What do you think of the decision to remove Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc as Angels broadcasters?


  • K.Rhodes - 13 years ago

    My family and I miss Rex and Fis. I am sure the new announcers are nice men, but don't compare to Rex. He brought excitement to any game( no matter how bad game was). We don't get the private jokes for the new announcers, or enjoy the repetitious things they say. (stay within your mechanics for example) I usually want to make everyone feel good. But we really are upset that our second favorite announcers of all time are gone. Vin Scully is our favorite. When Vin announced for Angels, Dodgers game we learned more about OUR Angels than all year with our announcers. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!

  • Capt Copperknob - 13 years ago

    jose mota is unbearable. please send him back to CSUF.

  • Jason - 13 years ago

    Bad decision. Its so boring to listen to the games now. terry Smith is the only good one they have left. This new guy with Gubicza is a joke and Mota puts you to sleep. Bad decision on the Angels part. Its obvious that it must have saved them money to free up some extra cash that they can spend on the wasted talent that they keep trying to sell us fans on.

  • Joyce - 13 years ago

    I, too, am disappointed that they left, but then what else is new with the Angels. Who's next!!!

  • vinnie - 13 years ago

    Now it's so boring to watch the angels with no talk and all that dead air. Very, very boring to watch the games that I just change the channel and just check in once in a while, good job Angels!

  • aimee - 13 years ago

    Horrible decision! Hud & Fiz were not just announcers, they brought something unique to the Angels. The insight they had on each player brought a personal insight to the listeners; Like you had an insider look at the inner workings of the team. They were two totally different guys so thier relationship was a very entertaining dynamic. I think the Angels blew it when they got rid of them, and half the team they traded...all these new faces & voices...not happy! not happy at all! They better take it all the way this year...

  • Dave - 13 years ago

    I realize no one expected Rory to pass away, but with only Terry Smith with ANY talent, watching it on TV is totally unbearable, and the radio is ok only if Mota keeps quiet. Yeah, Rex was a bit of a homer, but he is entertaining, and that is what has happened to the team overall...not entertaining. The opening home stand and the series against the Yankees prove they have dropped back to a second rate team. It makes that stupid name thing an obvious first step to mediocrity. Even beating the hapless Bluejays was challenging.

    Well, I guess they don't need my money, time or support, cause they're not gonna get it.

  • Edward Morales - 13 years ago

    "a walk and a knock"
    remember when the angels broadcasters wore costumes last season during one game?? remember when Huddler was on top of the rocks, "raising the roof" After the Angels won!?!

    Who is going to bring that fun to the angels now?? certainly not Victor Rojas and Gubbi.
    Rex and steve were the voices of the Angels in many eyes, we are going in a different direction alright. The wrong direction.
    Real Angel fans miss Rex and Steve and are still shocked about them being CANNED. Im dissgusted in the Angels for doing it and they should make it right by asking them to come back.
    Because the broadcast's on TV are just lifeless now. AND YOU KNOW IT!!

  • Jason - 13 years ago

    Actually 69% of audience is sad Hud is gone? WTF? Rehire the guy!

  • Jason - 13 years ago

    Just found out about Rex and phys being replaced. I have been an Angel fan since 1982 and Rex was THE BEST ANNOUNCER THEY EVER HAD!!! What the ANgels management doesn't realize is you need stability in your announcers to keep interest oging. I mean how long have the Dodgers had Vin Scully? Forever. They had a real legacy beginning with Hud and Fys and they through it away. OF course Arte completely dismantled the World Series team anyway. Please bring Hud back!! I used to watch all games on mute and listen to music. But when Hud started I faithfully watched all games with sound. I wouldn't dream of watching game without Hud. Now it's back to listening to music while the games on. Everyone should boycott all the commercial products until Hud is back. They may think differently! Look at this poll 58% of you audience is dissapointed!

  • Paul and Robin - 13 years ago

    We were very upset to hear Rex and Steve were not going to be doing the games I think it is the biggest mistake you could of made they are the best announcers ever Rex made the game so fun to watch and look forward to everytime the games were on. I hope maybe they could bring them back.. And another mistake they made was getting rid of Figgens :( we are not happy about any of this... sorry for the loss of Rory....

  • Marilyn & David Gray - 13 years ago

    Well You changed the name,got rid ofChone and John, You couldn't afford them....I would assume that is the same
    reason you fired Rex & Steve....now get rid of the Monkey Ralley!.....that should do it for the rest of us.....
    just what were you thinking....If its a money issue....get rid of last hired.....you will find no complaints....as of
    now like many of past Angel Fans.....Ill get my score on my computer. Really bad move.

  • Dottie - 14 years ago

    I am just heartbroken that the Angels fired Rex and Steve. I don't have anything against Mark but he is pretty boring compared to Rex and Steve. I guess it's just another step in Arte Moreno's quest to be Dodgers south. Their announcer, who everyone thinks is so great, puts me to sleep. I can't even watch a Dodger game.

  • Teresa - 14 years ago

    Give me a break they suck as announcers!!! Hud tells to many lame stories and Phys worships the ground he walks on! They talk more than they call the game! I am thrilled they finally gave them the boot it's about time! Now i don't have to push the mute button when watching the game!!!!! I'm not sure about their replacements, but hey it can't get any worse can it!!!

  • Don - 14 years ago

    What's Arte's phone number.. Hello Arte are you crazy these guys are OUR Angels don't you know that? Bring them back you fool!!!!!!!! The heck with lowering beer prices GIVE US BACK THE ENTHUSIASM TO THE BROADCSTING
    AND A REASON TO FILL THE STANDS!!!!!!! All the rest are BORING

  • bringrexback - 14 years ago

    words cant describe how i feel about this...

    ill be at the first game with a big sign that says....


  • Angel fan - 14 years ago

    BRING THEM BOTH BACK. They added so much more to baseball. They announced play by play and even explained the plays to any little league listeners. I loved that because our son would sit and watch the games with us.
    They loved the Angel's and their fans. Bring them both back.

  • Pat - 14 years ago

    Absolutely an awful decision!!! I couldn't believe what I was reading. Steve and Rex are the BEST! I was so annoyed last season everytime I turned on the game and saw the bench warmers (Gooby & Rory) announcing the game. I think Gooby is fine for the pre-game & post-game show, and I think Rory is fine for the radio. But please don't do this to the true Angel Fans! Please put Steve & Rex back where they belong, in the T.V. Broadcast Booth where the fans love them, and where they love the fans, the Angels & the great game of Baseball!

  • Rob J - 14 years ago

    Jose Mota is very good at color pieces interspersed within a game. I think he would have some serious difficulty doing full time color even with a play byplay person in the booth supporting him. Creating a single person broadcaster with Jose doing play by play/color will be a disaster. Physioc was a professional play by play person and I will miss him. Huddler was a character and a foil for Physioc. Both were passionate about the Angels and the local communities of Angels fans. I especially like how Phys and Hud promoted the Angels minor league system including the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes advanced A league team.

  • Karen - 14 years ago

    Bad decision. Rex is the greatest. Rory and Mark are awful! Big mistake Angels.

  • Angel fan - 14 years ago


  • billie sue - 14 years ago

    I cannot believe this bullcrap! I love Rexi and Huddy. They are so fun to listen to. They have so much energy and love for the game, unlike the others. WTF is Arte thinking. Not good!

  • Rog - 14 years ago

    Mota and Gubicza? Can't stand listening to either one of them. Rex and "Fiz" were at least entertaining. Putting Mota on the radio and Gubicza on TV takes away our option of muting one and listening on the other. Looks like ESPN highlights of the games from now on. At least my wife will be happy not having all the Angels games on next season!

  • john - 14 years ago

    Just tell me why they are gone.

  • Kaye Walters - 14 years ago

    It is a BIG mistake to get rid of Rex Hudler! He is the lifeblood of the Angels. We actually became Angels fans just because of Rex's flamboyant announcing and personality. Plus he's very knowledgeable about the game, and has so many great stories. I thought Physioc's calming voice was a great compliment to Hurricane Hudler's, but he was definitely second string to Rex.

    Unless you reconsider this decision, I guarantee you will lose viewers. I love the Angels, but they will be boring without the Wonder Boy...

  • Donna Chadwick - 14 years ago

    Whaddaya thinkin'?? The Wonderdog and the Fizz are two major reasons to BE Angels fans through thick and thin... Both are fountains of baseball savvy, with lots of charisma--especially as a duo. Does the Angels' management decision to "go another way" REALLY mean that they are too costly to keep, or are we to assume that no one in the hierarchy actually listens to these announcers enough to know how they connect with fans ?? Are fans ever polled to find out what WE think about the other broadcasters? I'm still a long-term fan, but can't stand this shortsighted, small-minded "direction." It makes me want to cry and yell at the same time.....

  • Marsha Kraus - 14 years ago

    I love Steve and Rex and am VERY sorry to see the Angels toss them aside. Rex is an original and fun and listening to the Angels games won't be the same without them. I was always delighted to hear that Steve and Rex would be calling a game and ALWAYS disappointed when they weren't. Say it ain't so, Mr. Moreno!

  • Ron Singerman - 14 years ago

    Hud was a breath of fresh air.His fracturing of the language was part of his charm.
    The announcers or color guys who were the most fun were the guys who either mispoke or fractured the language.I:E: Ralph Kiner,Jerry Coleman,Dizzy Dean.
    Yogi Berra would have been a lot of fun too.
    How about Bob Eucker?

    While I love to listen to Vinny and other proper speaking announcers,I don't think we should short change the Wonder Dog.He will surface somewhere and will be an asset to his team.

    Physioc was OK too.I think the Angels have made a mistake.

  • KG - 14 years ago

    I started watching the Angels because of the very good work by Steve and Rex. They actually call the game play by play and have some class. The other broadcasters are boring and spend way too much time yakking about their opinions and trying to turn the broadcast into a really bad baseball talk show. Just call the games stupid. Dumbed down idiocy is all we will have left except for the Dodgers Vin Scully who calls 99% of the action on the field while interweaving relevant stories(rarely misses a thing) When the time comes for Scully to leave baseball my TV mute button will be permanently engaged. Maybe the Dodgers will pick up Rex and Steve to do the eastern US road games!! Now that would be sweet!!!!!

  • Rich - 14 years ago

    I live in Santa Barbara, and we get the Angels broadcasts on both Cable TV and radio up here. Even with Phys and Rex, it is hard for me to free up enough time to watch or listen to even one of the best teams in baseball. The ONLY reason I would watch a game prior to the playoffs was the team they just replaced. I am not familiar with their replacements, but, judging by the comments, this is Angels management pandering to the Latino population, who is or will be in the majority of the listening audience.

    Hud's enthusiasm reminded me of the joy of playing baseball, which I did through high school, then resumed at age 35, playing softball for another ten years. Baseball is so much more than the plays on the field. What goes on behind the scenes, in the dugout, and in the dugout. Rex could bring me back to those times. I will miss him.

    Steve Physioc has one of the best radio voices out there. What a waste!

    I know his days are numbered, but I wonder if Vic Scully needs to learn Spanish to keep his job.

    Somehow, I just don't think GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! translates well in baseball.

  • Moangels - 14 years ago

    I really find it hard to believe you people love these guys so much... They are by far the most annoying and unintelligent broadcasters of all time... Now my viewing of angels games won't be wasted yelling at their stupidity the whole game...

  • Mike - 14 years ago

    The Angels shoud get rid of all there announcers. Bring in a pro, and show some class

  • NO WAY JOSE! - 14 years ago

    "Going in a different direction" - translation (no pun intended) "We need to placate our Angelino fans and get rid of the white guys so we can listen to more inane interviews in Spanglish" This is really a slap in the face to Angel fans. I hope Senor Moreno has fun filling the stands next season! I won't be there if Rex and Phys aren't!

  • Ronald Rothman - 14 years ago

    I have been listening to and watching Angel broadcasts for more than 30 years and consider Steve Physiac and Rex Hudler to be two of the best. In contrast Rory Markas is the worst announcer I have heard in more than 30 years of listening. I cannot believe that these two are not returning. This is a dastardly turn of events.

  • Dodgers Fan - 14 years ago

    I can't stand Angels baseball but I have to admit Rex and Steve are far better announcers than Jose and Gubbie and Rory. Jose is difficult to understand and uses the incorrect emphasis on many of his words (sorry Manny Mota, but your son is better off on Spanish radio). Gubbie talks like he as marbles in his mouth and spends waaaay too much time talking about "back in the day" talk.

    Rex had passion and enthusiasm for the Angels, unmatched by any one announcer I know of. Steve is "the" voice of the franchise. You never toss out your World Series season team and replace it with a team that's never proven to be entertaining or passionate.

  • Jose Mota - 14 years ago

    Damn. Now that I think about it, you guys are correct. Rex Hudler is an amazing announcer, an institution in the greater LA/OC region, and should be a Halo announcer for life.

  • DON"E" - 14 years ago

    Hey getting ride of Hud and phys is like getting ride of the Ralley monkey.(GET A GRIP)

  • John Nielsen - 14 years ago

    This is a TRAVESTY and a SHAME. Wonderdog and Fizz were the best combination I have ever enjoyed listening to, and I have been a baseball fan for over 40 years. This is a sad day for Angels fans. The new guys are average, and I guess I will get used to them (Mota might e difficult to get used to). But Hudler and Physiot were superb. They are a memorable team that I will never forget.

  • Mad about this enough to comment - 14 years ago

    I've been an Angels fan since 1974 and this seems like an incredibly bad idea. Hudler is fun to listen to and is supportive while Physioc is a great announcer. It was hard to listen to the TNT guys during the playoffs, who told us about every Yankee/Red Sox sneeze, but dismissed the Angels: Rex and Steve were a welcome counter.

  • Gary - 14 years ago

    This is unbelievable. First of all, Hudler is great fun to listen to. He was even fun when NOT announcing - for example, him showing up on the rock pile in centerfield on 80's night this last season dressed as a Storm Trooper. He was also an inspiration to many on the roster and in the stands, as evidenced by his positive outlook at all times and his charitable contributions to the community. Jose Mota - what has this guy done except for being bilingual? Nothing. His only positive contribution is being the translator for those on the team speaking spanish during an interview. His in-game broadcasting skills are horrible - not once have I ever thought to myself "Hey, self, this guy has a good point here". Never. Rex, on the other hand, would consistantly say things that got me thinking. Granted, half the time I was wondering if the wonderdog was revisiting his old habit that came to light in Kansas City a few years back, but nontheless, it was alway enjoyable. And "Gubby" - for the loev of God, I've never heard someone that actually played for a good portion of time sound as if they had never stepped foot on the diamond. The guy consistenly talks out of his rear end as if he's getting paid by the word, and none of it is even close to helpful, insightful, interesting, funny or anything that anyone even wants to hear. He's terrible. I'd actually prefer to listen to Mota, and that says alot. And then there is Phys. He's got a great voice, stays out of the way as the game goes on, and he's been around enough losing Angel teams earlier in his tenure to really appreciate the good teams we've seen lately - and it can be heard in his voice. This is the worst move that Arte Moreno has approved since taking over this team. I cannot fathom how anyone in the organization could say "ummm, we'll take these two, and let Phys and Hud go - ya, thats a good idea". Hell no. Some idiot near the top of the food chain must have said it, and no one had the huevos to step up and say "hey, the FANS like HUD and PHYS." Moreno has been all about the fans since he's been the owner, yet he totally disregarded what the fans want when it comes to listening to and watching the product on the field. I vow to never listen to any broadcast, radio or TV, that has "Gubby" in the booth. Ever again. I will watch the games on mute. I will follow the live scoring updates on my phone. I will never listen to these HACKS ever again. And I'm not the only Angel fan to feel this way.

    "That's right Phys, the KingFish just went upstream. And I'll tell ya, that bat died a hero right there. And with Big John Lackey on the bump tonight and Big Daddy Vladdy in the field, the Halos can't be stopped. Be a fountain, not a drain."

    Yes I made that quote up. But its filled with "Hudler-isms", and thats the point. What other announcer today can you just rattle off a bunch of phrases/nicknames that come directly from the announcer? Answer: zero. None at all. Rex made it fun for us to listen and he was having fun doing it, and we all loved him for it. Not to mention he's a classy guy: He found out he got fired, and then went directly to a charity event put on by the ANGELS. No one else would have done that after being fired.

    Long live the Wonderdog.

  • tony - 14 years ago

    me and my wife were very saddened by fox channels decision to remove rex and fiz from there play by play commentary which was a joy to listen to over the years. we hope that a large part of the community will put pressure on fox to rethink there decision. not many newscasters have ever been accepted by a team as they are. they are part of the family of the angels team...
    we as a family have been season ticket holders for over 20 years and are in hope that in some way, collectively, that we can enjoy many more seasons as a family. players come and go, but they are the glue that bonds us to the team....please rethink your decision!!!!!

  • Moangels - 14 years ago

    Finally, my prayers have been answered... The white sox will have the worst annoucers and not the angels.... It took then way too long to finally get rid of them, but happy days are here again!!!!

    Go angels!!!!

  • Dave Shindledecker - 14 years ago

    Going in another direction? Pretty lame! You will be going in another direction, and it's downhill. Great announcers and great teamwork.

  • Frank Neeson - 14 years ago

    Count me as in favor of the decision. Maybe now they will cater more to knowledgeable fans, instead of casual or bandwagon ones. How many times did we have to listen to Hud explain something as if his audience never played the game. To me Physioc was professional, but bland. He never told me anything I already didn't know (rehashed newspaper/web site info...). Never felt like he did pre-game homework. Hud is ok with other announcers who rein him in. Bottom line, you don't have to TALK ALL THE TIME for TV. To me the game is the attraction, not the announcers. Lastly - now I won't have to put up with the 3-5 second TV delay while listening to the game on radio & watching on TV.

  • ed - 14 years ago

    Glad both clowns are gone. rory markas is true broadcaster with great passion in his voice and guby at least played years of major league ball, not minor league like underdog did.

  • Mark - 14 years ago

    Psy and Hud are Angels baseball. Shame on Arte for trying to save a couple of bucks. I guess I'll watch the games with the volume off.

  • Marco - 14 years ago


    Perhaps those who loved our little-league caliber announcers would love to go back to the days of the Angles being our "small-market" team run by Jackie Autry and never playing baseball in October. And we could bring back those embarrassing softball uniforms, too!

  • Mike - 14 years ago

    Welcome to Mexifornia!

  • carlos - 14 years ago

    I think Jose Mota is by far the worst baseball personality in the english speaking sports media. He belongs in the spnish sector of baseball media. I am latino and have a hard time understanding him.

  • David - 14 years ago

    Rex and Steve are both excellent, and in my opinion would have formed a great radio team. I urge the Angels and FSN to still consider them for their post game shows (Angels Live on FSN and Angel Talk on KLAA).

    Steve is the consumate professional, and Rex wears his emotions and enthusiasm on his sleeve, which is very refreshing.

  • Matt - 14 years ago

    "Cheese at the knees broke the dish in two. Blew the pitch on by wouldn't wanna be YOU!" - Wonderdog

    You will be missed Rex Hudler. Whoever made this decision will be thinking twice once ratings start plummeting. Looks like I'm going to be using my mute button this season.

  • Derek - 14 years ago

    JOSE MOTA!!! He is by far the WORST announcer I have ever heard. He was panned when they tried this two years ago, and now the Angels are going to make us suffer again...WOW!!

  • Raymond C. Spencer - 14 years ago

    Hud broght a lot of enthusiasm to the broadcast. S. Physioc was the best announcer of the five.

  • rusoviet - 14 years ago

    Good riddance to the two of them - awful eight consecutive years of idocy and 'fizz' as 'ass-hud's' 'little buddy' -

    Physioc "Gollee Sgt Rex then what happened?" (ass-Hud) "Well then I chewed through that a-rab rope and threw the stachel charge back in Farouk's face - got myself a silver star. Hey BTW ever mention Notre Dame gave me a scholarship but I turned it down to play for the Yankees?"

  • Stu - 14 years ago

    Jose Mota? Really? He's a horrible play by play guy. He is probably great as an interviewer for Spanish radio and TV, but he is truly unlistenable. I guess my time in traffic next season will be even more aggravating now that I have to listen to him.

    Rex brought enthusiasm and humor to the broadcasts and I will miss him. Physioc was great too, and he brought a lot to the broadcasts as well, but isn't as unique as Hudler (like him or not, he is unique). I'm very disappointed that I won't be hearing them on Angels radio next year.

  • jAY - 14 years ago


  • Jonny G - 14 years ago

    I think it's a terrible decision to not bring Phys and Hud back. Huddler has so much passion and knowledge of the game and Phys has one of the best voices in baseball. Shame on the Angeles!!!

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