Are you pleased with the job Selig has done? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    57 votes

  • No
    60 votes


Posted 9 years.

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  • johnny Spamp - 9 years ago

    Baseball is a HUMAN game designed , played, coached, managed and Umpted by humans. Why anyone would take the human aspect out of it, is beyond me. We rely on machines too much, and the argument that "We should get it right" is weak. We HAVE it right. It`s been done like this for over 150 years. Umpires mistakes all come out in the wash anyway in the big picture. It HAS been a bad year for Umps, but players make mistakes too, which change the games outcome as well, remember.
    If Baseball starts to turn into Football more than it has already, I`ll quit watching. (Like you all care) LOL Go Yanks!

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