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  • mohamed - 13 years ago

    the rockbjorn and the japanese DVD (tough lacking the others tv clips promised !) are naturally capital events ,personnally the RRHOF introduction is with no impotance
    because USA is not the empire of pop and even of good taste
    US public prefer non authentic artits (a country who prefer ace of base to abba ,elvis presley to chuck berry ,the stones to john lee hooker,jimmy cliff to bob marley,fogotten singers to ella fitzgerald (she never charted on billboard) ,and the list is very long ....) and france ,italy and sweden are not far away !
    POP kingdoms are britain ,benelux ,germany ,australasia and south america
    so !!!
    for the story of a heart (the song is a mishmash of just like that nanana version old sixties pastiches and even some lines from a SPARKS song !)
    the last two BAO albums are lacking inspiration ,i personnally thinks it's the lack of muses ( like agnetha frida ainsbuk and glenmarks ) helen is more like a streisand-dion pastiche from a pop academy !
    kritina features brilliant passages with complete bland and ridiculous ones (like
    duvemala hage makes me think of Little House on the Prairie !!)
    i know lots of fans who like to ho ha ! to every stupid release of "sempiternel" gold rererererelease will be shocked because helen is their godess but i think she 's very good in some songs (she's wonderfull on "Saknadens Rum" wich is a masterpiece but it's a demo from klinga mina klocker just like the best track on kristina (ljusa kval om varen) but there are songs where she shout like these megastreisand or the maniac dion and it's disaster ! ( in the swedish chess she's unbearable !!)
    anyway i hope that he will work with other singers than helen (i was hoping that in the english version of kristina ,there will be no more helen but infortunetly she is )

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