CC1-1 Sand vs. Woodland

  • Goose - 2 years ago

    The problem with this test is that the colors are polar opposites, I looked at both points of view on which would be better, and I have come to the conclusion that if it was me, I would go with Sand because the fact is there's a lot more tan in the environment rather than the other colors, if it was Desert Camo (whether it be the 3 color or 6 color camo) the obvious winner would be Desert. However since this is not the case, I call it pretty much a tie, if I was the one who had to choose which one I'd go with and I would have to rely on the color and pattern in life and death, I would go with the tan shirt because you don't stick out like a sore thumb and can still blend effectively if you are smart (ex: using foilage to create a pattern on the tan or different things from the environment.

  • Strategic Paul - 3 years ago

    The sand color one blends in with the locations slightly better in the first and last locations. In the second location, US Woodland is just a little bit better because it uses a darker shade of colors. In the third location, the uniform shirt is at a range where it would make more sense to see an enemy soldier wearing camoflauge. The sand colored shirt is harder to pick out, but once I found it, there was no doubt in my mind it had the shape of a human torso. It was much easier to pick out the US Woodland shirt because of the darker colors and because it was in the same location. But when I saw it, to me, it looked kind of like a tree could also be there. In the same photo I’m talking about, there is a tree near the upper-right side of the photo that looks like it could be someone else wearing a US Woodland BDU. To sum it up, the very short range of the first and last photos, how dark the second image was, and how it slightly distorts the person is why I voted US Woodland. This is assuming you’re not using any equipment aside from the Mk. 1 eyeball.

  • NickyC - 10 years ago

    The only problem I have with this test is (as every basis trainee knows) woodland camo shines when it is new! you should have washed it a few times. I don't think anybody trying to E&E is going to make a quick stop by the army surplus store on the way out of town!!!

  • nogo - 11 years ago

    I voted woodland for this but could have voted either way. They are polar opposites of each other which makes for poor comparison. The reason that I went with woodland however is that, in the 75 yard comparison, it breaks up the human silhouette more. That is one of the primary purposes of camouflage... not necessarily color matching but making the objects shape irregular and different from what is being searched for.

    That said, my long standing problem with woodland in military situations and at closer ranges (say 50 yds or less) is that it has been used extensively for so many years and has become so common place, even in civilian applications, that many people are able to recognize and isolate the pattern itself and pick it out from natural surroundings with little difficulty.

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