Does the attack on Northwest 253 show "the system worked"? (Poll Closed)

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  • flushdemoturds - 12 years ago

    Nappy the lesbo ho must go!

  • Rick in BC - 12 years ago

    Well, the system did work if you have an alternate view on what is the real purpose of the system.

    From the Socialist perspective, it doesn't matter if a few people or a few hundred people have to die, the big thing is that the system works whenever any event can be used to tighten the screws and reduce the freedoms of the unwashed masses just a little more. People like Napolitano are good at making the system work, from their perspective.

  • asa rosko - 12 years ago

    we are getting the change we asked for

  • carole anna - 12 years ago

    Recently that sharp as a tack Congressman Grayson said on some liberal news show that VP Cheney needed to STFU, looks a lot like Cheney was right again when he said we would be attacked, if it wasn't for this guy's incompetence and a quick thinking passenger at least 300 lives would have been lost.

  • dick - 12 years ago

    If the system is working, it must have some other purpose than keeping us safe.

    Perhaps Napolitano defines a working system as one that does not discriminate against people of color, even when they are known to hold dangerous sentiments. The system worked because it did not discriminate.

    The system I'm interested in now is the electoral one, in 2010 and 2012. These crazy Dems have a very nasty surprise in store. If we survive that long!

  • ladyjean - 12 years ago

    Evidently there is more than one nut job out there. Those that do not know or think it is working are totally oblivious of reality.

  • kagy - 12 years ago

    Don't know about the rest of you, but I get a warm fuzzy knowing Obama is reading this guy his rights and allowing him to lawyer up. So what if we won't find out where he trained or who's making bombs to blow up planes. I'd rather all of us get blown out of the sky than twist a bomber's arm. If we continue to play nice, they'll eventually/hopefully be nice to us.

    Wake me after the 2012 election and we have some common sense back in Government; if we last that long.

  • alwyr - 12 years ago

    It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for any rational, sentient human being, who has heard the details of this attempted mass murder to conclude it somehow demonstrates the "system worked."

    If this nitwit woman does not resign IMMEDIATELY, then all of us should be putting whatever pressure is required to ensure POTUS fires her.

  • Carol - 12 years ago

    It strikes me that this administration views radical Islam as merely an alternative point of view and terrorist acts as an expression of the alternative point of view. Just a manifestation of the multi-culti mindset. Obama's dealing with terrorists, or man-made disaster causers, is both arrogant and ignorant simultaneously.

  • lynns - 12 years ago

    What planet is she on?

  • Iggy - 12 years ago

    Napolitano definitely has to go. But ultimately it's the degenerate that's currently occupying the White House who's responsible. At least Bush kept us safe. Obama, with his bowing and apologizing to muslims has put the country at immeasurable risk. The jihadis know this spineless creature who bears a muslim name won't do anything to fight them back.

  • John Corn - 12 years ago

    Napolitano has to go, together with the "man-made" whatever, which, in the minds of the "it's a law-enforecement policy" liberals, superceded the 'war on terror,' which, obviously, goes on in spite of their denial.

  • livingbelowmeans - 12 years ago

    I am amazed there were 20 people who believed the system worked can actually read. Possibly they refuse to admit anything can go wrong under a Democrat administration. Please notice I did not use the term Democratic administration. We are headed straight down the path to Socialism. These 20 people deserve what they are going to get. How can they be so freaking stupid?
    Everyone is entitled to an opinion but possibly they would be better off in some other country. North Korea sound like a place for them. They could just follow like little sheep and not question their leader.

  • Richard Klaus - 12 years ago

    Obviously we have a dis functional security system. This guy was on a list "to be investigated; His Father had called to warn us about him, and yet he manages to get onto a Commercial Airliner with explosives.
    Meanwhile Granny is being strip-searched because she had plastic knitting needles.
    Oh, and that no-one can get up in the last hour of the flight thing. Ya know there are people out there, that when they got to go, they got to go. If Granny can't got to the can, better get ready for "Clean-up on isle 3".
    Our bloated security services are so busy wanding the 20 year old "Hot Chicks" bra clasps, that Abdul walks through with an explosive vest.
    Makes me feel secure.

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