As a Gen Xer have you personally lost out on a career opportunity (promotion, job, etc.) because of a Millennial?


  • Laura - 14 years ago

    My opportunities have been limited due to Boomer saturation in the workforce, not to younger people. It has been Boomer prejudice and their group in general labeling me and others my age as "children" that has had the largest impact on work limitations or lost opportunity. I'm looking forward to being considered the old person for a change, bring on those Millennials!

  • greenFISHgal - 14 years ago

    Currently have a 23 year old co-worker who seems intimidated by my seniority, as though I would automatically get an anticipated job opening. She is very vocal about how she would not work for me and the company would have to find another position for her if I get the job. She is very driven, but sometimes her GenY/Millennial attitude (OMG gotta freak about every little thing cause the world will collapse on itself if we don't reply/respond/react right now) overshadows her abilities. Meanwhile, what was perceived as blase back in the day comes off as calm and cool in the face of pressure. I tend to think us GenXers are going to continue to be on top, simply because we will take a minute to make creative, conscious decisions.

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  • Suz - 14 years ago

    My fellow gen-X coworker and I were both passed over for a promotion. The job was given to a 22-yr old who was fresh out of college. The manager of that group has never hired anyone over 25 even though she's a gen-X herself.

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