CC1-1 UCP vs. PenCott

  • Dimitri Mikroulis - 10 years ago

    I made fun of UCP like no other when it came out, then we played a game of airsoft and realized that guys are hiding behind brush not in front of it! it is very neutral and appears not have shape behind stuff, in open field it looses it's lines it looks like a ghost and from 300 meters+ it was very hard to see even when the guy was moving! Up close it appears like an Urban camo from far an arid and under tree canopy woodland. Over all it's the only camo that does an ok job in woodland-desert and Urban. Other camo's might be great in woodland and some on desert but non can do it all UCP in not perfect but at least it blends in all three. I have noticed in desert if you rub the dirt into it, it will blend in alot better. I have seen it in light with green behind it and it looked like it was glowing! over all it does ok. I think they should keep it for Urban, nothing comes close to it there.

  • Casey - 11 years ago

    Yeah I'd say UCP was better for this test, but it still only did "okay" in the close shot of the tan grassy area and the "big rock with brick spots". Other than that, thumbs down, especially surprising was the long range shot, I could still recognize it as a person.

  • Allan - 11 years ago

    It would have been good to test UCP Delta. (UCP with brown on it).

  • Allan - 11 years ago

    Sorry Dom! I voted for UCP. PenCott is a superior camouflage pattern but the bright green let it down, the ochre is a bit dark with the dark brown on the pattern.

  • Joel - 11 years ago

    I am not a big fan of UCP, but the lack of green tones in these environments make the PennCott stand out like hunter orange.

  • nogo - 11 years ago

    PenCott is clearly not designed for this terrain and would have been better pitted against the woodland pattern.

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