Who Is The Douche of the Decade? (Poll Closed)

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  • Haylee - 12 years ago

    Pretty sure that Tucker Max is actually THE coolest person ever!

    and that people just put him on these list's because they are jeolous nerds that cant pull chicks or have awsum times lyk him!

  • rach - 12 years ago

    Polanski? and that guy who writes all the stuff completely teabagging polanski, surely he needs to be in there

  • Jimmy Riddle - 12 years ago

    You missed Bonnie Fuller.

  • Jonathan - 12 years ago

    Okay, I would vote for Perez Hilton - he's the worst! He's makes a ton of money off his terribly unwitty blog calling people ugly, fat and gay, when he's an ugly fat gay dude himself. I hate him!

  • wtffer - 12 years ago

    I call shenanigans. You have writeups for both pre-jean and o'liely, yet neither appear in your poll.

  • Gail - 12 years ago

    Once you eliminate Bill O'Reilly, Joe Francis is the next obvious choice.

  • jon smith - 12 years ago

    Who the fuck is Arthur Kade?

  • Mr. O'rly - 12 years ago

    How did you guys fail to put Kanye up for the vote? Kanye West qualifies as a douchebag. I believe he's a godfather of modern day douchebaggery, if not the king of douchebags.

    Seriously: how is Kanye not on this list?

  • Coconuts - 12 years ago

    What you're all failing to remember is that this was about the BIGGEST douches, not just every douche there is. The people on this list far outweigh the rest mentioned (though the rest are extremely douchey)

  • mook - 12 years ago

    more to add:
    Spencer Pratt
    Jon Gosselin
    Michael Lohan
    David Miscavige and Tommy Davis from $cientology
    Tom Cruise
    John McCain
    Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church
    Rick Warren

  • Paul Onty - 12 years ago

    I can't believe George Bush isn't in this list

  • Guru Karthikeyan - 12 years ago

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  • So many douches, so little lyme... - 12 years ago

    A few more for the list:

    The Obama Poster guy (easier than spelling Shepard Fairey)
    Madoff. Hello?
    Heidi Klum
    The Douche (is surely the biggest douche of the decade, measured by sheer numbers)

  • Orel - 12 years ago

    My Boss!

  • Betty - 12 years ago


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