What do you consider to be the main hindrance to using Web 2.0 tools with your school community?

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  • D. Quesenberry - 10 years ago

    It is always so frustrating to go to a conference and then return to my school system and find that all the blogs sites, twitter sites, and any other social networking sites are blocked. I don't understand why. I view teachers as professionals who would use these web 2.0 tools to enhance education. But, I am told, these same arguments were presented when talk of bringing the Internet into the classroom was first discussed. It is sad when people hinder the classroom, and the advancement of students. In our case, it is two people, who have never been a teacher, and who do not know what happens (or could happen) in the classrooms.

  • Frank, Divergent Learner - 10 years ago

    I really think most of it is fear-based due to improper change management for most institutions. Change has to be managed (for anything major, not just technology integration), not simply new concepts presented in workshops. So a little bit of time with administrators devoted to "how can we successfully implement these changes" will put things into motion more smoothly with more confidence and afford better chances for teacher adoption and integration.

  • Mike McMahon - 10 years ago

    Until your Superintendent and Board of Education place on emphasis on implementing Web 2.0 tools particularily for administrators, adoption of the Web 2.0 tools will be an uneven bottoms up process. And then the first time a teacher improperly uses a tool, the Board will react with a policy that will hinder any further immplementation efforts.

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