PetVille or Pet Society: Which Game Looks Better?

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Poll posted 10 years ago.


  • joel rebong - 9 years ago

    Petville number 1!!! Hooray...

  • charm rebong - 9 years ago

    I like Petville a lot because its so cute. i really love to play wid my pet. i always change her clothes every week & love her wearing high heels. Pet Society _uc_s, its so cartoon- like.

  • stacy villamor - 9 years ago

    Petville is the cutest game ever!

  • Juicey - 9 years ago

    Petville has creepy pets. :/ Pet Society is ORIGINAL, unlike Petville (that obviously copied off Pet Society). I enjoy Pet Society better, because the decorations are cute, the customization is simple, and it requires hard work (equals more playing) to earn coins. (:

  • SassyCake - 10 years ago

    I am a long time Pet Society player. But enjoy Petville so much more than PS. What I like is how you are encourage to go into the houses room by room to collect coins/gifts. In Pet Society you click on the pet get the coins and leave--no reason to walk around. This has resulted in me seeing something in a house and then going to buy it. Okay, I love the pet's burping and such.

  • hjhkaueafefwf - 10 years ago

    no Petville is IMPROVED and therefore better!!!

  • mandabeeonthenextlevel - 10 years ago

    Pet Society is better, it is the original, therefore, it is better

  • Iman Bte. Suhaili - 10 years ago

    I want facebook but i don't have. I want pet society.plese....:(

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