FEAR when we smell it.

    SP is one of the most gracious ladies I have ever met; she is strong and yet has very delicate hands...for a moose killer. ;-) And I only saw one head and no snakes in her I think their fear should be of the snakes in DC, not SP.

    My family was just tickled to death to meet her in GR. As my wife told her: "2012". You're A Great American Sarah Palin!

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the range...Bambi awaits!

  • Emmitt - 13 years ago

    Ruffian.You are an IDIOT.I agree with what put you money where your mouth is said about you.You have to be one of those FREEBE GETTERS.You wouldnt know the truth if it slapped your stupid face.Talk about lies.If Barack Obama or whoever he is calling himself this year.If his lips are moveing you KNOW hes lieing.He hasent told but one truth since hes been in office.And that is CHANGE.And boy what a change.Change NOONE wants EXCEPT you people living on assistance from the WORKIN class. And like Obama.You wouldnt know a FACT if it spit on you.

  • Mike Williamson, Ph.D. - 13 years ago

    I have heard numerous critics expound on Sarah Palin's lack of intellectual capacity to be President of the U.S. And, I have listened to her, succinct, cogent statements, even in limited seconds, that articulate common sense ideas that resonate with a very sizeable percentage of Americans. From my perspective the critics are indicted for their own lack of intelligence not to have discerned an important fact: she could not process her answers to the questions for which she had no time to prepare without being highly intelligent.

  • Jane W - 13 years ago

    Ilove Mrs Palin for a lot of reasons. I trust her to speaks the truth as she sees it
    and also to take on the idiots who are lying & sinking our country into hopeless debt. Our dollar is sinking & that's frightening. I don't know if she'd
    make a great president but she couldn't be worse than what we have now
    And. She loves our country & won't be constantly making apologies for
    everything that comes to mind. She is smart & brave.!.!. So WHY. Do the
    opposition talk so horribly mean & insulting about her? I really think it must
    be fear since they only love themselves & want to rule and anyone who
    stands of succeeding with different ideas must be trashed.
    Isn't that a sad state of the nation? Pride (hubris) and vicious hate.
    In politics it is scary & ugly but it is in our society and parents have
    ceased rearing children to have /show respect for others with whom
    they don't agree. What's the solution? I hope it isn't hopess.!.! J w

  • Cubbybear777 - 13 years ago

    America, America, God shed His Grace on thee and crown thy good with brotherhood for Sarah Palin. Family, strength, and honor are strong for her with God's strong guiding hand.

    Oprah, Obama - I have a corruption of his names that fits him to a T, Behar, Whoopi who knows no better, and Barbara cannot and never will compare to the goodness of Sarah Palin. They live in the shadows of evil and cannot see the light for their own pitiful pain. Their noses are so high in the air, do they ever breathe?
    The View and Oprah are shows that I never watch due to the devil residing at both shows!

    Sarah and Mike, Sean and Elisabeth, O'Reilly and Greta, among others of strong Christian faith - we shall once again find God's love in every face.

    God grant us the serenity to survive these next 3 years! Make us strong to resist the devils of those who cry against us. Oprah, your prayers and your way of faith is all wrong - get back to Jesus and His way! Peace be with you - all of you!

  • Louise Henderson - 13 years ago

    I love your show, Greta and have watched you from your first week.

    The media doesn't like Sarah Palin because she represents goodness and truth in perverse America where what was once good is now bad. I never dreamed that Christians would be reviled. People who try and do good, love their neighbors and pray for their persecutors. People who serve a loving God, not one who requires death and revenge as do the Jehadist Muslims!

    Sarah Palin has morals and principles in addition to experience in government. Much more than Obama has, I might add. Book learning from Harvard isn't enough. What is required is common sense, a sense of what is right for our country and not for the politicians political power.

    I've watched our country's moral decline since the sixties when the "hippie" revolution started and when professors in colleges told their students that "you don't have to thnik like your parent's and do what they say is right!" I was appalled when a friend quoted her daughter as to what she was hearing in school, even then.

    I see America's freedoms being trashed and almost ready to disappear, if the Leftist Liberals have their way in the Congress. Isn't it too bad that they don't want to listen to anyone with a difference of opinion? How can they be so brainwashed and undermine our country as they do? How can they not appreciate what they have been offered in this great country of ours? If our
    great republic and free enterprise system ceases to exist, then there will be little hope or help for anyone. Poor people do not create jobs. People with access to money do.

    Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air and she will instill in us some hope if she runs and is elected President of the United States.

    The media is overtly supporting the Democratic Party and doesn't mind being unfair in trying to hide the fact they do. However, they are not always successful.


  • Nga Bui - 13 years ago

    I read the French litterature titled The person ride horse and the dog follow on the long road, this AP do the same way and the same meaning " Horse continues to run and dog tries to barb"

  • HOWARD - 13 years ago

    "Gutter Journalism" pure & simple ! A tactic that is as old as dirt. Throw all kinds of "dirt" at the Enemy to see what sticks; ergo: "mudslinging".
    "Journalist" and "Polloticians" have honed it to a fine art!

  • Rick - 13 years ago

    If you are unable to articulate what newspapers you read when asked by Katie Couric, you should not be elected dogcatcher. They criticize Katie for that, but sorry to the Conservatives, Republicans, Rightwingers, whatever it is you call yourselves, if you cannot answer that question, you have gotten your answer whether Sarah is qualified.....NO!!! Its simple...just like the conservatives!

  • Chris - 13 years ago

    Shame on AP - but like many news sources we used to be able to rely on - honesty and integrity have been traded for partisan deceptions. Most of the 'news' were are dished up these days are liberally distorted 'stories' from liberals.

    I watch some of your shows because I find you one of very few honest presenters of newsworthy reports. Keep it up, honesty has to win out in the end. Lots of pain in the meantime.



    I left Britain in 1990 because I was fed up with dishonest government...damn, there's no escape...maybe its viral.

  • Gabe - 13 years ago

    To: Palin's 3rd grade teacher. Are you related to Mrs Scozzafava? What is a registered Republican by your standard? Is it someone just left of the middle?

  • Ecko Viktor - 13 years ago

    Palin's 3rd grade teacher: I am sure you are just envious of Gov. Palin. She did not get her intelligence from you....lolol

  • Sharon - 13 years ago

    I love Sarah Palin! All my neighbors and friends love her! She is the first "breath of fresh air" we have seen in this country since Reagan. She says it like it is in language we all understand and relate too. That is why the left is attacking her and don't look for any of this to end any time soon. She knows it, too. Thankfully is only makes her more determined. Obama gets his covers pulled every Sarah, go! She just might be what we need when Obama gets through with us.

  • Cordell Ferrell - 13 years ago

    Liberal Media has lost viewers to Fox Network, therefore losing money. Sarah Palin is a very attractive Conservative Candidate for President and that is a threat to Liberals. Their only weapon is the use of casting ASPERSIONS on Sarah Palin. Liberals doesn't have any Character and has lost all credibility with the American people. Obama is a Liar and wants to implement Socialism into our way of life. All Democrat Senators are TRAITORS to the majority of the voters and willing to accept bribes in lieu of re-election, these bribes are TAXPAYERS MONEY.

  • ROM - 13 years ago

    They don't like her and are exposing their bias, she might make an outsanding Congressperson from Alaska. Stop saying she can be a president of the USA, first she will have to beat the other Republicians. That will never happen, even with Hannity, O'Reilly, Rush, Ann, Dick Morse, Glenn Beck Jaun Williams, kristol, Brett Hume ETC, ETC support. You spend to much time bad mouthing Obama, you keep forgetting he has been in office 10 months. The country was already screwed up. What is your opinion on Same Sex Marriage?
    Also I do not think Shara Palin wrote the book, she did autograph it. When she has to stand in front of a podium during debate the Republicians will tear her apart. I think that some of the Fox News persons are closet bigiots.

  • Olga Bencze - 13 years ago

    She is very inteligent, great polititian, honest good American, she put
    Alaska in order, she will take care of corrupted Washington. America
    need her. She is one of us. She will make a great president.
    Look what the Kenyan born fraud, Muslim Marxist/dictator and racist did.
    What is wrong with our justice system, he should be tried for treason
    and executed in public.

  • Nancy - 13 years ago

    AP bias? No, do you think? Not surprised at all! The mainstream press, TV etc. aren't even trying to "pretend neutrality" anymore! What I can't understand is the public's acceptance of their bias reporting!!

    We all must vote against their bias with our wallets! I cancelled my local paper by phone. When asked why, I told them that I would not pay for bias news! I wanted the facts that I was intelligent enough to decide for myself and didn't need to be spoon-fed what to believe in! The women didn't believe that paper was bias, so I cited one specific example of a recent article that started off with "Just as Republican Congressman ___ left office in disgrace, 16 NJ politicians are in the same position"...then they didn't even mentioned they were all Democrats in the rest of the 35 paragraphs (yeah I counted them to make the point) as they mentioned each verdict or guilty plea made by those 16 politicians! (Yeah, I know NJ has too many dirty Democrats in office--but one less than a month ago!!)

    The newspaper representative said, she didn’t remember that, but agreed it had nothing to do with any politicians from another state. I told her they should have mentioned party affiliation for all or for none! She agreed!!!

    At a recent Tea Party event a speaker said "Conservatives have to be bold in their challenge to others on the issues, in a smart and constructive way! I am trying to follow that suggestion...

    Sarah is great. I would like to see her run for President in 2012! If that isn’t her preference, then for the Senate!! We need some honesty in DC…whichever building she wants an office in!!

  • laling - 13 years ago

    If she ran again for either president or anything i will vote for her in a heart bet. i think everybody scared of her. she is very honest person.

  • brendal - 13 years ago

    Palin is a real threat and we all know that when anyone questions the president he goes after them. Again I ask are we living in a democracy or are we headed to dictatorship. The one reason I would vote for Palin is she is real. I am so tired of the plastic leaders.

  • Rick - 13 years ago

    Teen is a total moron. Check YOUR facts you idiot, you obviously have not paid attention. Oprahs show raised and donated in excess of $5 million in 2 days awhile back for battered women and that's just one example. Why not find someone else to pick on, rather than someone who has backed up her words with UBER action. You are way too uninformed!!!

  • Mary B - 13 years ago

    If the AP is checking the facts on Sarah Palin's book, why don't they do something worth while. They could really do the country a serve by checking the facts in the Health Care Bill that would cover all of the pork, out rigtht lies, and actual cost of that bill to every American and publish that on the AP. It's a joke, checking the facts in her book only little minds would think to do something so petty.

  • Jean - 13 years ago

    To Sarah Palin's "supposedly third-grade teacher". I can't believe you are really a teacher. If you were you wouldn't capitalize the word "honesty".
    You liberals are all the same - lie, lie, lie.

  • Ella D. - 13 years ago

    She is too honest, for the liars in DC & most of news media

  • RSF - 13 years ago

    I actually got on this web site to see if there was a good survey to answer. Instead it was just spin. This thing with Sarah Palin is just amazing... she doesn't act like she has anything but raw ambition backed up by almost no intellect. It's embarrasing. People like that are supposed to be statesmen and women. Worse, so many people realy like her homespun charm and "values" one liners that it shows that a very large segmant of the population is empty headed. I suppose it's inevitable that a country that is unwilling to pay for anything, doesn't save any money, runs credit cards up to the hilt, tries to flip houses to make a fast buck and then tries to get everyone else to bail them out deserves something as vapid as Palin. The land of no values.

  • Ralph ODea - 13 years ago

    perhaps we should not bee too concerned---
    judging from past investigations and the resulting
    conclusions they have provided, it is
    ebtirely possible they will not be able to find their
    way back from Alaska

  • William beach - 13 years ago

    Gov. Palin is preceived as a real treat to the progressive statist Democratic party and their enablers in the leftist media. They will stop at nothing to discredit her. The "middle of the road" northeast elites such as Wiliam O'Riley don't like her because she talks (& thinks) like many of the "folks" in fly over country. If she is elected president, whe may have a chance to vote out all the laws the DEMS are ramming down our collective throats. I am afraid that if the Democratic Socialist stay in control, the USA will become the USSA! United Socialist States of America or Natzi US for short.

  • Gloria Camilli-Coleman - 13 years ago

    You go Girl......Sarah, you have all those Liberals soooooooooo worried
    that they are getting worse and worse....Especially, The characters on
    MSNBC, NBC, to name a few.....Their jealously, especially those liberal
    women....Oh my goodness, they are so far out there, it's pittiful, to say the
    least.....My ancestors must be turing over in their graves because of
    what has happened to the democrats over the years....
    FOX News, you are the best...Fair and balance... Greta, we love you!!!!

    SARAH PALIN IN 2012! We need her to clean up the mess our
    country.....No thanks to the "D's" and the "L's"

  • Frank S. - 13 years ago

    Palin is getting WAY WAY to much coverage ; any one with half a brain can see that she is not qualified to be president .I f the republicans are so stupid to let her run ,we will end up with the BIG SPENDER DEMOCRATS FOR ANOTHER 4 YEARS

  • Jane Braly - 13 years ago

    Oh, Lord - I fear for this country. One woman, Sarah Palin, can not even speak without wild and untrue things being said about her. Look at the White House and the person in it - who checked his life and background? No one. Enough said.

  • A Canadian onlooker - 13 years ago

    In all my senior years I have never watched such an open assault on a person, especially a female in your politics. The democratic treatment to their own Hillary Clinton was appalling in itself with those wanting the thrill of an Obama presidency turning both Clintons into racists while Obama kept silent. However the moment the Governor's name was announced, it was non stop hatred from liberal bloggers posting hours later that her son was really her grandson, to the next day hearing a well respected male anchorman on CNN saying that since she has a special needs child, maybe she should be home looking after him. First of all I think the media were caught unaware and totally looked foolish in that they seemed to be clueless as to who one of your state's Governors was and seemed t oact if she was some big stranger to them. Is that the elite thinking like I heard other liberals saying about "Alaska is way up there out of touch with America". Funny I bet they wouldn't have said that if Obama were still living in Hawaii.
    Her treatment to this day, a woman who does not hold office and on a book tour, seems to border on something I would relate to as more of a sickness or a compulsion to destroy this woman for some reason, I still can't fathom.

  • Jeanan Paul - 13 years ago

    Even O'Reilly asked Sarah "do you think you are SMART enough to be President?". Now, NOBODY would have had the guts to ask Obama that question.

  • Mike Baker - 13 years ago

    For the sake of the country I hope Palin runs in 2012. I think she's just the type person we need in the White House. I think she needs to hire Dick Morris as her manager and for guidance when she deals with the bias media.

  • Palin's 3rd grade teacher - 13 years ago

    what is with all of this talk about Honesty and intelligence being associated with this woman? What in the WORLD are you sheep basing this on?

    As for being fearful of her..lololol.. I am a registered republican and will be SURE to vote for her in the primary in 2012 so we can witness the biggest blowout of all time, with her on the losing side. Find me a good republican please, like McCain was in 2000 (not 2008) and i would be the loudest supporter. the conservative destruction of the GOP is the only thing leading this alaskan blogger to having any say at all.

    Oh, and if women are so "drawn to her", why didn't that ticket win the woman's vote?

  • Lario - 13 years ago

    At least Sarah Palin was born in America. That alone makes her more qualified to be president than Obamma.

  • Cindy Karnes - 13 years ago

    Well, I was always wondering how so many people in the U.S. of A could even vote for the guy, the unfortunate thing is that we conservatives have to suffer along with the stupid liberals that voted him in, I just want to say that I hope Palin kicks some A== somewhere, because at least she was brought up with good old fashioned AMERICAN VALUES!! And she is fighting for what she believes in, it must be hard to have to jump through the hoops and be so Polite!!

  • flbellerue - 13 years ago

    The comment by ruffian is stupid.

  • Woodscat - 13 years ago

    Sarah Palin is a threat to the democrats . The left wing media has fired both barrels in their standard demonizing attacks and it has came right back and
    and shot themselves in their own derriere. A good example is their little attack puppet, Dave Letterman. He has been foaming at the mouth hate epithets for
    months and has only succeded in popularizig her and pushing himself further down in the ratings.

  • Garry Bowman - 13 years ago

    If Palin run for Pres tomorrow I would cheer her on. She has more common sense and is smart enough to do it regardless of what "O"rielly (acting like Charlie Gibson when he interviewed her) seemed to imply. I like Orielly but Palin is great.Plus my wife likes her.

  • Geo - 13 years ago

    I don't believe the questions are on target.seems to me the left is very much afraid of someone that can possible galvanize the right as well as move those in the middle to lean right and just maybe pull some of those in the left back to sanity.she's a poster child of privlage not money or power but what freedom really stands for.i grew up poor but privlaged.taught to question authority and to exercise my individual rights as a free american.

  • Gabe - 13 years ago

    The lame stream media is doing Palin some good that they might regret in the future.
    They are giving Palin very good experience on how to handle negativity, trick questions, crude, unfair, sexist comments, etc, etc. People forget that Palin is smart and a fast learner. People trust her, relate to her. The "silent majority" has a champion and they will do anything for her. She may not be ready for high office now, but watch out when she has become a seasoned representative.
    The liberalists believe that if they continue to criticize her and mock her that it will help their cause. They think that Palin would be the best person to run against. All I can say is watch out, the liberals may have a big surprise coming and they are indirectly preparing her for the test to come.

  • Steve - 13 years ago

    The only reason why Palin is picked on is because the people who are doing this are intimidated by her.

  • Daryl B. Bradshaw - 13 years ago

    Obama and the rest of the liberals are scared to death of Sara Palin. She eliminates more class every morning before coffee, than the above have or will ever have in their entire life.

  • Diane - 13 years ago

    Gov. Palin wrote this book and is touring the U.S. to try to save this country from the "progressive new world order" being shoved down our throats by the Obama administration.
    The "progressive" media is terrified of this honest down to earth woman.
    They know the "unwashed masses", or the citizens of the United States love this woman.
    Also the fact Palin is a woman and not a man just fuels their fire.
    Go Sarah!
    Go Fox News!
    Go Greta!

  • C Deters - 13 years ago

    NO BRAINER! They fear her, and will never
    stop trying to find something on her. She is
    the genuine article, real, honest, intelligent,
    and they don't know how to fight that, so they try to defame.

  • Terry Roberts - 13 years ago

    The Washington Administration is corrupt, totally partisan, unable to relate to the American People. They do not understand a person who has the values and ideals and patriotism of Sarah Palin.
    I will be MOST thankful when King Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Geitner,Holder,and that Group of Cronies are gone from Washington.
    Thank you, Terry, a Senior Citizen

  • Ro - 13 years ago

    Greta, if this Bill passes in the Senate and Obama signs the Bill, if all goes wrong and we get riped off, can that be overturned later? Let's say we get a new President in next election, can the new Presiden change or disolve what these crazy people are doing? You know, really, when I see them on television I get the impression that they either had some medicinal marihuana, snored a few lines of coke or took some kind of drug, they ALL look like they are high on something. Its like "we mandate this, Obama mandates this, so we must pass this f*ing Bill". Can anybody stop them?

  • Jackie - 13 years ago

    They are all scumbags.

  • Ms. Conservative - 13 years ago

    ruffian - YOU ARE AN IDIOT like MOST Left Wingers!

  • Les - 13 years ago

    Wanna bet that if they don't find any major mistakes that we won't hear a peep praising the book's accuracy.

  • Tolerant - 13 years ago

    evil can not tolerate goodness.

  • Carmen Ray-Benitez - 13 years ago

    Democrats including the AP and the mainstream media are scare of her.

  • discount book shelves - 13 years ago

    I guess i could write a book that could sell for 5-8 bucks too.

    if anything, this keeps the book in the spotlight, which might be good for her not being able to meet sales expectations without cutting the price like a discontinued bin at wallmart. She should be happy about it, otherwise the only people who would even care would be those watching Faux for "truth" (lol), now at least it has been shown to be so absurd that her opponents might actually buy it. Hope it was worth quitting her 1/3 term as governor for

  • Kasey Holt - 13 years ago

    You should ask Katie Couric that question. Wonder what her golden answer would be.

  • Bill Synwoldt - 13 years ago

    They are deathly afraid of her popularity and are on a seek and destroy mission.

  • Carolyn - 13 years ago

    They hate her because she is honest. They think they can discredit her if they can accuse her of lying. Truth is, they don't know how to handle honesty and it frightens them.

  • rcb - 13 years ago

    She is a known liar so of course people jumped at the chance to scrutinize what she claims to be the "truth." None of the other authors have such a blatant history of bold lies as dear Sara.

  • Mary - 13 years ago

    Palin makes them very nervous because many liberals still have a conscience and when she speaks about morals they feel guilty.

  • Rosario Aquino - 13 years ago

    She has Social and Family values. They are afraid of her strength in public especially among the women. She has a straight forward, clean, and honest approach when speaking which allows people to understand her point of view clearly.

  • kevin m. mcguire - 13 years ago

    Shame on them!!! Nothing else needs to be said..

  • Rick - 13 years ago

    They are fact checking someone who clearly have played hard and fast with the truth in the past. She has not been truthful...EVER!!!

  • Renee - 13 years ago

    I believe the people are so afraid of her beliefs and her popularity that their fear is that in the next election, there will be many who come out of the woodwork just like and run for office and WIN. I hope I am right.

  • kenward42 - 13 years ago

    It should strike Americans as strange and overkill, when the same media is interested in investigating whether Obama is even eligible to serve as president.

  • scooby doo - 13 years ago

    Who gives a crap what these dummies think? You know somethings up when the whole liberal and elites are upset. That's my clue we are on the right track. You go Sarah, girl. We are behind you 100% in this family. The more they talk about her, the more we like her!!!

  • Me - 13 years ago

    has nothing to do with the fact she lied in the past repeatedly, right?

    I love it, focus on the factcheckers, and not the author who told repeated lies. Love the spin Greta, I thought you were different from the rest of the sheep on Faux. Guess not.

    It appears the book should be reclassified as Fiction

  • Tennessee Tom - 13 years ago

    Why are they checking HER book? Because her book will actually sell!

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