Who would win in a fight: Google Gmail or Microsoft Outlook? (Poll Closed)

  • Gmail
    3,684 votes

  • Outlook
    980 votes

  • Tie: Both are great!
    590 votes



  • Amit - 5 months ago

    Both the email service providers are best at their position. Outlook was better but Gmail is overtaking it by introducing new features. Though both the email service providers are popular Outlook ads are irritating and I dont know the reason why Microsoft has to display the ads on email. I am using both the service and satisfied with the results.

  • Normalogic - 9 years ago

    I was just doing some reading and wanted to comment on this vote. This was not really an apples to apple comparison. Gmail is an e-mail service, Outlook is a software client to check any e-mail service. They're not even related to each other. A more valid comparison would have pitted Gmail against Hotmail.

  • tablet laptop - 10 years ago

    Gmail will now let you delete a message, I think it is a feature from labs... I love my Gmail

  • Repair Outlook PST - 10 years ago

    I am a Microsoft Outlook user. I use outlook 2007, I usally get an error in outlook. I read your post, it was really nice and I got lot of knowledge. Do you suggest me to use Outlook 2010, Is that better then 2007 and does it has inbuild pst repair tool. Please suggest.

  • KevinT - 10 years ago

    In other news, 100% prefer GMail to Lotus Notes. For those of you stuck with Outlook, it could be worse. You could have to use Notes every day for email/calendar. :)

  • Joe J - 10 years ago

    How can you call this an impartial poll? Everyone who uses an email client isn't going to use Outlook, and everyone who uses webmail isn't going to use Gmail. And most people who voted probably haven't any experience with at least one, if not both. So I think the results are badly flawed.

    In any case, I have used both for years, and I prefer Outlook, and even more since I downloaded Outlook 2010 with Office 2010 beta. Outlook is really rockin now. But Gmail is really handy when I'm away from my own PC, and on my smartphone for example. Also, I"ve used Outlook with Exchange in the past, and if I had the Webview of Outlook, I would prefer that over Gmail. Since Gmail, is free, it is preferable now. ;-)

    Let me suggest a poll between versions of webmail, and a poll between email clients. And a poll between Email Clients and Webmail. Those would have some validity.

  • adrian - 10 years ago

    What a joke. I used to love gmail until my account got hacked and discovered gmail has ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO CONTACT THEM... Users of gmail beware!!!

  • Matt - 10 years ago

    Why a competition? They both go hand in hand... Set up Gmail in Outlook (IMAP) and you have the best of both worlds.

  • Padraig - 10 years ago

    I use Outlook for my Gmail...So I voted for both!

  • Keith - 10 years ago

    Gmail wins, especially for email marketers. Every try to format an HTML email for Outlook? If you have, you know why I favor Gmail. :)

  • Cynthia - 10 years ago

    I've only been using gmail for a week and although I see its benefits I am still partial to outlook.

  • Renato - 10 years ago

    There are 2 types of people in the world: the ones who love and the ones who hate Gmail. I just hate it. Horrible interface, no search, it just sucks.

  • wtmullican - 10 years ago

    Gmail will now let you delete a message, I think it is a feature from labs... I love my Gmail and being able to use mobile devices are such a bonus! I was a die hard Outlook fan for years but with all the advances Gmail has made and the options in the labs to customize the interface and actions, Gmail will be hard to beat!

  • Debbie Friez - 10 years ago

    I have both Outlook and Gmail. I really hate that I cannot delete individual e-mails from a string of e-mails. Many times people respond without changing the subject, and they are often not e-mails I need to keep. Then, it's not as simple to visually find the important e-mail. I also want to be able to set importance to my e-mails, and Gmail does not let me.

  • nwilliam3 - 10 years ago

    Outlook is outdated. I have to use it for work and it drives me nuts. Lack of a Gmail type conversation mode that includes sent messages, no tagging, highly insecure and anything that makes it to my outlook inbox is no longer accessible for anything other than my PC. Gmail is the only way to go (until Wave gets cleaned up and catches on).

  • madAndroid - 10 years ago

    yeah, this poll really should have been:

    webmail vs mail-client

    ... there are so many web services and so many mail clients it doesn't make sense to take the most common of each and pit them against one another..

    but GMail wins hands down anyway!!

    ... oh, and with Android it's all synced on your mobile anyway..

    Google FTW!!!

  • Laura Jo Richins - 10 years ago

    I voted Tie because I don't think this is a good comparison. I've used Outlook for years to manage emails, calendar, and contacts. I've had a gmail for years too but have mainly read my gmail emails through Outlook where I have 10 or so email addresses coming into one place.

    Outlook gives me the ability to use folders and mark emails with time specific follow ups, which I wish gmail would do, but it doesn't. There's more email functionality in Outlook. I can also work with my emails when I don't have internet access, which is rare, but still a nice feature.

    As far as gmail, it's great and convenient, but I really didn't appreciate it until I purchased my first smart phone, a Motorola Droid. Now I can get my email in 3 places--on my phone, in my gmail online, or in my Outlook. I love it! It's so convenient. I've also now synced my Outlook calendar with my Google calendar, and more and more I'm using Google for my contact management.

    But, I still think overall that the functionality and ease of reading email and managing my calendar makes Outlook the faster, easier program to use.

  • TGJ - 10 years ago

    I love Gmail, and it's web interface is superior to those of it's competitors, however I will never entirely trust Google with all of my data. That's why I use a Gmail+Outlook combo. Day-to-day, I access my Gmail account using the web interface, and my iPhone's Mail app. Every few days, I use Outlook to pull a copy of my mail via POP3. This allows me to take advantage of all Gmail has to offer, while retaining a secure and backupable local copy of my mail. If Google's servers go belly-up, or if my account is somehow compromised, I can close the account/write it off without loosing theY tens of thousands of emails I've sent and received during my six years using Gmail.

    I've also found Outlook very useful in the past for merging accounts. Setting up Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo/ISP accounts via IMAP and copying over the messagesbis a diddle!

  • hrm - 10 years ago

    what about thunderbird????

    also, am i the only one confused about this poll? gmail vs outlook?
    shouldn't they do like gmail vs hotmail or somin?

  • MSLourens - 10 years ago

    What about the secret third option: Thunderbird?

  • Tim - 10 years ago

    I love gmail. It changes for the better weekly. Anyone but m$ft has been my motto for years now.

  • JB - 10 years ago

    Gmail is great, but I do have to use Outlook to aggregate/manage my various work and personal gmail and personal domain email accounts, as well as to download and manage all those emails on my computer. I greatly prefer this over having to wait for new pages to load everytime I click on something in webmail. Not everybody has superfast internet (not for lack of wanting it either). I have 1 Mb and still get annoyed with waiting for page loads in Gmail.

  • Arye - 10 years ago

    Tagging is no substitute for folders when it comes to keeping work-related emails organized. That's why I voted Outlook even though I use gmail for most of my email.

  • Cody - 10 years ago

    Nah, Outlook still though I must admit Gmail is pretty good. Call me old fashioned, but I don't like having to rely on so many web-based programs. I'll take a CD install on my local machine, and personal email storage on my system anytime. If I want to access it elsewhere, well all of my email is accessible through my phone/laptop regardless by logging into the POP3 server and even leaving a copy on the server - or through a webmail interface.

    I just find it more organized and fool proof. I like just clicking on the Outlook icon on the taskbar and boom - checking email from multiple sources. Yes, you could setup a shortcut to Gmail and auto-login but... not the same.

  • Simon - 10 years ago

    "I can check it from my mobile phone's web browser, from any computer in the world... my desktop, my netbook, my friend's house, at work or a public library."

    Outlook is a email client so there is nothing stopping a user having their mail downloaded from webmail to Outlook and when they are travelling, use their webmail. Outlook also allows you to have remote access to mail if you set it up. It just requires some work.

    That said, I think Gmail is awesome but most of the public are clueless to Outlooks functionality so they cannot properly compare the 2. Gmail makes powerful functionality available to the basic user which is a win.

  • Brad - 10 years ago

    Gmail all the way.

  • Jesipr - 10 years ago

    Gmail for the win! I can acess it from anywhere, and it have all these wonderful labs thingy.

  • NuAngel - 10 years ago

    I'm genuinely almost as much of a Microsoft fanboy as you can get. But my love of webmail can't be beat. I can check it from my mobile phone's web browser, from any computer in the world... my desktop, my netbook, my friend's house, at work or a public library.

    Webmail is here to stay. Hotmail / Livemail / Outlook.com whatever they want to call it had better get with the times.


  • yoyo - 10 years ago

    @MLB I don't think that would be much of a factor since you can use Gmail with your personal domain - http://www.ehow.com/how_4788558_use-gmail-domain-name.html

  • MLB - 10 years ago

    There is no chance of getting an gmail address that you want which I think will keep a lot people from switching from what they currently have. Otherwise they might consider it.

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