Should the Mets have signed Jason Bay for four years, $66 million?

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  • GARY ALBERT - 10 years ago

    Garland, Sheets, Bedard, Doug Davis. I like Garland & Sheets but I honestly believe that a decent starting pitcher will come via a trade. I don't know what's up with Cincy and I am concerned with a package for Zambrano. Carlos Z is awesome when his head is screwed on right but talk about a headcase with a big paycheck. If Piniella cannot handle him how do We expect Manuel to handle him. Longshot but Torre to manage the Mets after this season?

  • Lenny_Dyke - 10 years ago

    This question is a tad misleading. With the easy-to-reach extension, the deal is more like 5 years at $80 mil.

  • Stop The Charade - 10 years ago

    THE YANKEES should have signed Jason Bay ,Matt Holiday Roy Halladay ,John Lackey and Mark DeRosa...Derek Jeter can play Short barehanded while AROD belts home runs one handed ....
    Why Pretend the Yankees are not buying it ....
    Anyone team in the 2009 Playoffs fortunate enough to buy Teixeria, Sabathiaand Burnett would be the Champions!!!!
    Lets Stop Pretending otherwise
    Go Bronx GlobeTrotters

  • Phil Sanchez - 10 years ago

    The Mets needed to do something. Matt Holliday wants 8 years which is too long of a contract even though he is younger. So what other alternative is there? They need some more power in their lineup especially if Delgado is not going to be there. And if the Mets re-sign Delgado, this lineup will be a lot stronger.This is what the market demands.

  • Adam - 10 years ago

    The correct question is: Is any baseball player worth their salary except Albert Pujols?? The answer is an emphatic NO. But this is the market we live in.

  • mascmen7 - 10 years ago

    Bay struck out 176 times but he is .333 with men on base and .576 with bases loaded as pitcher has to get ball over the plate or very near the plate or he will walk in a run. Bay cannot hit curve balls or sliders that go outside. He is easily fooled by non fastballs which he crushes almost always. Will not miss his strikeouts.

  • RichBoston - 10 years ago

    Bottom line - Good guy, took the money and ran, decent power but not worth the loot. Goes through long spells where he hits bubkus. HR's come in streaks and many were unimportant. Would liked him to stay in Boston but not for this kind of money. The Sox will find better uses for it. Enjoy NY Jason...hee, hee, hee.

  • Russell Zanca - 10 years ago

    I'm not sure, Joel, that I think his desire to play there and not here is of much importance. After all, Keith Hernandez wanted nothing to do w/ NY at first either. I am sure Bay's investment in NY and in the Mets will wax and wane with his performance, fan support, and how well the Mets do. These are the variables that will count.

  • mark - 10 years ago

    I liked Bay, nice player but not worth that much for that long. Real good guy, but dont the mets need to get youner? I mean the guys 31 will have a couple stong years but then you will overpay, ala Pedro. Glad the sox didnt match.

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