Who would win in a fight: Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, or the iPhone/iPod Touch? (Poll Closed)

  • Nintendo DS
    482 votes

  • Sony PSP
    640 votes

  • iPod Touch/iPhone
    704 votes

  • Tie/I don't know how to choose!
    108 votes


Poll posted 10 years ago.


  • Cole - 9 years ago

    The DS for sure. PSP doesn't stand a chance in terms of games. The iPhone is NOT a gaming system. It's a phone and an iPod with exceptional cell phone games that pale in comparison to the DS and the PSP. The iPad is just a huge iPhone, like the DSi XL is a bug DSi.

  • james braselton - 10 years ago

    hi there i think apple new ipad will make the computition retreat

  • Kendo - 10 years ago

    I think the DS would win. Because it has the better games. Dont get me wrong I love my PSPgo, but still. Oh and the iPod Touch has the capability to be a good game system, but its not yet.

  • Felix Baaken - 10 years ago

    I would prefer the iPhone because of extra features it has, not because of the screen. E.g. Accelerometer, GPS: That opens up a wohle new range of possibilities for great games (augmented reality).

  • AD - 10 years ago

    The DS is based more towards the early crowd, PSP for the middle to older crowd , and Ipod to everyone who do not like games. Games for DS are wide spread, predictable, and unoriginal. PSP hold games that are strategic, longlasting, but hard to play. The Ipod games are simple, poorly designed, unpleasing. Even though the Ipod has more games, the lack of entertainment is short lasting and uneventful.
    If the Poll was about other features, of course the Ipod would win, although it is not.
    By the number of games, Ipod
    By the number of good games, DS and PSP
    By the cost, Ipod
    Having whichever electronic is purely opinionated, there is not 'perfect' or 'best' electronic.

  • PZ - 10 years ago

    Voted for the iPhone, since DS has mostly Nintendo-ish games (bubble puzzles and flowers and stuff), PSP is OK as long as it's not a PSP Go, but iPhone not only does decent gaming with good titles, but also has loads of other features the other two don't.

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