Should Stan Payne resign as CEO of Canaveral Port Authority?

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Posted 9 years.


  • christina - 9 years ago

    It is about time that we as citizens stand up for ourselves....These "3 stooges" have completely controlled this port long enough. Mr. Kennedy should win a medal for standing up for the people that voted for him. It is amazing how the corrupt ones can force someone to resign from a position when Mr. Kennedy has always looked out for the best interest of the people and do what is right! Yet, the corrupt ones can continue one RULING what they think is their KINGDOM! It is time for us as citizens to put a stop to them. We voted for the port commisioners to do what is in the best interest to make better the port...Who has allowed the 3 stooges to take over?

  • jason - 9 years ago

    ronda ronda, what sutpid information you have written on here. you shouldnt badger a family when you dont know what youre talking about. im pretty sure if you put as much money into a pot and then one man tries to take it over after you built it up, you would be upset as well. if you had some common sense you would know that no one man should be able to control the port especially not someone that wasnt elected by the citizens. stan wasnt elected by us the port commisioners were. and its pretty sad when the commisioners themselves assume to be feeling the same why as i do. so before you speak at least know what you are talking about.

  • rhonda mills - 9 years ago

    You got to be kidding--of course it would benefit a certain family to see Stan Payne go because then they could do whatever they want--this family has no scruples or morals they live by and will run down anyone who steps in their way. Sleeping with the enemy also has help this family prosper in the Port--isn't that why Ralph Kennedy stepped down before exposing this family.

  • princess - 9 years ago

    I agree on the curly, larry and mo. I would think that is a conflict of interest to have attorneys in a government position and if they are all attorneys why the hell is our tax paying money being spent on hiring outside attorney law firms. Mr CEO and Mr Benedict need to be put back in their place which in my opinion is on the street. As far as Mr Joe Matheny his time will come when next voting season comes around. I want to thank Matt Ohearn for what he has done to bring light to the port and the corruption that is behind the doors of our Port Authority.

  • bill brennan - 9 years ago

    Lets get rid of Curly, Larry, and Mo, otherwise known as Payne, Blistine, and Matheny. Some how we have got three attorneys in there that think they are beyond the law. What goes on behind closed doors before the Port meetings is anyone's guess, but the agenda and results have already been set before public comment. We had a director once, now a CEO (you know what we think of CEO's) what next King Stan??? One family has put a lot of time effort and money into the port, only to have their leases cancelled. We need local businesses in the port that employ local people, for the local economy!!!!

  • willy wonka - 9 years ago

    "Mr. Benedict" needs to take a hike as well. the citizens of brevard county pay their salary so i feel we have the authority to kick them out. he sucks and so does stan payne mr port director, oh no sorry MR CEO!!!

  • billy bob - 9 years ago

    hell yes. let the people in the port run their own businesses and make enough money to survive. stop letting the port take and control what we do. we take the financial risk but yet they dictate everything we do. my vote is for ralph kennedy to have his spot. hes more qualified and he actually cares about the port and the community.

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