Where do you think the movement should go in 2010?


  • Lynne Thrasher - 13 years ago

    Republicans are right wingers...........if you are not to the right, then go join the democraps.

  • Lynne Thrasher - 13 years ago

    We are the New Republicans !! The rest of those diehards better wake up and smell the coffee..........this movement is ordained by a supernatural power that no one on this earth will be able to explain. Let's get with the program, folks and get on God's team..........who cares what we call it ?? It is unified and strong !!!

  • Brenda - 13 years ago

    A third party will keep us from taking back our country and will keep these socialist in office. We've already tried to win an election with a third party candidate and ended up with a liberal. We can't afford to let that happen this time especially! We've got to take back the Republican Party!

  • Mike McElduff - 13 years ago

    I sincerely believe the Republican Party is as bad for us as the Democrats. e.g. their add of funding for their special interests in the "Omnibus Bill"; their failure to keep a balanced budget; their failure to stop spending; their failure to provide tort reform and their general BS that is only offered to get themselves re-elected.


    If any are worth keeping, let them run again at a later date. Compromise is no longer feasible. e.g. I think even rush L. and Sean H and even Mark L. have not yet truly tuned in to what we have been trying to say.

    I think Newt Gindrich and others action in the NY 23rd District shows us that Republican, like all politicians are only interested in getting re-elected. There are many other examples of the BS.

  • Jerry Rodgers - 13 years ago

    We need to look at the upcoming elections in 2010 and decide on whom agrees with our positions, and then make every effort to put them in office. The first step would be to identify, second step would be to help raise funds for the potential candidate, third would be to attend all rallys and meetings of their opponants to confront them on their positions, and fourth to get all legal voters to come out and vote on election day. We must defeat the socialist DEMONcrats at all costs, and most definitely rid the White House of the tyranical dictator that sits upon the throne! Eliminating 1/3 of both Houses of Congress must be our primary concern now. Then 2012, we will have the unity and the power to take OUR White House back with a true conservative, moral and God-fearing person that will do our will and represent our countrythe way it s

  • Jerry Dolan - 13 years ago

    Most of the Democratic voters are uninformed rather than sheep. I call their constituency liberals, loonies and the uninformed. My suggestion is to not elect any incumbents. That includes liberal or "moderate" republicans. If the new candidates don't toe the conservative line, we un-elect them the next time. It may take a few cycles in some cases, but they will get the message. It will be difficult in the northeast. It is a bastion of liberalism, but not the majority. Independents still are the key to success. You all are patriots with the traditional values of America. But we must make noise. We must bomb our congressmen with mail and e-mails. I know they don't pay any attention, but they will know we are there andd seerious about taking back our country.

  • Sea_Dog - 13 years ago

    The problem with 'third parties' as many have previously mentioned is that it will split the vote and allow the democrats to maintain power. I dislike saying this, but the best thing the 'Tea Parties' can do is align with or create a PAC. Money Talks, BS Walks, and the only thing ANY politician listens to is money. Pressure the GOP to put a true conservative message out there, deny monies to the RINO's such as Snow, convince us that they truly do represent us, the voter/taxpayer, and don't re-elect anyone who does not embrace the conservative principles.

  • Alexander Snitker - 13 years ago

    Vote for the candidate that you agree with. Party should not matter. If the candidate is a Republican then vote for that candidate. If the candidate is a Libertarian then vote for that candidate. If you vote party before principal then you are the problem.

  • Urban Underbrink - 13 years ago

    I believe the "Republican Party" has destroyed itself. They may still have a few good members but those have no voice. The only way to revive this party is to rename it the "Conservative Party" and make it hard-core to conservative principles! No more MODERATES!! You can not compromise with EVIL.

  • D DuBois - 13 years ago

    The movement should field or evaluate candidates in the Republican primaries as the best way to maximize conservative influence in the general election.

  • James Miller - 13 years ago

    If you haven't read this please take a minute. Jim

    Sullivan Ballou's Letter

    A week before the Battle of Bull Run, Sullivan Ballou, a major in the 2nd Rhode Island Volunteers, wrote home to his wife in Smithfield:

    July the 14th, 1861
    Washington D.C.

    Dear Sarah,
    The indications are very strong that we shall move in a few days, perhaps tomorrow. And lest I should not be able to write you again, I feel impelled to write a few lines that may fall under your eye when I am no more.
    I have no misgivings about, or lack of confidence in the cause in which I am engaged, and my courage does not halt or falter. I know how American civilization now leans upon the triumph of the government, and how great a debt we owe to those who went before us through the blood and suffering of the Revolution. And I am willing, perfectly willing, to lay down all my joys in this life to help maintain this government, and to pay that debt.

    Sarah, my love for you is deathless. It seems to bind me with mighty cables that nothing but omnipotence can break. And yet my love of country comes over me like a strong wind, and bears me irresistably with all those chains to the battlefield. The memory of all the blissful moments I have enjoyed with you come crowding over me, and I feel most deeply grateful to God, and you, that I have enjoyed them for so long. And how hard it is for me to give them up and burn to ashes the hopes of future years, when God willing we might still have lived and loved together, and see our boys grown up to honorable manhood around us.

    If I do not return, my dear Sarah, never forget how much I loved you, nor that when my last breath escapes me on the battlefield, it will whisper your name. Forgive my many faults, and the many pains I have caused you; how thoughtless, how foolish I have sometimes been. But, oh Sarah, if the dead can come back to this earth and flit unseen around those they love, I shall always be with you in the brightest day and the darkest night. Always. Always. And when the soft breeze fans your cheek, it shall be my breath. Or the cool air, your throbbing temple, it shall be my spirit passing by. Sarah, do not mourn me dead. Think I am gone, and wait for me. For we shall meet again.

    (Sullivan Ballou was killed a week later at The First Battle of Bull Run.)

  • Crystal Addison - 13 years ago

    By sticking to a two party system we are only maintaining the current issues of the US Government. We need REAL Change rather than this sugar coated change we keep being handed election after election, the party changes but the problems remain. We need EXTREME change if we are going to even begin to address the problems our nation faces. For lack of a better term a "third party" is the ONLY solution to the corruption that currently resides in Washington. We have to identify ourselves as everyday American's who want systems that work for the people and politians that practice what they preach and neither of the current parties are doing that and never have in my life time. I know that there is a fear that a third party will cause a dem. take over but we are giving up before we have tried. We may not have the money that those parties have but we have 10,000 times the heart!!! Knock on doors, talk to your neighbors, send e-mails,pass out flyers at local events, spread the word that WE ARE TAKING AMERICA BACK!! We are not going to continue to support a government that does not support it's people, we are not going to continue to allow the fat cats in Washington to get fatter, while Mom and Pop starve to death, we are not going to accept forced options. We are Americans and we are going to fight for our freedoms, our rights, and our country. Get out and do your part not for you but for your children and grandchildren!! Show them what makes America great, Our Freedom and we aren't going to let them take it away. Please visit www.GOOOH.com I think we can all agree that something has to be done and quick. Let's stop looking and what makes us different and start looking at what makes us the same, We Are Americans, We Love Our Country and it's time for us to make CHANGE HAPPEN!

  • Sharon Lange - 13 years ago

    I fear the Dems are not capable of independent thought, sheep is probably the right term. The problem is they don't lead they follow and we need to make it clear that if they follow the liberals they will soon find themselves out of a job. My personal feeling is that most of the people in congress lost sight of why they were there after the second term and the best way to keep them in line would be term limits. It is always easier to weed out the bad plants then to replace they whole garden. We need to look at voting records and remove those who vote with the sheep. We need to make sure they understand the constitution and what their constituents want and vote accordingly, no matter what party they represent.

  • walt steimel - 13 years ago

    You are on point, Daezy, but do not exclude the Dems. If only 20% of the electorate is liberal then allot of dems are conservative. They are the sheep of the party and are easily swayed. We should be going to the churches of the inner city and ask them how they are liking that "Hope and Change".

  • George E. Kimball - 13 years ago

    As a third party we can only hope to split the votes with Republicans and our influence will be vastly diminished. The Tea Party must become the voice and power in the Republican Party. If we do not listen and engage the many, we will be the minority. We cannot win with a club but must present to the vast majority of the people in this Country a way to a better life for the people. To reach people you must engage and communicate. Reach out and have and idea that is not written in stone but in truth and clarity. To show your way and point out the lies and half truths that face people today. The Tea Party has started as an alternative but to remain so only brings mediocrity and that is what we have in the political parties today. This will be the "Cange we can believe in.:

  • John Nehrbass - 13 years ago

    I have gone to a new email address jnghazi@gmail.com from pfrs@sbcglobal.net.

    I think you need to cut back on the length and volume of your emails. The first thing I was taught on my first job was never write a letter more than one page long as a portion of people will not read it and a greater portion will just glance or speed read and toss it.

  • Shane - 13 years ago

    I want a party that holds strict fiscal conservative values that is more socially moderate. I think that the problem with the 2 parties is that they are for the most part letting the social extremists on either side run the parties and dictate the parties. I want fiscal policy to be the most important issues for our government to worry about with social issues taking a back seat especially while we have such out of control deficits and a $12,000,000,000,000 debit. I want a party that focuses on getting people back to work and not on abortions & gay rights both of which I happen to be for to a degree but are far down the list of things I care about. The movement needs to attract more moderates and independents so we can offer a healthy alternative to both parties as opposed to just dividing up one party. I want a healthy third party that will help to never allow any one single party to take control of our government like we have now even if it is my party. That’s what I want from this movement.

  • Daezy - 13 years ago

    This is a two part answer: 1) Take over the GOP and 2) Avoid 3rd parties at all costs. You need to do one to accomplish the other. Like it or not, we are a 2 party system, and splitting a party gives victory to the other.

  • Wade - 13 years ago

    I was very active in the Republican party when the social conservatives took over. While that was a painful, and at times frustrating event, it was what gave us the launching pad for Reagan.

    The point that third party attempts miss is simply this -- while it is good to get ourideas out. it is better to win elections. To reform the country you need to have a handle on the levers of power and be able to influence them. Otherwise, you are just a noisy group that can quickly become irrelevant. Even I have to work with someone that is not 100% in line with my beliefs, there is no substitute for victory at the polls

  • Mary - 13 years ago

    I agree with most of you about a third party. One think we cannot do is to drop the ball and give Obama a second term, which we will if we split into a third party. I hope and I believe the GOP has heard us loud and clear. We want out country back, less government, and above all our freedom and liberty.

  • Don Barlow - 13 years ago

    I commented yesterday and I agree with most who believe that if we begin a third party at the moment, we only give everything to the democrats. As we move forward, a REALLY BIG TARGET for us should be Michael Steele and the Republican Party leaders. We need to let them know that if they do not run people who can be fully supported by this movement, then they will have a third party to contend with. Everyone knows that will allow the democrats to win for years to come.

    The GOP leadership really does realize the strength that we are developing and know that we are not a foolish group. We have the wisdom to work within the system to uphold what we really believe in..... the Constitution, and the rule of the people.....by the people and...........for the people. If we push hard enough...... supply candidates.....and support only those who uphold our philosophy...... we can win.

  • Gary L - 13 years ago

    I said Third party only at first but need to change my mind. We need to fight and win one battle at a time.
    Let the GOP come to us for our support and hold their feet to the fire when we give it.
    We absolutely must DETHRONE those in power now but I cannot support a turn coat republican who seeks our support in deceit.

  • Bill P - 13 years ago

    AS revolutionary as everyone seems to want to be, for me it is quite simple.
    WE have to accept OUR responsibility to restore and defned public policy that promotes freedom through recasting the Republican party. Instead of trolling for a new party, it would be more productive, and immediately more valuable to re-educate existing members of the Republican party.
    This is what particpatory democracy is all about. This is what is happening. Let's keep pushing!!!!!

  • Beth - 13 years ago

    I voted for "Avoid 3rd Party at all costs." I was torn between that and "Takeover GOP." I really want both of these. Just take over the GOP AND avoid a 3rd party no matter what. We need to remember what happened with Ross Perot. Also remember Nader took votes from Al Gore which gave Bush the White House. 3rd party always means your least favorite party will win.

  • Mya - 13 years ago

    Don't you dare start a third party. That would be a shoe-in for the Dems. People need to realize this. Go back to 1994 when Ross Perot got 19% of votes, which put Clinton in the WH. Let's not relive this scenerio. Somebody needs to take the bull by the horns to bring the GOP, Cons, and Inds together as a united front so we can take back our country 2010/2012. I think Rush L. would be the person who can accomplish this goal. He has the conservative values and passion to get the job done! ~~

  • Charlie - 13 years ago

    It's really very simple, isn't it? What we need is mandatory term limits and only those who would support such a Constitutional Amendment. We also require a balanced budget amendment. Repealing the 16th Amendment would be gravy but the bottom line is to lose anyone who's been there longer than six years no matter what their political stripe.

  • Bill Hicks - 13 years ago

    The Republican Party is just another globalist, Council on Foreign Relations dominated "party", controlled from the top- down. Does anyone ever wonder why Administrations change but the same foreign policy always continues! Oldbomber has escalated the Middle Eastern debacle...just picking up where Bush left off. And voters keep doing the same thing over and over, with the same results....which I hear is a sign of insanity. I call it ignorance!!!

  • Jim M. - 13 years ago

    Wise up Patriots-Washington can care less about you, only your money--you have no meaningful voice-This is a freedom train wreck--Just watch!! From a Vet!

  • Joan - 13 years ago

    What would be the platform for the 3rd party?

    I like Chris' idea.

    People log in and vote on each bill they care about on an official congressional website. 3rd party congressmen vow to vote according to the will of the people. As long as the vote the way we want them to, they get to keep their seat.

  • CHARLES SCHMIDT - 13 years ago

    JOHN MCCAIN does not represent the Republican party. Nor do Glen Beck or Russ Limbaugh. In fact Beck is not even registered as a Republican.
    The Republican party can re-emerge but, first must not lean so far to the right that the party runs off voters. Why must we spend so much time on abortion talk. Mccains daughter is right. WE ARE DRIVING AWAY INDEPENDENTS AND DEMOCRATES BECAUSE THEIR VIEWS SUCH AS ABORTION RIGHTS BECOME THE PLATFORM. I am against abortion but do not think it should drive the government or its voters. We need to reach out, find a strong canidates and support their efforts. It is time that we stop the RNC from selecting the canidates and giving financial support to any canidate before the voters have made their choice. That is where we get divided. In 2006 the RNC selected Mel Martinez of Florida to be the canidate and theough all its strength behind him before the primary because they thought if they bought him they could buy the Cuban vote. As a result the voters them selves lost. Martinez had never been anything but a nice guy that could bring in the Cuban vote and even though he became a senator, the voters and party lost.

  • Angie J - 13 years ago

    I no longer claim to be a Republican. I am a conservative. Greed and corruption know no political boundaries. It was failings on the Republican side that set the forces in motion for the highjacking of the country that we are now experiencing. While a 3rd party founded on conservative values will certainly split the vote enough to insure the liberal victory, we need to also think about our children and grandchildrens' America. I see one glaring failure of our great Constitution. Term limits. Our founding fathers wisely limited the term of President, fearing an American king. I don't think they ever considered that Senators and Representatives would become entrenched for life as career politicians as many are today. Look at the worst offenders in the "thug" category in both parties. Most have been in office 20 to 30 years or more. These people are the flag bearers of greed and corruption regardless of their affiliation. They have absolute power and represent no one except their own choke hold on their office. I think the Tea Party movement should focus not just on an election cycle, but on institutional amendments to strengthen the Constitution. We the people can bring that change. Term limits first and a balanced budget amendment shortly after.

  • Bonnie - 13 years ago

    Start a 3rd party if youwant to guarantee democrat power forever. The way to effect change is to take over the Republican Party and get as many conservatives elected as possible. The socialists didn't take over the Democrat Party overnight. This is going to take time. Let's be smart about it. I recall when we had the last 3rd party we got Bill Clinton.

  • Linda - 13 years ago

    Starting at the top of the party organization...put Sarah Palin in as party chair. None of the republican leaders are doing their job.

  • Larry Kennedy - 13 years ago

    I previously commented on the other tea party poll but would like to add that the tactics the enemy is engaging in is telling. I saw a Wanted Poster put out by a liberal group offering a $200,000 reward, yes $200,00 reward, for any dirt that could be dragged up on the president of the National Chamber of Commerce. Character assassination is one of their favorite weapons and shows how far they are prepared to go to assimilate us all into the lemmings they want us to be to go over the cliff in lockstep!!! At this rate there will be nothing left for the midterm ,let alone,presidential elections! A 90 yr. old Army colonel,Medal of Honor recipient,can't fly his American flag according to his homeowners assoc. If this doesn't get your attention nothing will. Their rationale is not the flag but the flagpole isn't asthetic enough. Yea right. Kinda like second hand smoke not cigarettes are the issue. The fact that we may have an illegal defacto POTUS is of no concern. Eligibilty is the real issue here making all other issues moot. Every piece of legislation may very well be illegal along with the perpetrators who certified his eligibilty. Once and for all clear up the constitutional eligibilty requirement first!!! Correct me if I'm wrong,but,weren't the American Revolutions battles fought first then the Continental Congress formed to deal with the aftermath???

  • Chris - 13 years ago

    The movement stands for liberty. Liberty is only achieved when the will of the people becomes the rule of law.

    The solution is simple.

    Nominate and elect individuals to the House of Representatives (but not the Senate) that vow to vote according to the will of the constituents as determined through a secure internet-based mechanism that lets the registered voters from each Congressional district vote on each bill as it comes up. If the Congressman votes according to his will of his constituents, shouldn't be allowed to stay in office? Isn't he supposed to vote according to the will of the people anyway?

    The enemy of liberty is the POWER that comes from the Congressional office. People who are elected want to keep it. Many will sell their souls (or vote for things they don't believe in) in order to keep it. If that power is returned to the 600,000 people in any given Congressional District it ceases to corrupt.

    Your thoughts?

  • BS61 - 13 years ago

    I think from the choices that we need to take over the GOP. However, in the case where they support a stupid choice, like in the NY23 race, we need to keep to the program of supporting the conservative value candidate. If we split the vote, so what? We already have plenty of false conservatives who vote with the Dem's now, so what's the difference! We're not happy with both sides now, so at least we can be consistent on voting values, freedom and a love of the US!

  • BTW - 13 years ago

    We can take back the GOP. We have done it before and we can do it again. Ronald Reagan

  • Jean F - 13 years ago

    I have been a strong supporter of the Libertarian candidates running in state and local elections for the past 4 election cycles. This is the only way a third party can gain a foothold and become a viable alternative in the political arena. For the congressional runs in 2010 and the presidency, the movement needs to take back and redefine the Republican Party as the party of limited government, fiscal restraint, strong national defense and personal responsibility.

  • Sandi Hopper - 13 years ago

    Time is too short! DIVIDE and BE CONQUERED. If we, the people, don't take back Congress immediately, there WILL BE NO ELECTIONS by 2012. The best way to do that is ask our REAL democrat friends to jump ship from their Socialist-pirated Dem vessel and head right with all dispatch to the strongest other ship in the political sea.
    If we don't take back our country in 2010, there won't be any need for elephants and donkeys by 2012. But if we succeed, we can reevaluate party deliniations (2, 3, or more) at that time - and rejoice!

  • Mad Mike - 13 years ago

    Hey Guys & Gals,

    It is time to crank up the Constitution Party. The Democrats and the do nothing Republicans are all in it together. I do not want either to have my toil wasted on again. We need to rally around the Constitution. We should have started the 3rd party 3 or 4 elections ago. Believe me it is time. Do not get fooled again. We need to go after these people as they ignore the Constitution. We need a caucus like the Progressive Congressional Caucus as well. This is our only strength. A simultaneous effort to take the Republicans and start a 3rd party should be considered as well. What about a strategy to split the Democrats. I think that they might be open to aggresive campaigning in liberal districts using stuff their grandparents knew. We need to split the liberals up.This will be a 10-12 year war. The Socialist came out of Illinois back in 1996. Look at Barry Sanders playbook for directions. The young people need to be gathered back in. They are completely lost. They need guidance. It is time they listen to their elders. They may think about doing so if things get worse huh?

    Mad Mike

    Mad Mike

  • cp - 13 years ago

    My feeling is we need to figure out what the TeaParty Movement stands for. I think it is conservative values, small government, lower taxes, and up hold the constitution. I don't think we should blindly follow the GOP. Look what happened with NY 23. The GOP candidates need to align with what we and OTHER movements stand for and we should support them in the primaries. We also need to make sure we align with all the other movements out there. No petty bickering about who is the biggest, or best or loudest or whatever. We must unite! There is strength in numbers. I hate to say it, but my biggest worry is what Mike the Bike stated. I fear that voter fraud in the upcoming elections will make 3rd world countries seem like Disneyland. They are planning to pass some bill next year that will register anyone with a drivers licence or a video rental card ti vote. Then they will legalize all the illegals and they will already be registered to vote! They won't actually vote, but their names will, if you get my drift!

  • Mike the Biker - 13 years ago

    As Steppen wolf once said, "Now your vote is a meanningless joke" Obama will have the whole election deck stacked. Everytime you turn around he has another ace up his sleeve and tea parties are not going to stop this evil machine. Were all going to have to suck it up or loose it all.

  • val butsicaris - 13 years ago

    I am an independent...better to go with the GOP, than not have a chance to win at all...remember the upstate NY election..lets be smart and use our common sence

  • Kevin - 13 years ago

    I feel it is time for a strong third party. I belong to the Libertarian Party. Last election I voted for Ron Paul. I felt he was the only candidate that made any sense. The Democrats and Republicans have totally lost touch the people of this country. It is time to get back to the constitution.

  • RWelch - 13 years ago

    I agree with Michael Medved, of 570 KVI on the radio.
    We have an established 2 party system. Third parties divide and conquer, and sub-groups take over the party that they are most influential upon, as we have seen the 'Obamunists Administration' accomplish, most recently. The pendulum will swing the other way however, only if we are united in the Republican Party.
    It is counter productive to form a 3rd party, as Perot tried, as Ralph Nader did, and others, when syphoning off votes only weakened the power of the Republicans or Democrats. Strength comes with unity.
    The Democrats have a very inclusive outlook on every liberal group out there during the campaign. And the pandering goes on. Republicans are most effective when they are true to the principals of conservatism.
    Once elected, both parties avoid fulfilling the more radical groups on either side and tend to moderate their tone, yet still prioritizing their aims. At least I have seen this, over the past 45 years ,since I began voting at 21 years of age.

  • Jaylee - 13 years ago

    As a Canadian I can tell you this IS NOT the time to start a third party. The Dems will win hands down. We have more than one party up here and it is a nightmare. We have not had a majority ruling party in power for quite a number of years now and nothing gets done. The main goal of the upcoming elections must be to get rid of the old guard in both parties (I see a lot of corruption among your long term members) and to get rid of the Dems who have been taken over by a far left group. However the GOP should be aware of the fact you will not support old guard members - you will only support candidates that will promise fiscal responsibility and that will uphold your constitution.

    The Dems are trying to socialize your country and you must stop them! Sticking with the GOP is the only way to go BUT you do have the power to negotiate with them as they cannot win without you ....

  • CC Snow - 13 years ago

    One thing is 4 sure, Eric has brought us a platform where we can still exercise R right 2 Free speech and begin the process of stopping what is wrong in America. I live in Chicago, " CROOK " County, Illinois, which has moved 2 Washington D.C., The Land Of ( GREED and CORRUPTION ), I mean Lincoln, where it is a prerequisit 2 becoming a Politicion, that U B a Criminal. I like what is going on here with Eric, but I don't hold any Hope of real Change happening here. The Miasma affecting Illinois politics is 2 ingrained 2 allow a Honest Person, much less a Third Party candidate, 2 have any success. I know that the Constitution allows us the Right 2 Revolt, and take backr the Government in certain circumstances. Maybe it is time 4 another Revolutionary War. I know that is what it will take 2 clean up Chicago " CROOK " County, Illinois. Good Luck 2 Us All. UBNICE & Vote ERIC 4 President. CC Snow.

  • Dale - 13 years ago

    If we have STRONG leadership in the Teaparty...our Republican friends will join us. Democrats, on the other hand...who knows???
    If we are going to take our country back...we had better work together to make it happen...this will more than likely be our last opportunity to do so! We must do this right!

  • Joe Graci - 13 years ago

    The poll was not properly written because the same person that wants to take over the Republican Party may also want to avoid third parties, etc. You need to have questions that do not overlap so you get a true view of who wants to do what.

    On another subject, we need to do more than just march and carry signs. We need a movement that will cause the liberals to take us seriously. One idea would be to boycott the prime time major networks. That would lower their ratings which would put pressure on their ad rates. Once that happened, they would have to kick their news shows into presenting more fair and balanced stories. We also need to boycott any of the liberal movie stars, etc. We control lots of money and it is about time we started using it to send them a message. I am also sending my money to those candidates that support our cause, i.e. I do not send money to the RNC. They wasted too much money on the likes of Arlen Specter to be trusted with it again. People like Joe Wilson deserve our support. I also send copies of my checks that I have written to the NHL and MLB, to the NFL to show them that I will not spend money on professional football until they start treating conservatives like American citizens.

  • Dorothy Gavin - 13 years ago

    As appealing as it is to look at a 3rd party it would prove an impossiblilit to get a 3rd party candidate elected at this time. We need to take back the Conservative Republicans and throw the liberals out. Just as the democratic party has been taken over by socialist the conservatives have been taken over by liberals. If we try to elect 3rd party candidates we end up with a lifetime of socialistic leftists left in office. Newt is intelligent but he still plays both sides of the field. He supported the lefitst Republican candidate in N.Y. even though she had a questionable views. He and the Republican party backed her against the conservative candidate. He goes with the party right or wrong, just party. Wake up folks we need new conservatives not old fence sitters!

  • Barb - 13 years ago

    Beware of Newt. I was with him until he supported the liberal Republican from NY. She then fled the Repubs. and went over to the Demos. I will not support him. Too many Repubs. doing that and I do not trust them. They are Progressives.

  • Mary - 13 years ago

    American Solutions also has many goals and principles that I can support. Newt is one of the most intelligent politicians and has brillinat historical knowledge. I could support him for President except that he could not win. He would be a valuable VP though. The organization is worth joining (free) and following for very practical ideas and solutions to the country's problems. Drill now! is one. The US should be exploring and developing our crude and gas resources and developing green energy too. We use far more energy than we can produce of either kind - we need them both to be energy independent.

  • Dan Moreno - 13 years ago

    Ron Paul is the exception to the rule. A former Libertarian Party member, he realized he had a better chance getting reelected running as a Republican, and the rest is history. If he decides to run in 2012 he should 100% be the candidate of choice for The Liberty Movement.

    If Paul does not run, however, we absolutely must abandon the Republican Party at ALL costs. You can see how Glenn Beck, and several prominent Neocon Republicans are attempting to co-opt the Tea Party movement. They've identified a large base of Liberty-loving individuals, and are attempting to lie to us, to convince us that the Republican Party stands for all those freedom initiatives that we hold so dear. These are 100% ALL LIES. The Republican Party is the Party of the Neocons. They are Pro-War, Pro-Corporations, Pro-Outsourcing of Jobs, and lastly, Pro-Illegal Immigration. Witness John McCain in 2008 working with Ted Kennedy on the Amnesty Bill.

    We need to send a CLEAR AND DEFINITE message to Washington that we will support NO REPUBLICANS (except Ron Paul) and we need to invest our loyalties with The National Libertarian Party.

  • Mary - 13 years ago

    While there are a few Republicans who vote with the Democrats, most are more in line with my personal political leanings. To ensure a more conservative Congress in the 2010 elections we must vote for Republicans. They should be encouraged to adopt Tea Party principles for that support. A third partry now would ensure the Democrats reelection and we would get more of the same, Reid, Pelosi, Dodd, Schummer, Frank, and the list goes on. The Tea Party movement should continue and it will grow, able to exert more influence in the future. There may come a day when it could become a viable third party - but that is not in 2010 or 2012. We cannot allow a continuation of the Democrat's destruction of our country and way of life. With the Republicans supported by the Tea Party - together we stand; divided we fall.

  • Elizabeth S Traylor - 13 years ago

    Tea Party activists plus the Club for Growth can take over the Republican Party and return it to a party of conservatives. We need to get rid of the candidates who run as Republicans and vote as Democrats.

  • Chuck Terry - 13 years ago

    I strongly agree with Eli, we have to take over the Republican party.

  • Rich B. - 13 years ago

    Eli Pariser, A MoveOn employee, stated, when talking about the Dem party, "Now it's our party. We bought it. We own it. And we're going to take it back." We need to do the same with the Republican party.

    Any attempt to form a third party will put the Dems in power for as far as the eye can see.

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