We don't have a movement yet because:


  • jdona - 13 years ago

    I think the problem is lack of the inspiration needed to motivate, coupled with an acute sense of helplessness, and a place, person, reason to rally around. I don't know if that is lack of leadership or just a general sense of malaise. Hillayr galvanized us in many ways, first female, another Clinton, someone with the vision and energy to inspire, and we don't have that now. Not sure what the answer is, and I think that is the sum of all things PUMA, we just don't know what the answer is, period.

  • lowdowndog - 13 years ago

    It's difficult to agree on a 3rd party platform but most people agree the two party system is broken. So let those who claim to be independent from both ends of the political spectrum whether left or right unify under the banner of "Throw the bums out!" Vote for anyone but a Democrat or Republican no matter who they are or what they stand for.

    The idea is to shake things up. Even if we end up with crappy candidates, it can't be much worse than what we have. Besides, if everyone votes only third party candidates, it's going to send a message that voters are willing to go with an unknown candidate than the same old moneyed interests entrenched in Washington and it levels the playing field for third party female candidates. A twofer.

  • Jamorrini - 13 years ago

    The only way this will ever work if it's led by the three strongest women to emerge from the PUMA movement: Harriet Christian, Cristi Atkins and BettyJean Kling!

  • lemonv - 13 years ago

    Think riverdaughter is right. There are men too who believes in womens' rights. Are we going to exclude them, too, because they are males? If it would be an all women organization, then that would be discriminatory to us men. who believes in womens' rights, too.

  • Teresa Welby - 13 years ago

    You all know already that I believe focusing on purely women's equality is what we should be doing. I think if we include poverty, gay rights etc... lots of women who would other wise join us, will not. then women will once again come last.
    On the other hand, get a majority of women in power, poverty etc... will be addressed since it is poor women and children who suffer the most.

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