Who is to blame for the Giants' disappointing season?

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  • Glenn R.Hall - 10 years ago

    How did Gerry Reese get DRAGGGEEDD into this! The Team he put together was 5 and 0.Did he all of sudden tell them to stop playing!! I think it's the JOB of the head coach to make the necessary ADJUSTMENTS when injuries take hold of the club!The head coach and his staff have to make the players step up and rise to the occaision! I heard nothing but praise of the free agent moves and the draft picks prior to the season starting! Now all of sudden Gerry Reese doesn't know what he's doing! Look down the Turnpike! the Eagles lost key players before the season even started and continued into the season with key injuries.The last time I looked they were in the playoffs.Is that the coaches doing or did the GM will them there???

  • ctkaiser - 10 years ago

    Only 1% blame Jerry Reese? Rocky Bernard, Chris Canty, CC Brown. Michael Boley is an impact linebacker? How about drafting a big, quick, hungry LB from one of these top college programs instead of recycling these pro free agents that have no pride or sense of what being a Giant is all about. Michael Boley should just shut up before he knocks Harry Carson. And if 2010 is an uncapped year how about spending some Mara /Tisch seat license money. They can start by getting Derrick Ward back from TB instead of depending on Jacobs and Bradshaw coming back healthy from surgery. Darren Sharper is a free agent as well. Unless they're counting on Michael Johnson making a play besides breaking Steve Smith's arm, failing to wrap up and allowing a touchdown!

  • David - 10 years ago

    Quite a fitting ending to a season, especially for a team with a management that is in the process of raping it's most loyal fan base.
    Frankly it's rather ironic that young Mara, who has engineered the new stadium fiasco is shooting off his mouth first. This is the guy who has the most to gain from the PSLs and his new scheme. Yes, we all know that Wellington is turning in his grave over his son's greediness.

    But yes, I agree that Mara shooting off his mouth is a good thing and if Sheridan is not canned then Coughlin is on drugs.

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