Is it time for Mafia Wars 2?

  • reggie - 12 years ago

    i think they there should be a mafia wars 2 because it takes time away so you will not get Bord.

    when there are games like these it makes me went to play they all the time then i get Bord when i finish it that is went i get Bord.

  • tone - 12 years ago

    i would like to see mafia wars 2 but i think mafia wars 1 should still be avilible for play we worked hard on our profiles to start over maybe will will be able to transfer our stuff to the new profile. but i would really like to see tagged get theere mafia wars upgraded there is only new york and cuba and not to much stuff like facebook and myspace i would like to see tagged get a mafia make over befor i see a mafia 2

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