On average how long do you spend on Twitter in a day?


  • John Sargent - 14 years ago

    A slightly odd question. I put in 30- 40mins as the amount of time I think I spend on Twitter. That is a rough estimate of the time spent actually reading and tweeting. However Tweetdeck will be running on at least one computer and my phone hours and hours most days. Is that time spent on Twitter? I think not but others may see it differently?

  • cyberdoyle - 14 years ago

    I put 2 hours in poll, as that is an average. Some days I will be attending a livestream conference and have twitter on at the side for extra info and input...
    ...so some days 8 hours, some days 1 hour. Never less than an hour because it takes me that long to read all the tweets I follow let alone reply. Should maybe cull some, but they are all so damned informative tweeters...

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