Who was your labor support?

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  • Kelly - 14 years ago

    FOund your blog from : http://dou-la-la.blogspot.com/
    Just had to put in my opinion, which is that you are BOTh right! Your husband CAN be your primary support! AND you CAN have a doula too! For my second baby (born Dec 2009) my husband and I took Bradley Method Childbirth classes- which is basically all about Husband Coached Childbirth. Sounded silly to me at first, how could any man coach a woman in childbirth? But we learned a lot (and I'd already been reading all about childbirth for years!) and as we both became more educated I became more willing to trust him to coach me... but I STILL wanted a doula, and I'm SO glad I got one (actually two, her doula partner came, too). Anyhow, the doulas supported both me and my husband, were there with me when my hubby needed a quick break, and they coached me through my last pushing contractions while my husband caught our baby boy!
    My second birth was a successful VBAC, and a much shorter labor than my first baby! I wanted a natural childbirth to increase my chances of a VBAC and decrease my chances for a repeat c-section. Between my Bradley Birth classes and my doulas and my husband I felt like I was really part of a supportive birth community! My doulas gave me emotional and spiritual support and my Bradley classes gave me the info and education I needed. The Bradley classes focus on relaxation as the key to managing your labor, but also on proper diet, special exercises and lots of info about the whole birth process (12 weeks of classes gives you lots of good info!)!
    Also, I did purchase some hypnobirth mp3's online, (did not take a full class), but I LOVED the hypnobirth, too! Very encouraging!
    IMHO, there is a definite mind-body connection! Although you can't "plan" everything about your labor and birth experience, you and your hubby can educate yourselves and be as prepared as possible!
    ALSO, I found my doula(s) by contacting DONA, and they referred a few doulas to me that were totally FREE!

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