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  • Musa - 7 years ago

    I was reading through to comments and I have been very offended by the use of Christianity, or any form of religion or god (Christianity happens to be the most common one) in any arguement against capital punishment. Capital Punishment is a State issue, and thus any shape or form of religious arguement against it should be invalid. The simple fact that you cannot think up any other arguement than god or religion is simply showing me that you truely know almost nothing about the issue. For those with the idea that Justice is not perfect, innocents will be killed, yes I believe you that justice is not perfect, but I would rather have a couple of mass murderers who would later go on to kill many other innocents dead and have one innocent killed, than to have two hundred innocents killed and having those mass murderers running free. The punishment for murder should be death. If you are willing to take the life of someone else, you lose your right to have your life.

  • Carolyne Walker - 8 years ago

    I am 100% against the death penalty, I don't care what the reason for it. God is the only one who should take life since He is the one who gave it. God says that we are not to murder, and yet people want to try and justify why it's ok to use capital punishment. I have read way to many reports on innocent people on death row who were finally released due to new evidence and or DNA, once you hand down this punishment, you can't take it back. For all you people who support it, I pray that it is NEVER your loved one who is wrongly accused and sentenced to death. May God help our country, though, I believe He has already removed His hand of protection from it.

  • jw - 8 years ago

    I beleive the death penalty is wrong for many reasons but here are a couple;

    * Justice is never perfect; there will always be innocent people that will be executed.
    * Justice is not bind; If you are poor and a minority then you are more likely to be executed.
    * The family of the convicted are as inoccent as the family of the victim why should they be punsihed also.

  • joanne - 9 years ago

    The death penalty is wrong. Maybe i am naive but i don't believe my own life is any better or worse than any other persons. Everyone deserves to live their live. The death penalty is not a necessary measure as life imprisonment works just as well. Yes this means us tax-payers would be paying for this but i would happily abridge. Otherwise the blood is one all of our hands. I openly object to the death penalty and will continue to object to it until it is over-thrown. It is morally wrong to take one mans life for another. If i were murdered i would not want my murder sentences to death and i would hope my friends and family would make sure this did not happen.
    Killing another human being will not bring an innocent life back.

  • denise - 9 years ago

    this question is out of context with the article...old testament biblical law says eye for eye,yes the death penality for testament jesus said..the world hates me and they will hate you and treat you the same..the world killed jeaus and so abbi because she belives jesus is G-D's messiah is suffering this penality......may G-d give her stregnth and joy and peace and comfort to those who love her,no matter the end of this trial..

  • not happy - 9 years ago

    how quick you people are to sentence someone to death!!!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???? .... i dont care if it government sanctioned, the taking of a life, no matter how vile the individual may be or what attrocities they may have committed, IS STILL MURDER!!!!!! ... how many people have served sentences for a crime that they didnt actually committ!!!??
    i think the state of the world is tragic, that the taking of a life (any life) is seen so flippantly because we are desensitised from all the 'entertainment' we watch that we have forgotten that all life is precious!!!! no matyter how small or insignificant the animal or how depraved the individual a life is a life and if you are so quick to stop caring to save a few dollars then i really pity you! ...
    all you small minded people that lack the basic human compassion are what is dragging our society down!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom Edgar - 9 years ago

    Countries without the death penalty have a serious crime rate much larger than those without it. Even in the U S A the States most likely to commit Judicial murder have a disproportionately higher rate of violence. The penalty has NEVER been a deterrent in ANY crime. The greatest deterrent is the certainty of apprehension. The solution is more honorable and ethical Police. Something not exactly thick on the ground in countries with a high crime rate.

    Those who advocate a violent solution to serious crime are as evil minded as the violent crime perpetrators but more cowardly, as they will invariably prefer somebody else to commit the act in their name.

  • Ablediver - 9 years ago

    There is only one valid reason for objecting to the death penalty. That is the fear of applying it to an innocent party. Once that can be established beyond doubt (not just reasonable) then only the most mitigating of circumstances should cause us to refrain from applying it.

    As to the taking of a life, society provides for it in so many other ways by both omission and comission that it is is irrational to refrain from applying it to those who choose to deny the very rules of society.

    In conclusion, I advocate that we all refrain from violating the 11th Commandment. That being that every individual has the G-d given ritht to be stupid! (Correllary, that this right does not apply to acts that affect others) So, if someone wishes to conduct himself in such a way that he/she inflicts harm upon themselves, society should not act to either prevent or to compensate them for the results. Breaking a law that is punished by death, is clear and simple. Those that do so, should be considered fully aware of the consequences. Society should stick to the truth and to its rational rules.

  • potatohead - 9 years ago

    u people have no lives
    u life less losers!!!!!

  • no name - 9 years ago

    What constitutes a crime being defined as heinous or cruel? Who is going to make that call and where will it stop. Already today you can't turn sideways without being remind by an opposition, " That is rude I am not going to stand for it boo hoo" and we as a sociality bow down to people making such claims Therefore we must act polite at all costs, when already doing so anyway? No wonder America is being taken over. When the pendulum swings, and tips the scale at the best of time for the State, as the State seeks the truth are we then going to start telling someone that a crime is heinous and unjustly cruel even when it is clearly accidental? Who exactly is going to make that call a Medical examiner? a family member of the deceased? The perpetrator? for it is six or half a dozen of the other , if the first one did the trick, then the others may as well been blanks....

  • M.Duraipandian,CHENNAI,TAMILNADU,INDIA - 9 years ago

    few days back two innocent school giong childrens kidnaped by a call taxi driver .male 11 years female 13 years rapped the girl and murdered the both throwup the body in a riverat tamil nadu INDIA . in the following reason i feel such type of grevious offences the capital punishment is essential
    1) threatening the offenders and culprits 2) give confidence to the commen peoples living in the socity 3)this is the act of the nation and the duty of the sovereign government to maintain peace and tranquility 4) the victims feel get compensation.

  • M.Duraipandian - 9 years ago

    capital punishment is more essntial to civilaised socity for keeping peace and tranqality. India is concern the capital punishment is in the powerfll hands of democracy .

  • Mike 'O'Dwyer - 9 years ago

    i have just watched the movie, of the crime by tom capano, a multi millionair who thought he could get away with murder, he was a calous b******d and deserves the death penalty

  • William Newmiller - 9 years ago

    History, literature, and contemporary times are filled with many examples of wrongful convictions. Give the state the power to execute people, and you will find occasions when that power is abused, misapplied, or otherwise imposed unfairly. So, I say to the state, "Don't kill anyone for me." Because when you get it wrong, the blood is on my hands. I am always amazed that those who are often the most vocal about the incompetence of government to manage things like health care, taxing, regulation of commerce, etc. are among the first to trust the state's wisdom in making decisions of life and death for someone accused of a crime.

  • RIOJAONE - 9 years ago

    Hatch's comment about the death penalty showing the sanctity of human life seems a bit strange unless those being executed are NOT human. There are too many ways for the prosecution to convict an innocent person is one reason for not imposing a sentence of death, but the prime reason is the true sanctity of human life. It should not be in the province of the government to take a life via a death sentence. A sentence of life without possibility of parole is sufficient punishment and if it is later found out the convicted person is innocent then something can be done to reinstate the person to society. This is not the case if the death penalty is carried out.

  • 3006 - 9 years ago

    Yes, there ARE people who deserve to die. Thirty years in law enforcement made that very clear to me...

  • amzi - 9 years ago

    i totally oppose the death penalty. a lot of the people who are sentenced to death are actually innocent. in a lot of cases, that's discovered AFTER they're already dead. just because a person takes a life (if that was the case), it doesn't mean they should die. no one deserves to be killed.

  • Lahja Haukongo - 9 years ago

    I do not support killing of people, at least hard labour instead of keeping them ( prisoners) in side doing nothing it`s better for them to go do hard labour so that they can feel the pain of the crime they have committed.
    Killing the convicted person will never bring back the dead/ killed person back. I believe justice should be done and rights shoul be given to all, am refering to the case of Reggie Blanton, the justice department was supporse to find out more why Reggie was insisted his innocence in the case he was convicted and later mudered.
    Lets try not to repeat the same mistake to the next person.
    Well, since I am writting from Namibia in the Southern Africa, I felt very much hurt and I could not believe my eye to see all and hear the story of this poor man killed like a I dont know what. Here, we do not have such kind of Laws at least convicted peoples are given long term sentences ranging from 30 to 100 years in jail.
    Please, change the Laws, cause it seems the world of the USA is leaving in the colonial years of killing peoples.

    I do feel for the killed person`s family, but I still believe killing the convicted persons is not the solution.

    Lets change the world to be a better pllace to leave and enjoy!!!!

  • ian - 9 years ago

    even though i dont think killing is right i do beleive that corporal punishment keeps crime down so yes im all for corporal punishment

  • mario - 9 years ago

    I am writing from Italy, EU. I just wanted to express my view that the death penalty is a barbaric form of state revenge disguised as punishment and justice. First and foremost it violates article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; nor has the death penalty ever been proven an effective means of countering crime: in the EU we do not have it, yet the crime rate here is not higher than elsewhere in other western countries; furthermore miscarriages of justice can put at risk the lives of innocent people; and the death penalty can be misused to silence the opposition in non democratic countries through "criminal offence" show trials.

  • mrcello - 9 years ago

    richard ramirez(the night stalker) is still alive after 26 years and untold millions of dollars spent on appeals and keeping him in comfort and good health and well fed. these bleeding hearts do not give a damn about the will of the citizens of this country. they disguise their opposition to killing him by talking about the type of lethal injection to be used, what a bunch of bs. in china they would shoot him and make his family pay for the ammunition used and the cost of the grave

  • Earl J. Wright - 9 years ago

    Guitarlover, your pointless rant is matched by your impoverished vocabulary! I doubt that another 16 yrs will help you.

  • Earl J. Wright - 9 years ago

    For those of you who oppose state sanctioned execution because you believe that life is too valuable, I am it's proponent for the very same reason. Anyone who wantonly takes the life of another should forfeit their own.

  • adaran - 9 years ago

    Capital punishment is necessary in certain cases. Especially to eradicate organized crime, under world thugs, drug barons, drug trafficking, prostitution networks, mafia style operations, etc. We should carefully look at the circumstances under which the crime has been committed. Just because somebody has killed another person it does not mean we have to execute the murderer. But if that person is a contract killer, who has assassinated more than ten or twenty people, who have not done any wrong to him, then definitely we have to get rid of him and also send a clear message to the society. The message will produce direct and indirect results that some times we do not expect.

  • ellie J. - 9 years ago

    I oppose the death penalty be cause it is against my standards. And abortion. refer to "John"'s posts about 20 posts up.

  • Archangel of LIght - 9 years ago

    You should be abilited to kill, no matter if it is a human or not, ONLY when you will be able to create life or to bring back to life a decesed body. I DO NOT SUPPORT CAPITAL PUNISHMENT.

  • Martha Kendall Holmes - 9 years ago

    The execution of one innocent person is one too many for me.

  • Brenda Lacasse - 9 years ago

    Do they not say an eye for an eye, why waist tax dollars on convicted serial killers that do not belong in society what so ever. These people have no heart and therefore should be expelled from society. It's pretty sad that we allow these people to live when they have taken from us our loved ones. please have a heart and take theirs and stop it.
    Brenda Lacasse

  • Susan - 9 years ago

    i think thats if you can kill or rape anyone you should die and rote in hell.And putting a murder in jail as a life sentence sound stupid to me too because the person should get death instead of tax payers have to pay for them to live nicely.....maybe we should just put all the murders in areas where they can go hungry and get deseaseand we can atke the good people livin in that area and help them instead

  • Ann - 9 years ago

    I understand the hate that one's can feel face to such "monster" who will kill somebody, myself I would feel like to kill myself anybody who would touch to my family... Now... The past proved that mistakes were done and that Court condemned innocent people to death... They are dead now and it's too late, just imagine their family feeling, seeing they killed their innocent child, brother or sister... The system is not perfect, and IF YOU ARE FOR DEATH PENALTY, SO, THIS MEANS YOU ARE AGREED THAT ONE'S WOULD KILL YOUR CHILD, BROTHER OR SISTER EVEN IF THEY ARE INNOCENT, ACCEPTING THE FACT THE SYSTEM COULD HAVE MADE A MISTAKE... JUST THINK ABOUT THAT... When it's question to say "yes" or "no" so, just measure the consequences in case of mistake of the Court...

  • redster6 - 9 years ago

    people are on death row for years and years for the obvious reason that the government know they might have got it wrong, yous really need to wake up all yous people who watch to many csi programs

  • redster6 - 9 years ago

    if we end up like the swell head Americans then we are in for one hell of a disaster. as if you have a suspect knowing he could be killed by the authorities, then you are creating more pressure and they are sure to kill more on the hope they get away so killing some one for killing some one sounds like a criminals way of life so you are just as bad, define murder you plonkers and get a freaking life!!

  • redster6 - 9 years ago

    this bushwacker guy has a contract on him for numerous offenses like theft of an other man money and is very close to the day he no longer pollutes this earth so so long you creep..

  • jamie gordon - 9 years ago

    short note to say no to the death penalty because this country sends quite a lot of innocent people to prison, and that is from experience, and me going to prison when the science was total wrong, just proves how unsafe the legal system really is,it cost me 5 year and 9 months of my life for a crime that was proved against me using only a so called 100% proof "science" no witness no evidence no finger prints nothing, just so called reliable science.. and all i got was a poxy apology from a person i don't even care about or know.. maybe a mental institution for the people who thought of this idea.. try thinking out side the box or even think for yourself before making stupid statement like the death penalty please, as you are just as dangerous as the death penalty and what about the people who carry out the death penalty, is that not murder, (define murder) is that not the taking of an other mans life?

  • Mandloo Mudasir - 10 years ago

    Donot consider capital punishment the extreme.There are also other extreme considerations.Extreme needs extreme.

  • bushwacker - 10 years ago

    Who said the United States of War is civilized? Who really believes that. Kill all that Kill.

  • bushwacker - 10 years ago

    Let the creeps of socity watch a few of thier buddys hang by the neck, hear it snap, and watch the blood in thier eyes, mouth, nose and ears , loose thier bowels and no more breathing, then and only then will they learn to be helpfull to socity instead of livining the stupid lives they choose. Convikte them and hang them. 72 hours from the day they meet the judge. Invite all to come and see.

  • Judy - 10 years ago

    I believe that the death penalty is justified in the sentencing of Steven Hayes for the brutal murder, rape and kidnapping of the Petit women. Their victims were cruelly treated and died in a gruesome way. There is no doubt that he did it. They stalked and brutalized these three women. I cannot imagine the terror that the girls went through having gas poured on them and then smelling the smoke and seeing the flames. If there was ever a case for the death penalty this is it.

  • Christopher Martyn Williams - 10 years ago

    By not executing our worst criminals (murders, rapists, peodophiles, terrorists, traitors) we are saying that the lives of their victims meant nothing.

  • Wayne Tilly - 10 years ago

    The death penalty should be used only when there is 100 percent evidence to prove guilt.With no right of appeal and the execution to take place within 30 days of the guilty verdict. Any doubt based on fact or circumstantial evidence then imprisonment and the right of appeal if new evidence becomes available. Mental illness, age, sex or any other excuse should not be a a defense in court.

  • Marsha - 10 years ago

    This is commentary about the "CAPITAL PUNISHMENT"!!! Not "ABORTIONS"!! Can you people read? Yes, they should carry out capital punishment. Ever heard the saying, "AN EYE FOR AN EYE"? Taxpayers are tired of paying for Death Row inmates that are there for years and years. If they carry out capital punishment on ALL of these killers, maybe, just maybe the murders would go down drastically. The justice system in this country is horrible. If you have ever lost a loved one from a cold blooded, heartless killer, then you would agree. There are people that still grieve for their son, daughter, mother,etc that death row inmates have killed and have been on death row for years and years. If they are found guilty of murder, they should be put to death immediately. YES, on CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!!

  • David - 10 years ago

    John, maybe if certain religions allowed the use of contraceptives there may not be the requirement for so many abortions. Maybe if parents taught morality and responsibility for actions the number of abortions would drop. Do not leave such teachings to the schools. When teachers are screwing students what do you expect the students to learn.

  • David - 10 years ago

    With todays science such as DNA it is hard to find the wrong party guilty, except in America where money or fame buy innocence. Lohan, high on drugs behind the wheel of a car = 90 days. Hilton ditto. Mexican or Afro = 25 years.
    This is American Justice. i.e Does not exist for the poor. Even after stating the above I still say ALL, rich or poor, child molesters, rapists, Drug dealers and murderers should face the supreme punishment with NO quarter given.

  • John - 10 years ago

    OH, another thing about murderers, being that so many of you think capitol punishment is the way to go fore cold blooded murder, what should we do about partial birth abortion? the most heinous of all. The mother of the child can here her childs helpless screams while the abortionist holds the newborns head in it's mothers womb while he jams a scissors into the back of the childs head. He then spreads the sissors apart,inserts a tube and sucks it's brians out collapsing it's head. Thank god that this has been stopped,but the people who did it got away scott free and no one cared enough about this injustice to see theese murderers go to prison. Of course we can always talk about the murder of millions of aborted babies by careless, irresponsible men and women if we feel the need to kill more people. What ya think? Shouldn't they be arrested to or do we hide behind the law that says its ok?

  • John - 10 years ago

    Prosecutors are paid for convictions and like politics as usual they don't care if someone is innosent or not. It's a fact that the next rung on the ladder upwards, comes with their success of convictions. There is no one on this earth smart enough or intelligent enough to make the decision on someones right to live or die. Since the introduction of D&A we have learned about the release of how many innosent people that were in prison for something they didn't do. The last program I watched on tv concerning this said the number was at 23. Now I ask you, do we really want to trust our lives and our families lives to this kind of justice. How foolish have we as americans become. We have let organization's like the ucla ruin our ability to penalize criminals in this country by saying life in prison as it shoud be is cruel and unjust punishment. We need to tell them to get lost and start punishing criminal like they should be. When you kill someone you go to prison for the rest of your life and you don't get a color tv, or a popcorn popper or your own tolet or a libary or anything else. you get a bunk, four gray walls, and a tray of food three times a day slid under the cell door. You get no privileges what so ever. If they die they die. They brought it on themselves, however if found to be innosent they can be released instead of dug up. Punishment was meant to be just that. A murderer should never be released back into society for any reason unless he is proven innosent. Once it got out that they would be kept in confinment forever I truely belief we would see less crime.

  • David - 10 years ago

    Will you anti-death penalty advocates please look at the opinion poll. Over 60 % are for it. If you abolishionists want to keep murderers, rapists, child moesters and drug dealers alive then YOU pay for their shelter, food, water, medical bills and guards. Leave the Tax payer out of it.

  • David - 10 years ago

    Child molesters, rapists, murderers and drug dealers all deserve the death penalty. Prior to execution child molesters and rapists should be placed in a womens prison to get a taste of their own medicine. I fail to understand all these cry babies who complain about cruel and unusual punishment. Did any of the offenders consider the cruel and unuasual punishment they inflicted.
    Please do not tell me it is against God's Law. God taught an eye for an eye. So let us practive God's Law.

  • karen - 10 years ago

    Death penalty? if it is one of your relatives who committed a crime (heinous), would you allow him be sentenced to death? Think of it.

  • Hugh Allen - 10 years ago

    There are far too many cases in which DNA evidence has conclusively proven innocence to draw any other conclusion except that the justice system too often depends on guesswork - and that's not good enough where the death penalty is involved. Setting aside the moral arguments, you can't kill someone on a 'maybe' or even a 'likely'. It's now certain that we've executed a whole lot of innocent people and the only way to be sure we don't continue to do so is to abolish it. The most practical argument, however, is that it doesn't act as a deterrant. No country in Europe (which has abolished the death penalty) has a murder rate remotely close to that of the USA. My brother-in-law was a prison governolr in England back in the days when the death penalty was used. He said that he never came across anyone who witnessed an execution who wasn't in favour of abolition: and that from a notoriously hard-nosed profession.

  • blacknbeautiful - 10 years ago

    ok um y would any ine want any type of death penalty? it is highly against God and he would definaetly not appreciate another one of his people being killed after that person has already killed someone. because God says that " thou shall not kill we shouldnt. i know u may ask what if it was a family member or a friend? of course if that happenedthey would strongly want them to be put on death penalty but wanting should not cause others to eternal damnation in hell!

  • judith marie - 10 years ago


  • Carlos Garcia - 10 years ago

    Our penal system is barbaric!! That is a clear reality. The US is the only advanced industrial country that still kill its citizens to punish some inconvenient and illigal behaviors. Very little effort is applied to study the phsychology of crime and its solutions. We were horrified to see Iran to stone a woman to her death because she killed her husband but not very many complain the execution of Mrs Lewis in our country. That means that we didn't have objections to the execution of the Iranian woman. We did not like their way of killing her. In our opinion there are humane ways to kill (execute) people. In my opinion our perspective is as wrong as theirs. We need to change our justice system and erase the capital punishment of our legal system if we want to be called a civilized country.
    The penal system it's not suppose to feed revenge or look for punishment. Its goal should be the protection of society through rehabilitation. No body should walk out of prison if rehabilitation has not been achieved and no body should stay in prison after being rehabilitated. Judges should not prescribe terms of punishment for the criminals because no body knows how long would it take to have people available for society again. That must be determined by profficient professionals

  • Wes Davis - 10 years ago

    The reason we now have a runaway "killing society" is because of people who do not obey our current laws of punishment. Lets get back to an eye for an eye. "You do the crime, you pay the fine", if it be a fine then pay the money. If it be of taking a life exchange it for theirs. Elementary Watson.

  • Maddie - 10 years ago

    If you kill someone in self defense or to protect the life of a child who cannot defend theirself or if you truly did kill someone accidentally and it does happen sometimes then I beleive time served and rehabilitation can be a positive thing. As far as these intentional murderers that kill for whatever reason I say thry dont deserve to live. Taxpayers feed them take care of their medical needs and let's face it they have a roof over their heads! And this is justified how?? Their are so many people that are law abiding citizens in this country that are working 2 or 3 jobs just to be able to eat and have a roof over their heads. I knoe people that work and still can barely afford to eat and have to sleep in their cars just because they cant afford rent. And you can only stay at a shelter for a couple of days cause you dont meet the requirements even though you are doing the best you can. Now tell me where the justice is in that??? Not to mention that healthcare is only a fantasy. I say yake the money that is spent on taking care of the worthless human beings and spend it where it's really needed. Now that would be justified!!!

  • Elaine King - 10 years ago

    I do beleive in the death penalty. Only I think that the criminals should die in the EXACT manner in which they took the life of their victiim. It would save the taxpayers alot of money. Criminals dont deserve diginity when they die because they show none to their victims now do they?

  • Bushwacker - 10 years ago

    Just take it back to Judge Roy Beans time. We could all watch weekly hangings at the local town square. Now that would be entertainment. People would spend money and it would enrich our economy. Need I say more?

  • Metthos - 10 years ago

    Why kill other people?

  • Cynthia Ross - 10 years ago

    Some people are so evil, they do not deserve to live. I am a former TV journalist, and if you have seen what I have over the years, you might also choose to support the death penalty. Those who get the death penalty often die much more peacefully than their victims.

  • chamine - 10 years ago

    has anybody against capital punishment think about the victims and their parents who has to live with the pain of loosing someone dear to them?i do not think condemning those killers to life sentence is fair as a punishment.they dont deserve to live after taking someone's life brutally.

  • Mira - 10 years ago

    I don't believe the death penalty is punishment. it is just shortening life.once everybody is born and once everybody die soon or later in a different way what 's a point. punishment is giving an opportunity or putting in a cage.

  • Cookie - 10 years ago

    If it were my son or daughter sentenced to death I too would feel the pain of the penalty. Perhaps the death penalty could be an option, at the prisoners request, where the sentence is life without parole.

  • emanuele marenda - 10 years ago

    God gave us the life.
    Only God can take it back.
    I write from Italy.
    I don't understand how US can still support death row.
    After many years and many executions, is you Country safer than before ?
    Are you sure that all people have the same quality of trial ?
    Why most of executed are black or poor ?
    And if the trial exit should be wrong ?
    God forgive everyone.
    Why dont'you do the same ?
    Are you bigger than Him ?

  • ADRIAAN - 10 years ago

    if you are not willing to pull the lever you are not in favour of the death penalty....whoat part of thou shalt not kill is it that those who wish to kill do not understannd

  • Vimalesh Lysander MD - 10 years ago

    We should expand the capital punishment to even other crimes, I strongly support the capital punishment

    I want the country to be a safe place sae without cops

  • SONIA - 10 years ago

    If you intentionally kill someone, you do not deserve to live. You don't deserve to see your friends, parents, children, spouses or siblings ever again. You should be stoned to death by your victims family.

  • EMIL HINTERTHUER - 10 years ago

    i think a death sentence is the best way to deal with this animals.the only thing what i would like to see changed is the time of waiting.if convicted,kill them the next day.

  • Myrle - 10 years ago

    Yes there should be a death sentence then pigs like Thomas Mortimer, who murdered his family, can be killed and I am cold blooded enought to wish he suffers the same way he killed them.

  • Cristian S. - 10 years ago

    I believe a life in prison is much more painful then death. Think global, justice is mechanical, one piece missing and everything falls apart. Justice fail many many times. The world is full of corruption.

    From the bottom of my heart I agree to what that lithuanian father did. Drasius Kedys executed three of the pedophils that rape his four years daughter because the justice failed several times to sentence them, after he sent the authorities over 200 letters and DVD`s showing his daughter shocking testimony. Justice didn`t do anything because a judge was involved in the case and a politician named Andrius Uscas. He died however beaten and doped after he was kidnapped by other pedophils. He had broken bones and inside the stomach a cocktail of medicine.

    Life is not like in the movies. Still believe in capital punishment ?

  • Barbara Bavester - 10 years ago

    Why do people quote an eye for an eye when the previous verse in Exodus 21 says a life for a life? It also says a tooth for a tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot etc. I think it was Ghandi who said an eye for an eye would leave the whole world blind.....also toothless, lame etc. There are other Old Testament reasons for taking a life, like adultery. That would get rid of surplus population wouldn't it?
    Incidentally I lost a very dear friend by lethal injection yesterday.

  • Natty - 10 years ago

    Hey are you out of minds? the solution is pretty easy EITHER forgive the poor prisoner OR put yourself in his situation....There is no such thing called "Hang Him Up" or "Nonoa lona ua ma lolomi loa i se vaivai"
    I'm strongly disagree in Death Penalty.... are you taking the old fashion rules..tooth for a tooth and eye for an eye?...God blessed your judgement

  • carl - 10 years ago

    I live in England (UK) and have from quite a safe distance studied and followed this subject for two years now,

  • colette - 10 years ago

    I dont think capital punishment is right because there are many people in prison right now who is charged for murder an they are innocent but yet they are still doing a life sentence an i dont think its fair. Because the people who did these crime still out ther doing foul.An the government need to give these young people some jobs das y there is so many crime in the bahamas cause there is know job an they only ga steal rob kill an break in people house man.Why they think the tourist them scared to come to the bahamas man.Let the innocent free an put yhe guilty behind bars please an the sad thing about it the innocent been in there from jesus was a lil child an i mean from 1990 something man das bad an i know the prison feel bad cause i know if it was you all i know you all would have feel bad so let the innocent go an captured the the rapist,arm robbers,an the guilty murders.

  • Yuvette - 10 years ago

    I don't believe in capital punishment. If you kill a human being for killing another then you need to be killed as well and the world will be full of murderers and in a short time on one will be left on the face of the earth. There're many ways to punish such people, just the fact that they're seperated from their familly, friends, loveones for the rest of their life is already enough punishment for them. There're no spare parts for our lifes lets not take that of others even if they've done so to others. The only person who can take away a life is GOD the giver of life. Lets all allow HIM to judge who will die and how.

  • care bear - 10 years ago

    Remember! Our creator (Heavenly Father) give us ourlife, hence no one can take away our souls. If you take away someone's lfe, you are implied as a murderer too, make no difference as other killers.

    Please let Vui Kong live again, for a second chance, the whole family is awaiting for his release and happy ending. Punished in a different manner. We must have sympathy and mercy for those are really sincerely regretted.

    May God bless you, Vui Kong. Hope to see you out soon.

  • care bear - 10 years ago

    Remember! Our creator (Heavenly Father) give us ourlife, hence no one can take away our souls. If you take away someone's lfe, you are implied as a murderer too, make no difference as other killers.

    Please let him live again, for a second chance, the whole family ia awaiting for his release and happy ending. Punished in a different manner. We have sympathy mercy for those are really sincerely regretted.

  • Nargis Andrabi - 10 years ago

    Capital punishment must b Life imprisonment No body has right to kill anybody when nobody is capable of giving any Life so they dont have a rt to take also. If anybody has committed Heinous Crime they should also Pay fr it they should suffer whole Life n not b Killed in one Go

  • alan griffin - 10 years ago

    Anyone who supports capital punishment, whatever their reasoning, ultimately does not respect life.

  • Don S - 10 years ago

    If after all DNA testing proves a person kills. I then support that those people should be killed exactly the same way as they killed. EG: If they stabbed someone 100 times, they should die by 100 stabs; (use of a robot) so not to put a human on the spot). The same goes for gun shots, (the same number of shots), If they rape and kill, I say; Rape them first and then killed them. I do not believe that GOD will ever forgive someone who kills with intent, even if they repent. Compare; someone who steals food to survive to someone who kills for any reason with intent. Who should get to heaven????

  • Sarawanan G - 10 years ago

    lifetime imprisonment with no parole shud be the capital punishment for child rapists..including significant number of rotan..death penalty will be too easy for them..the rapist shud be kept in jail to suffer imprisonment for rest of his life...

  • peter O. Uaboi-Egbenni - 10 years ago

    Criminality especially profiteering, stealing whether pen or armed robbery are offences that a country who want to move forward should not treat with kid gloves. In China mere profiteering with one yen could earn you death penalty. I remember during the Idiagbon/buhari administration when a decree carrying penalty was enacted on drug peddling. When Ogedengbe and co were executed, report had it that from January 1985 to August 27th of the same year only one drug pusher was caught at our international airport. When Babangida came to power on august 27th and repealed that decree report had it that 69 drug pushers were caught in our international airport. From this ongoing, it is clear that if deatj penalty is placed on any form of corruption it will help to drastically reduced the urge to be involved in financial corruption and create a new direction for the up and coming generation. I support such law in all its entirety. If not the country called Nigeria would soon be forgotten.

  • peter O. Uaboi-Egbenni - 10 years ago

    Criminality especially profiteering, stealing whether pen or armed robbery are offences that a country who want to move forward should not treat with kid gloves. In China mere profiteering with one yen could earn you death penalty. I remember during the Idiagbon/buhari administration when a decree carrying penalty was enacted on drug peddling. When Ogedengbe and co were executed, report had it that from January 1985 to August 27th of the same year only one drug pusher was caught at our international airport. When Babangida came to power on august 27th and repealed that decree report had it that 69 drug pushers were caught in our international airport. From this ongoing, it is clear that if deatj penalty is placed on any form of corruption it will help to drastically reduced the urge to be involved in financial corruption and create a new direction for the up and coming generation. I support such law in all its entirety. If not the country called Nigeria would soon be forgotten.

  • bibi nabeela - 10 years ago

    in my opinion,capital punishment is important in a country in order to reduce crime rate.....................

  • Sharon - 10 years ago

    There are a lot of considerations when finding alternatives to capital punishment. If there was fair and swift justice for the victims and the acused, then the general view of the public would be yes there was respect for all involved. The use of capital punishment as solution to society's failures is an easy solution to a complex situation.

  • Jyoti Narula - 10 years ago

    If there is no death penalty, the relatives of the killed will go through more mental torture when the killers are released after a few years. You can read about this in my website NEWSJYOTI

  • poisonpen - 10 years ago


    Everything is corrupt, does anyone seek righteousness, no, not one. Remember that the measure you judge with will be the measure you are judged with. HEAVEN AND HELL ARE REAL PLACES. Do you want to be responsible for sending someone straight to hell? I do not want the blood on my hands.
    And to all of you above who think that 'us liberals' ie, those of us against the death penalty, have a mental disorder, or, have never been a victim of a crime, THINK AGAIN! Perhaps we should take the log out of our own eye(s) before trying to pick the speck out of someone elses.

  • poisonpen - 10 years ago

    When science is credible enough to establish a person's guilt 100% maybe. When we learn to do as the chinese do and jst take people out without circus atmoshpere and shoot them, maybe. All the same one should consider that all of us are guilty of sin, and therefore have earned and owe a death. We execute way too many people in the USA. Think about this, the state is playing God in the name of us, the citizens, maybe some of these could find salvation, what is the will of God? Does anyone ever think about that? Are we such animalistic and base in nature that all we beleive in is an eye for an eye? How brutal do we want our society to be? A hundred years ago they had public executions right in front of little kids. How awful, how awful to participate in the very thing that we condemn. We are no better than ancient Rome with the bloodlust of the gladiator fights. I say legalize drugs, set up rehabs for those that don't kill themselves with it, free up penentiniarys for the worst of the worst and make them self-sustainiing institutuions. I could go on about penal reform, but I won't I think I have spoken my peace.

  • only GOD can judge us all - 10 years ago

    Everyone makes mistakes, absolutely no one is perfect. Accidents DO happen all the time. Who are we that live in glass houses to judge? Yes, people lose loved ones and feel pain and anger, and some grow very bitter. Nothing good can come from such negative feelings. It is more difficult to forgive and far easier to hate. What if you lost a loved one to the prison system? Your whole outlook on criminals and convicts would be far different. People can change if they really want to, they just have to have the desire and proper help to suit their personal, individual needs. As for the criminally insane, some people are just far beyond repair, therefore what else can we do but keep them locked up forever. We should not be at war with criminals, we should not be at war with each other. Live and Let Live, Let GOD sort us out in the end, you know he will. Our tax dollars get wasted on alot worse causes, the number one being the governments pockets for their very own selfish lifestyles.

  • Erik - 10 years ago

    These people aren't all guilty. There needs to be a perfect guarentee of guilt and unfortunately that just isn't possible. Being someone wrongly accused must be the most devastating end by lethal injection. Even then, who is the government to kill someone?

  • Jim Bradley - 10 years ago

    With life in prison the 911 masterminds will be sentenced to [maybe] a lifetime of 3 squares a prayer rug doctor and dental care. Oh pleases give me a break Liberalism is #3 on the list of mental disorders

  • ajeetgoel - 10 years ago

    Murderers and drug barons are some of those for whom I say death penalty alone is the punishment. But this punishment should not become 'lynching.'

  • he - 10 years ago

    id dont like people dieing

  • michael obrien - 10 years ago

    All of you are clowns who believe in capital punishement make me sick i spent eleven years and 43 days behind bars for a crime ive now proved i was innocent of if you lot had your way i would be one dead man if the death penalty has still going in the uk and over 5.000 prisoners in the uk are actually innocent who are in prison who would also be on the list for execution not one of you on here will ever know what its like being banged up and having your life taken away from you 2 family members died whilst i was in prison including my 3 month year old daughter my whole life was ripped apart. Maybe if you were wrongly convicted you wqould have a different point of view read my book the death of justice avaiable on and then tell me you believe in capital punishment. Michael O'Brien Cardiff Newsagent Three

  • john o neill - 10 years ago

    in answer to sue clayton on 21st may,your right the people who suffer are the loved ones who are put to death.the innocent kids on a night out confronted by someone with a knife,young kids walking home confronted by a crowd of cowards but brave in numbers and a life or lives taken for what?have you kids,grandkids,neices,nephews?how would you feel if they went out to play and the next time you or their parents saw them was on a mortuary slab?it would be your taxes AND MINE that would keep their murderer in luxury for years to come.DO YOU WANT THAT?

  • john o neill - 10 years ago

    in the last 48 hrs the body of a young girl was found in the wishaw area.her body was badly burned .her family devistated,will never get over it,a living there situation how would you feel?when the perputrator is caught what will happen?a prison sentence with all the sorry,it's time for change,you take a life you lose yours.the law in this country is a's only a matter of time before vigilanties take to the streets i know if anything happened to my children or grandchildren the police had better get them eye for an eye.

  • JacquelineEsther Levisohn - 10 years ago

    DEATH PENALTY....A Must ! There is no rehabilitation nor forgiveness for any pedophile,rapist,terrorist!! Must kill them in PUBLIC PLACES for the example,and convict/jail/kill also the ones who induce them to do so,like those terrorists who praise bombers and teach the killings...they are even more guilty! I praise life not death ! but the ones who dare take the lives of the others by any way,all evil ways,must pay...Life is a gift. Behave,enjoy it,dont behave,be aware! Death penalty is a warning to all !!! Sick or not {the terrorists arent sick medically speaking,they've been taught,they beleive that death is beautifull,they've been promised 72virgins in call that sickness,I call that lack of education,and the majority in muslim world beleive in that crap that's why they are murderers in Darfour,Africa,in Indonesia,in America,in the middle east,and praise killings killings killings and raping in europe as for them it's not forbiden to rape a christian,or a jew,in the countrary...
    Wherever you have no respect of the other as entity,identity,culture,you'll find out that muslims are conducting the abuses....Wherever there is terror....the answer is muslim....and they do have death penalty in their countries so we defenitly should have it back !! Punish all the out law !!!

  • Fred Becker - 10 years ago

    If you are for the death penalty, that's great. However, if you are for putting someone to death then it should be personal. All who support the death penalty should have to take a turn at killing the convicted person. Why do the supporters of the death penalty expect someone else to do the deed.

    All who wish to take a turn at pulling the switch should be put on a list the same as jury duty. Are there any supporters, who will take on the task of compiling the list and lobby the Congress to enact such a program.

    If you can't do the deed. Well, you know.

    Don't get me wrong, I believe in punishment. I don't know what happens after death so let's make them suffer while they are here.

    If any person is wrongly convicted, then let the attorneys and police be accountable for their actions.

    If anyone's actions cause the death of any person, a penalty should be incurred. Case in point, Our troops were sent to Iraq without the proper protection. The people that caused these deaths should be held accountable. Don't let them hide behind the flag.

    OK, enough for now, let me know how you feel.


  • Sue Clayton - 10 years ago

    The death penalty is a hypocritical act. It is against the law to kill another, in the Bible..."thou shalt not kill", how is this justified??????? When a person is dead, their body is GONE, feels nothing and the soul deals with whatever but how is this punishment??????? The REAL people being punished are the loved ones of the person put to death. Why do they have to suffer for the act of another. IT IS TRULY HYPOCRITICAL!!!! Is the person who actually takes the life of the person being put to death guilty of murder??????? NO!!!!! WHY NOT??????? It's the same act. HYPOCRITICAL IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD.

  • tony - 10 years ago

    if i may comment on the question of capital punishment and everyone is entitled to their opinion on grounds of conscience.first let me say on grounds of christian beliefs if you take the whole counsel of scipture then God gave laws regarding the crime of murder in deuteronomy he also made provision for the accidental taking of life by founding the five cities of refuge where a person could plead his case and so be protected from vengeance slayers, when Jesus was here on earth in his ministry he said himself he did not condemn the law he only came to fulfil the laws prophecies therin, not one jot or one tattle of the law will pass til time ends.It is the duty of the state not to exact vengeance but to uphold the law and execute often the commandment thou shalt not kill is mentioned in ignorance,this is a personal commandment to every individual and should be obeyed as such. the new testament states that we should fear the magistrates for they do not hold the sword for nothing,people should not make unsavoury comments at the time of a persons execution but pray that the person should repent of their crime, which does not absolve them, for the price must be payed. i think that only in the case of a premeditated murder is there cause for execution and yes in other cases let the courts show mercy where mercy is merited.if capital punishment acts as a deterrent in one case, then a deterrent it is.

  • Peter - 10 years ago

    I look at the countries with no capital punnishment, and those countries that do actively practice it, and I note that those countries that execute prisoners have high crime rates, like the USA, have fundatmentalist regilous right dictating policy, like Iran, USA and Saudi Arabia, have limited Democracy, like China, North Korea or are underdevoped economically Pakistan, Somalia, or Indonesia.

    So one can say that if you want to live in a advanced and liberal country, go capital punnishment free.

  • kim hill - 10 years ago


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