Vote for your favourite movie news blog (Poll Closed)

    582 votes

  • Slashfilm
    6,552 votes

    644 votes

  • JoBlo Movie Network
    1,942 votes

  • Cinematical
    567 votes

  • Film School Rejects
    256 votes

  • Dark Horizons
    106 votes

  • MTV Movies Blog
    286 votes

  • Spout Blog
    13 votes

    433 votes


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  • moviemaniac - 10 years ago

    If you look at all the sites at once, the one that really has great information, is provocative, and attracts lots of points of view is Firstshowing.Net. The site is good looking and easy to navigate. Some of the other sites are immature with silly comments. FS seems to be way ahead with movie news.

  • UglyTruth - 10 years ago

    Slashfilm is a decent site but it's way overrated and the podcasts are not good at all; they sound so immature it's like listening toe Beavis and Butthead. Many of these 'blogs' aren't blogs at all, they're news content sites recycling material from other sources, often with very little opinion or actual blogging. And many of them all carry the same stuff, so it gets tedious. In terms of having exclusive content, interviews, etc, I would say Collider is way ahead of the rest. The level of intelligent writing and articulate expression is very poor on most sites, most times they are all about ego and the writers seem like children and amateurs trying to be something they're not. They think they're hot shit, but ask yourself if they really are.

  • Orangutan - 10 years ago

    Voting for /Film, definitely. Even though D Chen DID try to awkwardly hit on my girlfriend when we met in person.

  • The Kernel - 10 years ago

    Slashfilm for life. "Warning, spoilers for how awesome David Chen is." Dave Chen is the man. James Cameron interview was great.

  • TheMarquis - 10 years ago

    Things I like about /Film: two hour contrarian fights that end with Dave pronouncing, "well, at least we can all agree on [insert triviality here]."

    All's well that ends well, just like this poll.

  • hAL - 10 years ago

    I'm voting for Slashfilm because the make their own food.

  • Laura - 10 years ago

    SlashFilm won me over with their live reading of slash fanfiction.

  • Philthy - 10 years ago


  • HenryN - 10 years ago

    I'm voting for that banana bread site

  • Angus Fairport - 10 years ago

    Slashfilm 100%. They're fast, have some smart writers, have some good video interviews and even a British column. Yes indeedy.

  • Alex Asencio - 10 years ago

    **God creates God destroys God creates Man destroys Jo Blo Movienetwork. Man creates . . . .

    ** eat's man. Woman inherits the earth. . . . .


  • Will Dearborn - 10 years ago

    I love film. I love film blogs. I read many. I read and I saw that they posted a link for their readers to vote for them and I came here to do the exact opposite. Why? Because I really dislike the site and its owner and how he reports "news." I had since then found SlashFilm. The difference in quality and tone and intelligence was immediately apparent. They are the best out there at what they do.

  • Ben Jackson - 10 years ago

    It was a toss-up between Cinematical and Slashfilm for me. I would've voted Spoutblog if they were still posting, but had to go with Slashfilm.

  • W - 10 years ago

    Why not "Get The Big Picture" ( It is an amazing site.

  • Trevor Cramer - 10 years ago

    Slashfilm all the way!
    The podcast is fantastic and they always have up-to-date content!

  • - 10 years ago

    /SlashFilm I have it on my bookmarks and go on it daily second would be

  • Quintushalls - 10 years ago

    SLASHFILM, BABY! David Chen will bake you cupcakes.

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