Should your hometown create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission?

Total Votes: 1,181

  • Elaine Douglass - 12 years ago

    It's not so much about my "hometown" creating a "commission" to deal with extraterrestrials. It's about the Los Angeles Times taking seriously the UFO sightings reports that have continued to stream into UFO research organizations for the past 60 years. And it's about reporters from the Los Angeles Times confronting public officials at public press conferences with questions about these reports. I'm talking about public officials who have reason to know the truth, such as the Director of National Intelligence, the Secretary of Defense, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and seriously asking them questions such as, "In the course of your duties have you obtained information showing that some so-called UFOs are extraterrestrial?" I'm talking about questions which are not ambiguous and not presented in a joking manner, questions to which they will either have to lie publicly or tell the truth. That's what I want to see the Los Angeles Times doing.

  • David - 12 years ago

    Ha ha... I bet the genius who created this poll and option #3 had no idea the numbers would turn out this way.

  • Archivist - 12 years ago

    Jen, just because you can't wrap your head around a subject you know nothing about doesn't make the subject any less real. I was an UFO archivist for the US Government between 74-79, if you don't think intelligent extraterrestrial life exists and is visiting us regularly, you will be in for quite a shock when the US Gov decides to go public.

  • Jen - 13 years ago

    whoa, it terrifies me that 66% of respondents voted yes! People can be talked into anything!

  • pharmakos - 13 years ago

    it is real people. We have been asleep for a long time but we all need to WAKE UP NOW

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