Which of these would you prefer to be endowed with in real life?


  • eesuoynac - 13 years ago

    If you choose esc, where do you go?

  • Mandy - 14 years ago

    you're being so judgmental. some of us have so much crap that the ctrl+f button is like all we need in life. i personally cannot locate any of my hot irons, so i have to buy them over and over and over. tragic, really. sometimes when i'm looking for things i am literally like, "crap, i need a search engine for my room." don't judge.

  • legomaniac75 - 14 years ago

    would have voted for ctrl+Z, but it wasn't a choice :Þ

  • Astrorider Mars - 14 years ago

    If you voted for Pause, you are most likely a noob! It doesn't function as you hope it does!

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