Should New York City Have Ripped Out the Bike Lane?

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Posted 9 years.


  • coco77 - 9 years ago

    Absolutely rediculous. I am personally annoyed by skanks not wearing enough clothes, hipsters also, including males in skinny skin tights--i do not need to see that! When will that fad die? But why are the Hasids picking on them? There are plenty of non-hispter women in that nieghborhood who have been there a while, with less than modest dress codes!! They aren't supposed to be looking at non-hasids anyway, so what's the problem, pervs? It's new york city! Give me a break. There must be some alterior motive to having the bike lane removed.

  • Gary from CA - 9 years ago

    Good grief! Religious zealots who admit that they can't control their thoughts or behavior force the removal of bicycle lanes. If they are not mature enough to control themselves then they shouldn't be considered adults, and therefore should not have any say in the polcies of the USA. Shame on them :-(

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