So, um, Adam Lambert's American Music Awards performance?


  • Jessica D - 12 years ago

    First of all, Adam is a brillant singer. songwriter, actor, and performer. He brought much needed life and excitement to American Idol. His vocals and ability to entertain are nothing short of amazing. Adam has a gift to rock your socks off and with the next song, bring you to tears, as he did with some of the Idol judges, his fans, and myself with his genuine emotion. As far as his AMA performance goes, Adam admitted that he got carried away. He never intended to offend anyone. He promised to stick to what he does in rehearsels in the future and he has done just that. I find it kinda funny that it was no big deal when Britney, Madonna, and Christina played tonsil hockey on stage. It seemes ok too when Janet dances provacatively and grabs her crotch. Oh, and a couple more words which may be revelant. Lady Gaga. HELLO! I love all these artists and believe they are free to express themselves how they wish. We are free to change the channel or not tune in to start with. It's like eating a lemon and complaining that it's sour. Adam done what so many other artists have done throughout the years. The only difference being he is an openly gay guy who is being honest about and embracing who he is. I personally think that's a beautiful thing. So many gay people keep that secret and are afraid of how they will be treated, talked about, and/ or disowned, therefore, leading a very unhappy life. Everyone is different and nobody but God should be so quick to make these kind of judgements. As far as the disgruntled parents go, I'm still unclear as to why these kids were up so late on a school night watching MTV in the first place. Being a parent myself, I don't want my children to be so nieve and clueless about the world we live in. life isn't a fairy tale. Some kids are going to have a very rude awakening one day. There are soap operas on daytime television with gay people kissing and so much violence on tv, but the minute Adam's lips touched Tommy's, man we just can't let it go, can we? This world has bigger fish to fry, people. And for those of you who say this ruined Adam's career, sorry to break it to you, but he's doing just fine. Great actually. He is loved by so many people around the world. It's like we all know he's gay and that's ok as long as he doesn't show it? Whatever. How about paying more attention to his music than his sexual preferences. Life is too short to be so unaccepting. As Adam says, "all we need in this world is some love." You are no better than a gay person because you're straight. I am thrilled to have the priveledge to know who Adam is and the intellegence to appreciate his remarkable talent. Keep on rockin us, boy!!!

  • Fundog - 13 years ago

    What a retarded and deliberately biased poll two of the possible vote responses say essentially the same thing "hated it" and "enough is enough" so to dilute the votes that thought his performance SUCKED! Add the two polls it's 44% Adam don't kiss people male or female who aren't expecting it especially if it's male, in most states that's not a performance, it's called sexual assault.

  • Paul - 13 years ago

    What is so is so....a huge fan for your talent. A world class voice that seems to be getting abandoned to creating celebrity. That will come Adam and in a huge way (it already has) but the vocals were lost and uneventful for all the distraction of the "shock performance". I wasn't shocked as I am gay and from NYC. It just wasn't very good. Disappointing, because your talent is HUGE. Hope you will prioritize your career to reach people. If you can do that, they will follow. I felt the performance was being "rammed down my throat". Looking forward to better.

  • Redd - 13 years ago

    I've supported Adam since the final 13 on Idol. The AMA is about excellence in MUSIC. The performance we saw was cheap theatrical TRASH... I expected more of Adam. I don't care if he's gay, bi-sexual or has weird religious beliefs. For me, it has always been about the music. Adam is blessed with an incredible voice... what I wanted to hear on the show. I am so dissapointed in you, Adam...

  • BETTY BARBESIN - 13 years ago


  • Blumen - 13 years ago

    Adam Lambert, what a cheap performance!! He has a beautiful voice but his message is so outrage and disaster. You could be a bright star but instead you fell because your cheap wild style lack of art and essence. Now you are trap in a box where the porn stars and whores are.

  • Disgusted - 13 years ago

    Completely disgusting and totally unacceptable for prime time television, or television at all. I am sick of you mindless deviants that have no concept of class and dignity expressing your idiotic opinions and spreading your smut and disregard for wholesome values that actually make a difference in the world. Take a good look in the mirror. Being flamboyantly gay to further your Hollywood ambitions on national prime time TV just goes to show you how these goons will do anything to make a buck. For what purpose? Nothing but fame and a few pennies, and the chance to spread your filth and corrupt others in joining your miserable, despicable, worthless lifestyles. You can be gay all you want. At least be a man with some class, dignity, and respect. I will never watch ABC again. I will never support this trash. I will never respect anyone who doesn't respect the sanctity of sound morals and values. This goes for Brittany and the female smut sellers as well. You, and the people that publish and produce your CRAP are ruining this world one live audience at a time.

  • Elaine - 13 years ago

    ABC you should be ashamed of yourselves for airing this filth, Adam I have always pulled for you but you are a disgusting young man with out morals. I feel sorry for your parents, there is no way they cannot be ashamed of you.

  • AdventureGuy - 13 years ago

    I am open minded and so I have attended a fetish club because I do find that sexy to watch...... but the important point to be made here is that as a free adult I CHOSE to attend and see that kind of "ENTERTAINMENT". However, I did not enjoy Adam's AMA performance at all - mainly because it was forced on a public (and also upon open-minded me) who were expecting SEXY ARTFUL SINGING, not just RAW SCREAMING SEX! Just as Simon would say "You chose the wrong song" - in this case Adam, "You Chose the wrong VENUE"! I probably would have enjoyed that performance if I chose to go see it in a Fetish Club setting where I would expect to see such things by choice. But definitely not on the AMAs when you KNOW kids are going to be watching to the end to see if Taylor Swift wins Artist of the Year (Way to go Sweetie - a truly class act who is so sexy in her innocence and graciousness to her fans). Another disappointment was that the song just plain sucked! I definitely won't be humming that one tomrrow. The tune was very boring with a repetitive beat and lame lyrics that did not express any kind of human emotion that would warrant and invoke that sort of screaming delivery, so it was waaaay oversung. I was an Adam fan and would fast forward my TIVO through every week's episode of American Idol to see his performances. And he was especially brilliant in the final with Kiss and Queen. But sadly, now I wonder if I will be able to remain a fan. I will not buy this CD if this was the best song on it, but will await a redemption and a return to the brilliance he is capable of (with better song writers of course). Another dissapointment during the entire evening was all the "dead air" when most songs had to be censored due to content. Artists should smarten up and chose what songs should be performed on TV so the lyrics and music would not have to be interrupted so much! The music industry has to give their head a shake as half of the other performances were not enjoyable to me either, even though I am fully open-minded about things like this.

  • Mickey - 13 years ago

    Until these shows can keep it clean, put them on the porno station where they belong. Then the deviants can watch all they want. Would be nice to let our children watch awards shows again. Amazing...we can't let them watch anymore til we preview and make sure they're okay. Seriously? What's wrong with this situation? For someone like Lambert who got his start in childrens theater, got noticed during American Idol (watched by kids everywhere) - this is a stunningly-inappropriate display. Pure pornography. And not just him...extends to Britney-Madonna and all the rest that feel that they need to use sexual shock to get attention. I don't see Taylor Swift making out and putting her bedroom skills on display for national TV; she sings her songs and WOW...she sells lots of albums and wins lots of awards! Hmmmm...... Hey Lambert, how about letting your talent speak for itself. Oh, wait...I you were trying to do that...maybe looking to get cast for an X-rated movie? Look for him starring in the next raunchy porno coming soon. Maybe he can even do the soundtrack!

  • Joyce - 13 years ago

    I thought it was fantastic. We expect to see 'Over the Top' performances from Adam. Okay, so he gyrated, he kissed a guy. SO WHAT, he didn't do anything that Madonna has not previously done on stage, and yep, even on prime time. Lighten up, they used to think Elvis was pornographic, too.
    I say, Go Adam!

  • Fred Friendly - 13 years ago

    Maybe fine for some of the cable channels where this kind of stuff is done in the name of art or free speech, but it's not acceptible on broadcast TV in prime or any time. The difference, of course, is that broadcast TV STILL uses the public airwaves and (though most now "get cable" or satillite or something on DISH) broadcasters use the public airwaves by license.
    It's a "guest in the home" and ought to have better standards.
    Nothing new there.

    If Janet Jackson's slippage at the superbowl was cause for concewrn, so is this. So is much of the programming that now passess as "adult in prime time" is really just pandering and titilating for the sake of selling Coors, Bud Light, iPods, iPhones, Ford, Pepsi, Coke, McBurger and schlock.

    I hope someone rings the wake-up bell at the FCC soon. They have shown a great lack of concern, but pretty soon the people will be asking for an accounting, and the whole federal menagerie had better be ready to do some 'splainen and do fast and do it good. You listening artist of Change?
    Better believe it.

  • Sue - 13 years ago

    The performance was not proper prime time entertainment. But IMHOP Adam did nothing that was not already done by Madonna, and Michael Jackson (with exception of the leashs)

  • marie - 13 years ago

    Very disappointing ! Too much screaming coming out from his voice.
    I am not even impressed with his voice.

  • Marie Meckelberg - 13 years ago

    Geez, Adam, don't you know you just destroyed any progress the Gay Rights Movement has recently made? As a gay celebrity, you have the power to break steriotypes and win support and acceptance through your amazing vocal talent. Instead, you chose to portray gay men as lewd, sexually immoral objects. Most socially "normal" gays want to get married, have children and be treated equally in society. Your wild, sterio-typical perversion just adds credibility to the objections of conservative straight people. Not all gay men are like that. You're a role model, whether you asked for it, or not. After watching that performance, who will ever take you seriously when you decide to grow up and one day become a father or a mainstream american. Yeah, sex sells, but in this case, you sold yourself out, and I'll bet your CD sales will show it. Shame on you!

  • alex - 13 years ago

    There should be a TV station to advertise just for gays & their believes. Let them do whatever they want to do with themselves. Who cares. This kind of behavior should not cross the border lines of families. Shame to ABC for allowing such behavior & shows. These people are advertising against natural sex. Adam is a good looking creature and could capture millions of hearts last night but he ruined it. I hope he keeps his private life private & try to come back to ordinary society.

  • Randy - 13 years ago

    I waited for years for the next great singer to emerge thru the generations of wannabes. I'm not an American Idol fan but, I got lucky and heard a brilliant, singer who's pipes could never be duplicated. I was hooked on Adam Lambert. Power, sensitivity, control, stage present, 3-4 octave range, perfect pitch, etc.. A one-of-a kind Super Star... Right out of the box! Paula Abdul just threw her allegiance behind him 100%. It didn't matter if he was gay, straight or somewhere in between. I waited for months to hear his 1st CD debut at No. 1 in Rolling Stone magazine. A bullet!
    I watched the AMA last night and thought, "This is a nightmare!" "What in the hell are you thinking?" Minute by minute it got worse.... Did he consider how he was going to come across? Did he consider that his fans just wanted to listen to him sing? The Madonna theatrics were distracting and boring. And then he flips the "Bird" to America, the world, and his peers. He had the Golden Chance of a Lifetime to make a 1st impression for the Ages.
    There's only one way to describe his appearance: F. U. B. A. R. !
    Where was Kanye West when we needed him?
    He's in need of some serious damage control....

  • Deedee - 13 years ago

    Adam, Adam, Adam...what have you done? People of all ages love and adore you and your talent. Not sure how many were lost and/or disappointed, but for sure your performance will not have won over any new fans. I for one, am heartbroken and hugely disappointed with the content of your performance. It was not sexy or even remotely enjoyable...I'm still feeling very sad. I hope you are able to redeem yourself with those of us you've lost as dedicated fans. As it stands right now, I can know longer support you as a fan...please do whatever it takes to bring yourself back up to the standard that won over the hearts of thousands of fans. I remain incredulous...again, what were you thinking!!!!!!

  • Susan - 13 years ago

    Considering Lambert gave much lip-service to wanting fame due to his vocal abilities. he decided to go with the typical unoriginal fall-back plan of “shock and sex.” Not sure Lambert, his mgmt or ABC have a brain cell to spare between them. They all dropped the ball big time and set Lamberts career back a year or two. Maybe derailed it permanently!! Not that I’m too surprised. Fame and arrogance has come early to Lambert

  • Scott - 13 years ago

    Disgusting. So you're gay, so what? But, when given a chance to show class (lasting) or crass (flash in the been there done that pan), Lambert didn't have the sensibilities to know that sexy is what is implied, not shown. Zero on my scale, and his singing stunk, as well. Screacher leather boy...not interesting for long.

  • safada - 13 years ago

    Adam pulled a Palin.....

  • Jennifer - 13 years ago

    I am just disappointed in the vocal part of his performance. I have not been a fan but do apprieciate his vocal abilities. He did do himself any favors with that show. Most people more focused on the theatrics then the song or lack of. Not impressed.

  • chris - 13 years ago

    Bye Adam, you ruined it, what were you thinking

  • I'm 69 ~ Tempe - 13 years ago

    I hoped for "over the top" and I got it. I loved all the theatrics, costumes and hair...EXCEPT Adam's. He needed more-more-more...not just some shiny gray suit with spikes on the shoulder. Bigger, darker. Lambert (we like to say "lam-BEAR") is a showman. Smooching the keyboard player? Surely that wasn't a surprise to the guy. Face in the crotch, who cares? It wasn't nudity; it was pushing the envelope. More Adam, but first...get thee to a good dermatologist and follow all instructions.

  • sickofit - 13 years ago

    "Entertainment" has sunk to a new low. If the networks allow themselves to pander to this kind of "entertainment" then I am out of it. Lambert is a confused, attention seeking *******. why, he may even sell his mother to get the attention he wants. I say boot him off to Antartica.!!!!

  • KAM - 13 years ago

    Took it too far last night. He got what he wanted - TOP PRESS COVERAGE - "in the moment"????? PLEASE don't consider us stupid Adam.

  • citylivin - 13 years ago

    seriously? Americans are prudish, narrow and ridiculously fixated on the unimportant. everyone knew what he was going to be--a gay clubby subculture stagey fringe performer. That's exactly what he gave us at the AMA. who cares? like him or not, you don't have to get all riled up about it.

  • mark-allen - 13 years ago

    adams lamberts "performance" was a train wreck that had no business on network t.v....

    he totally disrespected the audience that got him so far on american idol...

  • Debbie - 13 years ago

    I WAS a huge fan of Adam's. Not anymore. It's amazing how 1 song, 1 performance can make or break a persons career. Sorry Adam, but I think you disappointed a lot of your fans last night, not just me. You lost alot of sales for yourself doubt about that. I'd have to say his performance, for me, was the worst of the night. Disgusting.

  • Linda - 13 years ago

    I'm sure his Mom and Grandma are very proud, not to mention his Dad who I'm sure is disgusted with his son.

  • AH - 13 years ago

    Part of my reaction to the AMA performance was surprise, part disappointment. If he doesn't want to pull in the younger fans or the moms/teens that supported him during American Idol, and only wants to appeal to a particular audience of people who actually enjoy watching that, then he is right on target. I would have expected it on VH1 awards or MTV awards, but not on network TV. It is too bad he and his advisors don't understand the appeal he has to a broader audience. For WEEKS all I've heard from my 15 year old daughter is excitement about when his CD would be released. She stayed up specifically to watch him, and then said "ewww" and left the room in the middle of the performance. This morning she told me she wasn't sure if she wanted the CD. Sad. He has a great voice, but if the material that he sings about and the image he projects can't be appreciated by a wide range of people, he will lose a lot of fans right when he needs them to keep his career going.

  • Jodi Olesen - 13 years ago

    OK....So, I was mistaken....I have seen the clips repeatedly this morning oif Adam kissing the keyborad player.....I thought the keyboard player was a female. Who the Hell can tell nowadays??? So sorry. I see now that it was a HE and that Adam apparently is going strictly with other HE's. Whatever. Regardless...His performance last night was revolting. And, I still say...If I was that keyboard player I'd have sued his ass for assault.

  • Jodi Olesen - 13 years ago

    I'm happy to say that I am not an American Idol watcher so Adam Lambert never did anything for me. My parents, however, were fans of his from American Idol. They are in their 70's. They watched the AMA's last night, specifically to see Adam. They were so appalled and disgusted with his display that they've vowed to never be interested in him in the future. Adam...Whether you're gay or straight...Make up your freaking mind and live it. Don't be a he/she and go both ways just to make sure you can have EVERYTHING that's out there! You are a pig and if I was your keyboard player I'd have sued your fluffy ass for assault after that kiss. You are truly a pig and the World now sees the real you. You had a chance to be something huge and change the World for good but you chose the easy road. Hope your fame ends up being very fleeting.

  • Millie - 13 years ago

    I am an ADAm fan but was very disappointed in his performance. I love his voice and know he can be over the top but I think he went too far. I hope he can redeem himself with the Americn public.

  • Pittsburgh Storm - 13 years ago

    Adam Lambert's pornographic peformance was appalling to say the least. I don't care if this was prime time or not prime time. It was wrong in every possible way. Even if he was doing the same things with a woman up on stage, it would be just as appalling. ABC should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of dispicable display to appear on TV. Since when is this entertainment? My husband and I were mortified when that "performance" came on. My 13-year old daughter who DVR'd the show will NOT be allowed to watch it. Shame on ABC, shame on the censors and shame on the American public for accepting this crap.

  • Teri - 13 years ago

    So sorry Adam. What a disaster of a performance. Definately not for prime time. So many expected so much more. You didn't have to "tramp" yourself out. You have an incredible talant, now it just seems cheap. Hopefully you will learn from this and figure out if people want porn, they can rent/buy it, you don't have to give it to them for free. I wonder what your parents thought?

  • CD - 13 years ago

    10 - 11 PM is not prime time folks. I think the AMA saved his performance until last for a couple of different reasons.

  • Outthere - 13 years ago

    I waited all night for adam's performance. I have to say I was stunned! Although after processing and remember reading the article in Detail Magazine it explained it all. The guy is wild! I am not sure about this was the right route to take for his first appearance but who am I to say. He did tell everyone he was born to be wild and he was gonna keep on being wild. I just don't think we all realized he was really serious.

  • Alexis - 13 years ago

    I am a huge Adam Lambert fan...I watched every single one of his American Idol performances...I have watched all of his You Tube Performances I could find. However my 13 year old son and I stayed up to watched his huge performance debut on the AMA's and I was shocked to see him sell himself with raw sexuality instead of his genius performance abilities and amazing voice. This was just not the right direction to go in. I'm not against "gays" nor is my 13 year old son but I raise him in such a way that I try to monitor what he watches. He didn't watch all of the AMA's but this performance I thought would be typical Adam Lambert not Adam Lambert Porn style. How come he had to grab a woman's crotch? Why the act of someone going down on him and the kiss? Was that necessary to sell himself out? He is fabulous enough and I didn't think that desperate.... very disappointed in him and ABC.

  • SoCalGal - 13 years ago

    Winston, you want to see how Lambert's career "unfolds?" Well, it officially folded tonight.

  • Tim - 13 years ago

    What a poor excuse for a poll. Of course it looks like the majority favor the performance when you have 3 other choices that all signify some sort of distaste all competing against each other. In the end, I didn't know what I hated more about this performance, its awful singing or the terrible production. And watching him trip reminded me of a person driving while on a cell phone and then slamming into another car.

  • aboutagirl - 13 years ago

    TheVon "ut it back in the closet..out of sight. GROSS."
    WOW how about you put your heterosexuality back in the closet too. Then it'll be fair.

  • leftylou - 13 years ago

    I could give or take on his singing if you want to call it that. I think he has a very high opinion of himself and obviously has surrounded himself with people who tell him how great he is. I just wonder how much he is paying his "advisors" He should ask for his money back. Career probably not over tonight because very poor judgement on his part, but then again, I haven't seen much of Michael Richards lately..

  • Winston - 13 years ago

    Probably questionable for a prime time audience, but it had some amazingly great elements. No-one the whole evening matched the singing, it was fabulous. The dancing was great, and decidedly not boring! I thought the face in the crotch bit was objectionable, at least for this venue, and for me, it would be at any venue. I would have thought Adam would have been more in tune had he been in leather himself-I didn't like his costume, a suit didn't seem appropriate. I think the furor over 'the Disney producers' not knowing the content of his performance is a lot of bull. How could they not know? And if they didn't, the fault would be with them for stupidity. The song has been released for over a week, with obvious S & M lyrics, and Adam is not known for holding back. If they failed to monitor his performance, their bad.
    I welcome the great music Adam is unleashing, and look forward to seeing how his career unfolds from here. It is definitely off to an explosive start. As Simon once said to him, "You're someone people will talk about." Amen to that.

  • TheVon - 13 years ago

    I will never EVER listen to an Adam Lambert song. What horrible judgement, get a room or better yet, put it back in the closet..out of sight. GROSS.

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