Do approve of hitting, slapping, or beating a dog?

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Posted 10 years.


  • kyrsten - 7 years ago

    hitting or spanking shows the dog not to trust you or let you pet he/her and makes the dog want to growl or bite a hand or face that comes near the dog. That is why i dont spank my dog i tell her not to don it agine and she dont

  • Sharon - 7 years ago

    spanking, hitting, hurting in any way - with dogs or children - is for lazy people. Those who can't be bothered to learn ways that are just as effective, usually more effective but ways that take consistency, time attention, critical thought. We as a culture and a society will never evolve as long as we continue to condone harming other living things in any way for any reason.

  • UkeGirl - 7 years ago

    I work in Special Ed, and with severely handicapped children behavior management is quite difficult. When I used to be a substitute teaching assistant, if I would attempt to modify a student's behavior with aversive stimuli (anything from taking away something the student likes, to yelling at the student, or even maybe hitting the student), the teacher or another teaching assistand would say how important it is to stay only with positive reinforcers (offering a toy, candy, or praise). I can't tell you how many teachers and assistants have told me that research shows that positive reinforcers create an eager student, whereas negative ones make an angry and frightened students. I have found this to be true with my dog, too. Yesterday, I tried to teach him to heel with my clicker, and got mad at him and pushed him hard and yelled at him. He eventually started shivering and wouldn't even eat the treats I offerred. We had to quit the training session and start over again later. When I stuck to little peices of food and praise as reinforcers, he listened and kept a really positive attitude the whole time.

  • Michelle - 8 years ago

    My dad use to beat my dogs when I was little it was horrible they were filled with such fear. They are pets they rely on us to feed, walk and especially love them if you get a dog that needs lots of discipline you should take it to obedient school if you say you can't afford it then you should of never of got the dog in the first place. Finally my dog (Red) a beautiful Irish Setter had enough of my dads beatings and cornerd him and scratched his face bad . After that Red went to a new home and got the love he deserve.Unfortunately I had to stay with the mean bastard. I feel people that beat animals are angry and mean people and just maybe were beat themselves... Seek help if you beat your animals it's not normal.