Who would win in a fight: AT&T or Verizon? (Poll Closed)

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  • b man - 11 years ago

    verizon has such a great selection of phones . i belive that the phone matters about the sound qualitys at&t sucks.

  • b soccorso - 11 years ago

    verizon has such a great selection of phones . i belive that the phone matters about the sound qualitys at&t sucks.

  • JTillman - 11 years ago

    These two companys have their good and bad qualities and being a national traveler..verizon in great for the southeast but not in the midwest, northeast, and west. I have Verizon right now but the amount and quality of coverage appears to be equal in populated areas and spotty in most other locations.

    Ultimately, it is may understanding that Verizon actually uses ATT's backbone to provide 90% of their service...no surprise. This is also the same for Sprint, T-mobile, etc...AT&T has always had the telecom backbone for the US. So you can buy Verizon if you want but AT&T will still get their cut.

    So, pick what works for you...I like the iphone but don't like the AT&T monthly charges, I like Verizon as a middle of the road choice but phone applications are limited, I like Sprint for business but phones are lower end, T-Mobile and Boost are great for lower end service were the user needs texting, but not data.

    Virgin Mobile - No opinion.

    Interesting how these companies seem to have worked out theie piece of the pie quite nicely...almost as if they are the same organization...HUmmm??

  • brandon - 11 years ago

    I personally think its funny that there is a Verizon store only a half mile from my house, and when tried Verizon, I couldn't even get a signal by my house! (major Cincinnati suburb) So I went to AT&T, and I get 5 full bars in my house, even in my basement.....Everywhere I have been, for example, Orlando, Las Vegas, NYC, Yellowstone National Park, Gatlinburg, I have NEVER had a problem with AT&T service. The ad on tv with Luke Wilson standing on a US map with postcards is VERY accurate, you DO get data in those areas, even if it is EDGE (which is damn near as fast as Verizons 3G). What people don't realize is on the Verizon 3G network, you can't talk and surf the web at the same time, but on the AT&T network, you can..... Overall, AT&T is the best, hands down, and I will NEVER leave them, and Verizon needs to quit crying like a little girl, and stop mud-slinging......very immature for a multi-billion company

  • Donald - 11 years ago

    I worked for Verizon, had Verizon phones and am now an AT&T customer. I had dropped calls all the time with Verizon in Lincoln, Nebraska on a Motorola Q and never had a dropped call with my AT&T Blackberry in Lincoln. I also worked for and had US Cellular phones in Lincoln and never lost service or had dropped calls with my US Cellular Motorola Q and Blackberry Curve. I drove from Lincoln to Seattle through Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and finally Washington. Never lost service with my AT&T Blackberry.

    I live in Seattle where I can get Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon. I don't care if someone in Poduck, Montana can get Verizon 3G and I doubt there are many who live there care. I only care if I can get service where I live with my carrier and my phone when I use it. I do and I have AT&T and I reach my family and friends on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile all over the country. 100% of the time. For you Verizon freaks, 100% means all the time, every call, any time day or night, any location from Nebraska to Washington State, in my car, on the bus, in a building, in the basement of my apartment building, on a bridge, at a football game, . . .

  • Buck - 11 years ago

    I use to have Verizon but switched to AT&T for the iPhone. When I stay in my home town ATT works fine. But I have been on a long road trip (1.5 months) in many rural areas and I think I have had ATT service at only a few of the campgrounds I have stayed at. If Verizon got the iPhone I'd definitely switch!!!

  • nwilliam3 - 11 years ago

    Anytime I talk to somebody not on Verizon I hear about coverage issues and quality issues. I always know when my boss is on her iPhone because the call quality is crap. I've never had an issue with Verizon's coverage or quality. Up until recently their handsets sucked, but now that they have started opening up their smart phones things are getting a lot better. I'll happy take my Droid on Verizon over and iPhone on AT&T.

  • Rob S - 11 years ago

    I have both a Verizon BB (personal) and an AT&T iPhone (work). At one point, I had the same BB models for both networks, allowing for equal comparison.

    There is no comparison in network coverage. I'm in a major city (where AT&T is supposedly installing their next gen network). The coverage here should be among their best, and it's horrid. Dropped calls are bad enough, but their data speed is what kills me. Abysmal.

    Forget going into rural locations with AT&T. I consistently would see AT&T phone at 2 bars service while Verizon was at 5.

    It's ironic that AT&T uses the example of having two phones when you want to surf and talk. I have to carry two phones, Verizon to do anything on a network and the iPhone to use applications and play music.

  • Klein Jameson - 11 years ago

    I am a devoted iPhone user, because I believe it to be one of the greatest inventions of this decade. I am a staunch hater of AT&T, due to their absolutely horrible service. They chose not to reinvest the money they gleaned from the iPhone back into infrastructure, which in the end will be their demise. If Verizon gets the iPhone, then the blow could cripple AT&T indefinitely.

  • Chris - 11 years ago

    We've just resigned with AT&T for our company. The only reason is the cost. Our forecasted annual cost (2009) was a little over $500K. Verizon couldn't even come close to it. AD&D (not a typo as they usually are), knocked it down another 20% plus free GOOD phones. Yes, their network sometimes suck but "In These Trying Times" (Drink!) Cost is King. BTW, all our sales area have good coverage. Also, make sure your people have GOOD phones. The cheap ones have terrible antenna's.

  • Bubba - 11 years ago

    The first phone I had in Arizona was Sprint, and you'll never get me to pick up another one of their phones. I have had Verizon ever since because their coverage and customer service have been outstanding. My wife has AT&T and has a lot more dropped calls than my phone.

    The commercials have been clever. Verizon is right; a 3G network isn't any good if you can't access it. AT&T, you're right in the respect that your network is pretty good. But stop trying to compare 3G (Verizon) with ANY network (yours).

  • Brian - 11 years ago

    I was on Verizon and switched to get an iPhone. Now I can't wait to go back, iPhone or not. AT&T has absolutely horrible service. As far as Verizon's Customer Support - never needed it, so I don't know if it's good or bad. Only time I called was to cancel my contract and switch. The iPhone's been a good companion, but AT&T needs to do something to their network to make things better.

  • Ron - 11 years ago

    It probably has a lot to do with where your coverage is, but in Texas AT&T coverage is much better than Verizon. My parents recently switched from Verizon to AT&T because of dropped calls and simple things like voicemails coming in 10 days after they were left. Verizon internet access for them was terrible. I've had my iPhone for 2 years and never dropped a call. My internet access is almost always 3G as well, with great speeds, something my parent's Verizon phone almost never got.

  • Sarah - 11 years ago

    I have tried Sprint and Verizon, and have been so happy with Verizon. Plus most of my close friends and family have Verizon so of course to talk to them doesn't use any of my minutes.

    I'm hoping Verizon gets to sell the iPhone, and then everything will be complete. However, I wouldn't trade the good coverage to get an iPhone with AT&T.

    As for Sprint, my husband has Sprint, and we had the worst time with their customer service recently. In addition, my closest friend had Sprint and hated their customer service as well. I've had one glitch with Verizon's customer service, but in the end all was worked out. I believe most companies have problems with customer service now and then, but Sprint is ridiculous.

  • Peter C. - 11 years ago

    I wonder how many people who are AT&T customers who are so fed up with AT&T that they are voting for Verizon....

  • Rachel - 11 years ago

    I've been a Verizon customer for over 10 years and I can honestly say I will never ever switch. Something very drastic would have to go down at Verizon for me to switch. Always have service, never drop calls, love my Blackberry, and I think their plans are pretty reasonably priced. On the very rare chance that I have had a problem, their customer service has always taken very good care of me.

  • Matt - 11 years ago

    Verizon may have better coverage, but their customer service is TERRIBLE. What difference does it make how well the phone works if you can't get help when you need it?

  • Paul - 11 years ago

    I live attached to my Blackberry (on Verizon), and talk regularly to people on other networks.

    No one has the same reliability of coverage I do. My next door neighbor just got an iPhone, and called last night while driving north on I95 from DC to Baltimore. Dropped the call twice. (I was on a land line). this is normal for ATT

    I am convinced Sprint/Nextel is the worst, though.

  • eAdrian - 11 years ago

    These two companies can battle it out with spiffy commercials, but we all know the best form of advertisement is word of mouth. The word on the street is that if you want coverage go with Verizon. If you want an iPhone go with att (but prepare yourself for "dead zones" and dropped calls). This battle has only emerged because Verizon is finally offering phones the consumers can be proud of. If Big Red were to offer data plans similar to that of Sprints, it would surely be the knock-out punch.

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