CC1-1 Multicam vs. Mirage

  • Bobcat - 8 years ago

    I figure mirage cam works well at close range, but because of the small details in the pattern, it becomes darker at longer distances. for this reason; I prefer multi-cam, for it works well in most environments at both long and close range. many may argue that the mirage pattern may work better in areas with heavy foliage, but in my opinion: that foliage should be what is hiding you, not your pattern.
    all in all: multi-cam would be a great camouflage for basic infantry (as it works best at a distance.) while mirage would be a good investment for stealth operations. (since it works best at closer range.)

  • Dimitri Mikroulis - 10 years ago

    Multicam is very effective in most places I own some and have seen it in action and it's amazing, I don't own any Mirage but from the pictures it appears very effective in that environment. I can see how it would blend in most places

  • C Dent - 10 years ago

    The mirage blends in a little better against some backdrops but is quite conspicuous against others, it's very reminiscent of German Flecktarn cammo. The multicam seems to blend well-excellent with every background.

  • T.CAB - 11 years ago

    I like the Multicam. The Mirage is easier to pick out because of it's darker tone, similar to Marpat.

  • Allan - 11 years ago

    Despite this test I would think Multicam would be more effective in a mountainous desert region.

    Multicam is designed better than Mirage and Mirage is designed better than MARPAT.
    Mirage has better colours for this test. The larger grouped pixels on Mirage work better than the smaller grouped pixels on Desert MARPAT.

  • Joel - 11 years ago

    I am a big fan of Multicam, but given all the red tones in these environments, Mirage definitely blends in better.

  • nogo - 11 years ago

    Having voted and comment on the other patterns and coming back to comment on this one, I'd really like to see Mirage vs Desert MARPAT and UCP (ACU)... as well as the Desert MARPAT vs UCP for good measure.

    I'm glad Mirage was chosen for comparison against Multicam because I've always believed Multicam to be highly overrated despite it's effectiveness, and Mirage is the clear winner here in my opinion.

  • Ryan - 11 years ago

    THe Mirage looks great, but seriously, Mirage looks like it was MADE for that terrain!

  • Mike - 11 years ago

    Wow. I am really lovin' that Mirage!

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