Who do you want to win the BCS Championship Game?

Posted 9 years.


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    They are easily recognizable by their poor spelling, incorrect punctuation, etc., etc., etc., but why worry about the unimportant stuff? Rool Tied!

  • Yohan - 9 years ago

    We're humans. We love to hate--whether it's football or politics. Those are the genes we carry as our ancestors had to be fight other humans in order to survive. Too bad all of us can't turn it off when it comes to the silly stuff.
    If you hate another team so much, would you rather your team not even play them? That would give you more time to go ride your 4-wheeler and teach your kids how to shoot animals so they'll grow up not respecting life. The circle is complete.

  • tigertale - 9 years ago

    I see the UAT English and Journalism majors have been posting here. They are easily recognizable by their poor spelling, incorrect punctuation, etc., etc., etc., but why worry about the unimportant stuff? Rool Tied!

  • 110%AU - 9 years ago

    Some of my naive fellow Auburn fans think, if you're nice to UAT Elephant fans, they'll be nice back. They won't. They're like rattlesnakes; they can't change their nature. They'll still bite you, no matter how nice you treat them. So, if you think a UAT Elephant fan is being nice to you, he's just being condescending, and he'll ridicule you as soon as you look the other way. If you remember the sixties, and you've really been paying attention all these years, there's no way you could not hate the UAT Elephants, and believe me, they deserve every bit of it. There isn't a more delusional and obnoxious fan base in the country. Case in point: they think the Bear was God, when actually he was a mean old drunk. Now they'll build a monument to Saban and worship him. Sadly, these people seem to have nothing else to make their lives worthwhile. If they weren't so easy to hate, they would actually be pitiable.

    Hook 'em Horns! I pull for the Auburn Tigers and whoever is playing the UAT Elephants!

  • Waregl34 - 9 years ago

    Living out of state, I've gained more of a perspective over the last 20 years about Auburn & Alabama. People from all over the country have a respect for football in the state of Alabama, and understand that it doesn't get any better than SEC football. Being an AU fan for 40 something years means I'm for AU, it doesn't mean I'm against AL, it should never be about one school wanting the other school to not do well, both are great historic institutions, and both schools are very different from the other, both in setting, and in what academic programs they are strong in. ( Yes, I've been to both schools, and attended AU, I'm from B'ham.), I have several AL fans that are friends with class, I've got a rule in talking football with any fan, if you can't do it with constructively, then we never talk football again, and thats a lot to miss out on when you're a true loyal football fan on either side.

  • UA/AU fan - 9 years ago

    I was born near and grew up, till my middle teenage years, in Tuscaloosa. Naturally, I am an Alabama fan. I did not graduate from the University of Alabama nor any other University. I guess I am on of those hillbilly sidewalk fans from North Alabama. I admit, it was very hard for me to pull for Auburn until I matured and realized, football isn't life. It is a fun and an important part of almost everyone's life in Alabama. I enjoy the fun my Auburn fan friends and I have with each other this time of year and wouldn't trade it for anything. I must disagree with one poster's comment that not one UA fan was pulling for AU in 2004. I totally believe AU was robbed and should have played for a national championship that year. They probably would have won also. Also, I must admit, if the question was about AU, there would be many hateful and arrogant comments from UA fans also. Lighten up people, it is what it is. A GAME!

  • trueblue an orange - 9 years ago

    It's all about the recruiting, stupid! If you milquetoast Auburn fans want the UAT Elephants to continue to have an edge in recruiting, pull for them to win. They'll have better teams in the future because of it. You are of the same mentality as those AU fans who were happy to see Ingram's completely undeserved "gift" of the Heisman Trophy. Get your heart in Auburn (or get your a$$ out).

  • shenita - 9 years ago

    ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!! All you Auburn HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • steve - 9 years ago

    Look im 25 and I have been an Auburn fan since birth so if Alabama wins this thing that means im going to have to here all these redneck Alabama fans for the next 25 years talk about how there team is the best thing and they have 26 national championships or however many they really have which is a whole different story and I will have to listen to them talk about how they have the next "Bear Bryant" meaning having to listen to we got Saban we got Saban it would be a national disaster for Alabama to win so there is no way on GODS green earth that I will be pulling for Alabama to ever win

  • Bobby - 9 years ago

    If you vote on the best QB, I would have to go with McCoy. I also believe Texas has the best Defensive secondary. Texas will stop the run and force Mc to throw the ball. If Alabame tries to stop the run, I believe Texas will be successful throwing the ball. So I give Texas the edge.. 28----21

  • arm - 9 years ago

    I'm pulling for Texas because: Alabama is arrogant, Saban has been made an idol, they HATE Auburn, and I am SICK of listening to them!!!!!! HOOKEM HORNS!!

  • AU in B Ham - 9 years ago

    I think that a lot of bammers ae voting. I know that many Auburn fans wouldn't pull for bammer.

  • jane - 9 years ago

    Im a diehard Auburn fan and i say HOOK EM HORNS!!!

  • AU in DC - 9 years ago

    I grew up in the North and did not know anything about the rivalry until entering Auburn. In Northern cites you describe yourself as Italian, Irish or German, etc. In the South, it's Baptist, Methodist or Church of Christ. In Alabama, it's Auburn or Alabama.

    The rivalry is too fierce. Years ago someone was actually killed as a result of post game hazing. There are obnoxious fans and non-alum fans on both sides. I saw poor sportsmanship by AU students after the '07 and '05 game that reminded me of some poor UA fan behavior in Birmingham after the '72 game. I think UA has an edge in non-alum fans and fans that can take it too far, but my degree probably gives bias to my observations. Both sides could stand improvement.

    At the '05 game, a couple UA fans discovered they had forged tickets. The people next to them made room and squeezed together. During the game we directed our cheers towards the field not taunting that couple or the other scattered Crimson covered fans. No hard feelings by games end. In talking them at half time, I think they would have treated me the same way if roles were reversed. Cheering for your team is good. Taunting your opponent's fans is the sign of bad manners, no matter if it's an AU or UA fan.

    My ex-brother-in-law is a non-alum UA fan. Many would probably describe him as a redneck. But he's always been fair about AU-UA, gracious in victory or loss. I plan to watch a good football game. If UT wins, I'll be glad that it deflates some UA egos and may hurt their recruiting a little – maybe they’ll drop to #2. I never liked Saban at LSU or Miami and would prefer that someone with the class of Mike Shula could have led UA to the BCS. If UA wins, I'll call my ex-brother-in-law and congratulate him. I'll be happy that he can savor another national championship and I might even try to convince him it's #14! He's earned my respect by forgoing the taunts back during the Bear Bryant days. He's a classy UA fan and I plan to learn that lesson from that sidewalk alumni and let him enjoy the victory.

  • CookedTurtle - 9 years ago

    As an Auburn fan, why are we expected to cheer that our rival win? Too many obnoxious Alabama fans bring disgrace 364 days a year....with no apologies we are to cheer them to victory? HOOK 'EM HORNS!

  • DavidKyle - 9 years ago

    Holy Cow! Talk about a need for anger management. A few of the auburn comments were rational and well thought out, regardless of how the person voted. But geez, the level of vitriol is off the charts. It seems to mirror the current irrational discourse on the national political stage. I can't suggest you lighten up else I be judged an obnoxious redneck, but lighten up. Life's too short to have a stroke over a trumped up enemy. I've always pulled for Auburn except for the Iron Bowl. But even if I didn't, what good does it do me or anyone else to villify Auburn fans. None. Roll Tide!

  • HELLO - 9 years ago

    I'm sorry, but when was a rule passed that you had to attend one of these State schools in order to become a fan? I grew-up in Alabama, attended a University NOT located in this state, but am still a Bama fan! So, what does that make me...an illiterate, bullying, redneck fan? With an MBA...Interesting...

    For that matter, do you have to attend any school to be a fan?

    Just curious....

  • sandra - 9 years ago


  • james - 9 years ago


  • Mary Katherine - 9 years ago

    Hmmmm....here's a tough one: Saban Nation or the Texas-sized Egos? When given the opportunity, my TV will be tuned in to something less gut-kicking; Perhaps QVC. But since we're choosing--I choose Bama. After all, so many of those boys will be coming from Alabama public schools and THAT is a system I feel good pulling for!

  • BamaLoco - 9 years ago

    It's sad that Auburn fans would not pull for another SEC team during the National Championship game. I definitely pulled for Florida and LSU (really can't stand LSU) during their games.. They represent the best conference in college football.

    And all this talk about obnoxious Alabama fans. You weren't saying that when Auburn beat us over and over and Tuberville holding up the thumb. Talk about obnoxious.

    Pull your heads out of your four points of contact. RTR

  • Johnny - 9 years ago

    I voted that I was pulling for Alabama because I have always pulled for Auburn and Alabama except in the Iron Bowl. Until the 11th grade, I pulled for Alabama. I decided to attend Auburn and have since pulled for Auburn. Most all other games I have also pulled for Alabama to be loyal to my home state. However, in 2008 I started changing my mind about Alabama. This change has to do with their Coach, not the school. When I heard about Saban's half time speech of preaching HATE towards Auburn, I believed that he crossed the line. While Alabama was successful in beating Auburn that year and maybe the coach thought he was motivating his team, I don't believe that type of motivation has any place college athletics. It should never be "victory" at all costs.
    I had respect for Saban as a coach in LSU and in Alabama until the Iron Bowl in 2008. Even though I will be pulling for Alabama in the Championship game my enthusiasm will be tainted as I recall the type of person that Alabama's Coach has become.

  • Robert Malcolm - 9 years ago

    My approach is to be happy with every play and any outcome. When bama does well I'll be happy for the 3 or 4 Alabama football fans that actually know what they are talking about, b/c like most Auburn fans, the majority of my family and friends are Bama fans. When Texas does well I'll be happy at the misery of the rest of the Bammers out there who make up the masses of the obnoxious bammer nation. But ultimately, the masses will bug me more about #13 or #14 nat champs (don't they get two for every one they win or something?, ha ha) more than I will be happy for the 3 or 4 of whom I will be happy for them to experience their team winning a national championship (when they are old enough to appreciate...and alive). WDE

  • sickobama - 9 years ago

    Roll Tide!? That's the roll of toilet paper and box of detergent on a stick, right? What class! What a proud symbol! Additionally, they ought to make Nick Satan wear a hat; the bald spot in his pompadore is causing a glare on the tv screen. He must be devastated.

    Hook 'em Horns! There should be some justice in this world.

  • Derek - 9 years ago

    I grew up in a small south Alabama town, my whole family are AU fans , as I have been since a very small child. I have always believed that the AU-UA rivalry has been the most fierce rivalry in the country, some of my best friends are U of A fans as well as Alumni, and all of the ribbing and back and forth has always been in good fun. Unfortunately, I now live in Tuscaloosa and see the way things really are, there is nothing fun or good natured about it. I have lived all over Alabama, all over the country and overseas, never have I been fearful to proclaim my allegiance until I moved to Tuscaloosa. The things I have seen, the violence, vandalism, and utter disregard for fellow human beings since I have lived here has been alarming. The disrespect for Auburn and it's fans has been perpetuated for many years and was even fueled , if not started by coach Bryant himself. Even in light of all of this, I am still going to pull for Alabama to beat Texas, it will be good for the State, good for the SEC, and if Alabama does beat the Longhorns, it says a lot for the team that whooped Alabama's butt for three quarters and totally shutdown the Heisman trophy winner. WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!

  • Charlie Brown - 9 years ago

    I don't think Texas will be impressed by Ingram's Heisman Trophy. McCoy should have won it. Ingram is a good back who benefitted from a good offensive line, but best in the country? Give me a break! That award was as well deserved as Obama's Nobel Peace Prize. It was a political statement, meant to create some social justice, and spread the wealth around. After all, it wasn't fair that Alabama didn't have one, so let's give them one, even if they didn't earn it. That's the world we live in; apparently the sports media have no ethics either.

    Auburn shut Ingram down to the point that he was completely ineffective, and they had to go with another back. Thirty yards or so? Odd that it didn't affect the Heisman voting; makes you think the fix was in. I suspect that Texas will kick his butt, too. Hope so!

    If you are an a$$hole, the way to appear inconspicuous is to hang around with other a$$holes. That's why Bama fans are the way they are. They're a$$holes who have never been around people who weren't a$$holes, so they're oblivious to the fact that the rest of the world hates them.

    Hook 'em Horns! Save us from the a$$holes!

  • Pat - 9 years ago

    I am so disappointed in Auburn fans. This is Alabama's year. Personally, I know lots of Alabama people who rooted for Auburn when they were on top. Stop being such whiny, bad sports. I love Auburn but in a couple of days I'll be yelling Roll Tide! At the very least it makes Auburn's near win over Bama make us look better. Roll Tide! Beat Texas!

  • barner4life - 9 years ago

    If bama played Bin Laden, I'd pull for osama!

  • mkcfwc - 9 years ago

    Let me just say that many of the comments on this board are disgusting. I graduated from alabama, love football, and will be flying out to LA this week. However, for anyone to put a football game/team above the lives of people is ridiculous. I can't even fathom what kind of person would suggest that they hate a team so much that they would rather the team plane go down than any other alternative. That comment should also quiet any Auburn fans from talking about how classless Alabama fans are. If you live in this state, no matter which team you pull for, then you know that both sides have obnoxious fans and people who are rude just because. And all the talk about only random fans cheering for Alabama and all (or even most) Auburn fans haivng attended Auburn is laughable- either you don't have many friends or your head is stuck in the sand. I know just as many Auburn fans that did not go to Auburn as I do Alabama fans that didn't go to Alabama. I don't care who you pull for- that is an individual decision, one that something in our lives influenced. We all have good and bad stories for each side, so let's stop kidding ourselves that one fan base is worse than the other. If you are an Auburn fan and are pulling for Texas then good for you (if roles were reversed I would do the same), but don't try to blame it on some other excuse, keep it real- it's fun to have a team to pull against. Be honest about it and proud of your team and move on.
    Roll Tide!!!

  • adsmith4 - 9 years ago

    What makes the Auburn fans posting their comments degrading Alabama different from the "trash" or "obnoxious" Alabama fans they refer to? Legitimate question. I'm a student at The University of Alabama and will be leaving tomorrow for Pasadena. Roll Tide!

  • David - 9 years ago

    Bama football is just about the only bright spot in the pathetic dead-in lives of its vast legions of sidewalk alumni. I guarantee you that if Auburn had been dominant in the 60s and 70s like Bama was, 80% of the state would be rabid Auburn fans because of these leeches who are desperate to latch onto anything successful that gives their lives "meaning". Personally, I'm happy for Auburn to be the much maligned underdog, because I know that just about anybody I pass on the highway with an Auburn sticker or tag either went there or had a close family member who did. We are truly a family, not a motley collection of people who never finished high school who define their sense of worth based on a bunch of teenagers playing a game on Saturday afternoons.

    To the actual Bama alumni out there, I respect you and extend my condolences that the reputation of your fine school has been destroyed by all the sidewalk alumni of this state.

  • William O'Hara - 9 years ago

    My whole life I have heard nothing but "Roll Tide", "the Crimson Tide is the Greatest!!!" I'm tired of hearing all the Bama fans talk about how great they are...During their down time I heard every reason under the sun for why they weren't very good. When Auburn is down, the only thing I've ever heard is well, we're just not that good this year. The attitudes of the fans, the outright lie of "12 National Championships", and the farce of a sophomore winning the Heisman has made me decide to never pull for Alabama in anything they do ever again. Sorry if not pulling for my "state" offends anyone, but everything about the Crimson Tide makes me sick to my stomach...So good luck to Texas and I look forward to the collective groan from half the state after the game... War Eagle!!!

  • doug smith 78 - 9 years ago

    I was willing to pull for Alabama until I spent the holidays with my in-laws. All of the nonstop we are so great and Auburn has always sucked crap makes me literally hate the U of A and their arrogant fanbase. I do not wish it to happen, but some times I feel that the movie "We Are Marshall" needs a sequel called We Are Bama. I mean o.k., you have a good team but that is no reason to gloat over a lucky come from behind win over an unranked Auburn team. One more thing, Mark Ingram was really not hurt against Auburn, he gave up because he was not used to getting shut down and it crushed his ego.

  • DA - 9 years ago

    When it comes to football in the state of Alabama( Bama and Auburn) Class is no were in the state. Its football people.

  • Humored UofA Fan - 9 years ago

    I'm an Alabama fan and if the situation was reversed, I would definitely want Texas to beat AU. I do pull for AU and watch their games (except of course when they are playing us) but ultimately I want my team to win and get recruits.

    What I find really funny is how one fan base insists that the other fan base is full of hillbillies/rednecks and they are obnoxious and bullying, but their own fan base isn't like that at all and their fan base only has 'true' fans who went to school there and go to games lol. Don't people like that realize that both sides have their true fans and both sides have the obnoxious ones? Get over it already - there are always going to be both on each side and your side is no better than the other.

  • Mary - 9 years ago



  • Joni Adams - 9 years ago

    I grew up in Atlanta a Bama fan and graduated from UA in 1984. I never "hated" Auburn (being from GA) but must laugh at the "abuse" and bullying comments about Bama fans. Living in Orlando now, I have taken more abuse and obnoxious bragging from Auburn fans over the recent "6" yrs than in my whole life (and I'm old!) Both schools should take a good look at themselves and the lack of class they display. I personally am embarrassed of Bama fans who don't win or lose graciously. May the "fun" rivalry live on and RTR!

  • bamagirl - 9 years ago

    There are obnoxious fans for both UA and AU, let's be honest about this. I am a graduate of the University of Alabama and a huge Bama fan. I pulled for Auburn to win during their undefeated season a few years ago because of State pride. Unfortunately AU got screwed that year and at this point there is nothing any of us can do about.

    Most of the "obnoxiouness" comes from people who have never attended either University, much less anyone's college.

    Please, don't hold grudges against Alabama because of the ignorance of a few individuals. Just as one cannot hold grudges against a few ignorant Auburn fans.

    Winning a National Championship would be an honor for the University. Winning a National Championship demonstrates a team's ability to stay focused, dominate, persevere, commit to excellence, follow the plan, and perform as a team (know your role and perform such).

    I would hope that the residents of this great State could come together and cheer to Tide on to a victory, bringing the NATIONAL Champioship home.

  • mrs.skeet - 9 years ago

    am a true BAMA fan and we made it this far so come on boys lets take it back Mark Ingram up in the game and bring the bcs trophy home to the STATE of ALABAMA!!!!!!!

  • builderdude - 9 years ago

    It's obvious that the alabama fans are voting. Auburn fans do not want to hear them jaw about their 99th NC. You should have required voters to type in "War Eagle" or "Its great to be an Auburn Tiger" before voting. That would have kept most of the Alabama fans from voting. Go Longhorns!

  • Stan Rosen - 9 years ago

    Now allshoud know the REAL reason we Bama fans do not post to these sites. You infamous hicks luv Alabama and you can't help it. BITE US aubies!

  • bamagirl - 9 years ago

    Roll Tide Roll. Enough said.

  • Terah - 9 years ago

    I grew up an Alabama fan. My parents were both alum and on both sides of my family the blood ran a deep crimson. When I met my now husband he was an Auburn fan and I didn't see the big deal about it. He's an AU alum and I didn't go to UAT so I didn't really have any strong ties to the university. I honestly didn't think the rivalry was that big of a deal.

    I was wrong.

    My husband was ridiculed and bullied from day one by my family and extended family. We can't survive a reunion without at least one of our more "trashy" relatives coming right up to us and instigating an argument about football. (Bare in mind my parents are the ONLY people on both sides of the family to have actually gone to college).

    I chose to believe this kind of bullying wasn't the "norm" and my family was some sort of rarity.

    Once again, I was wrong.

    After I had my daughter, I was driving my husband's car (which has an AU novelty tag on it). Out of nowhere a very large black truck started baring down on my bumper. I changed lanes. He followed. We came up to a red light. He pulled up to my side barely missing my bumper. He leaned out the window of his truck, gave me the finger and yelled, "ROLL TIDE B***H!" and ran the red light. His truck was covered with UA stickers. And my 3 month old daughter was sitting in the backseat.

    Within the same 6 month span, my husband had convinced me to drive his car so he could take mine to work and then have the oil changed in it on his lunch. I reluctantly accepted. My daughter was with me again. This time, it was an SUV, painted crimson with Alabama flags sticking up on all four windows. First it shadowed me for a few miles. I thought nothing of it. And then as we drove on, it came up beside me and began drifting into my lane on top of me. I layed on my horn thinking they didn't see me. I looked up to see a man glaring at me through my window as he purposefully and completely ran me off the road. I skidded into a ditch on the side. He continued into my lane, blared on the horn, and just like the other UA fan, flipped me off and yelled obsenities at me. I sat in that ditch crying and called my husband immediately.

    Thank goodness another car on the road saw the incident and called it in. I don't know if anything happened to the other driver but I have never driven my husband's car again. I wont until he takes that novelty tag off.

    But you know the greatest tragedy of all this?

    When I told my family of these things, their response was, "Well, I'd run your ass off the road too." "Your husband should know better than try to be an AU fan in Alabama. It's his fault this happened. He should take better care of you".

    And that was that. My whole life I thought the rivalry between UA and AU was all made up...or exaggerated at the very least.

    But as I have been so very often...I was wrong.

    And so I say, "HOOK 'EM HORNS". It is apparent that nothing of any quality comes out of the University of Alabama. The fan base is callous, disgusting, and violent. I would not think this if I hadn't been run off the road TWICE by an Alabama fan. But I've learned my lesson. And I have no plans of forgetting exactly how classless the Alabama fanbase and the University of Alabama is.

    It has nothing to do with "State Pride". Because at the end of the day, I am a MOTHER first. And the moment you cross that line and endanger my family, you can take your state pride and shove it.

  • BILL - 9 years ago

    I am not goofy enough to pull for the Tide. Why would any Auburn Fan pull for any victory that would hurt Auburn's recruiting. Why would any Auburn Fan pull for a Tide victory with all these loud mouths downing the Auburn program. That is not natural........................come on and get real,"hook'em Horns!!!!!

  • WarDMNEagle - 9 years ago

    Two things,

    1. How many of you alabama fans were pulling for Auburn in 2004? Answer- ZERO .

    2. How many of you Alabama fans actually have a degree from the school you pull for? or any college for that matter.

  • Adam - 9 years ago

    I would support the Alabama football team if it weren't for their obnoxious, annoying and classless fans. The only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner, and that epitomizes Alabama fans.

  • AU5 - 9 years ago

    I am an Auburn Alum and a lifelong Alabamian. I used to pull for both our major Universities but have lost the desire to see uat win at anything due to their incessant arrogance and bullying behavior. I suppose most of the bullying comes from the so-called "sidewalk" fans of uat that never have seen a game at Tuscaloosa nor visited there. They are the pulp wood cutters and North Alabama hill billies that fill out the ranks for Saban and his Sons. It is too bad that uat may get lucky and win the NC. If this happens the will become insufferable in their rantings. My word to them is, "Hook 'em Horns".

  • bsc - 9 years ago

    I want Texas to be Bama so nick can't get his National championship game and have to stay there until he does get a National championship. That is big bucks to him, maybe a $500,000 bonus. Beside, we want to beat him next year and start that tradition over again. { 6 - 2 -6 } six straight wins, 2 loses, and 6 straight wins again. 6-2-6 that sounds like hook -em - horns!!!!

  • Nick Cannon - 9 years ago

    I am wishing for Texas to win. If Alabama wins this game, think about all the national exposure, money, and recruiting help they will receive. Auburn and Alabama compete in the same area, Alabama, Florida, Georgia. Alabama doesn't need any more help with recruits, and we need for them to pour into Auburn, to get our program back to 04 status. I realize its nice for the Sec to do well in bowl games, but them winning just doesn't bring any postive results to Auburn's return to a football powerhouse.

  • Jonathan - 9 years ago

    If you are a real Auburn fan you don't care about the SEC at this point. If your a real Auburn fan you should hope Texas beats the crap out of Alabama.Hookem Horns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chuck Heaton - 9 years ago

    I'm an Auburn alumnus who lives in Houston, Texas and although the Texas alumni can be annoying about how great they are and what a great conference they play in ----the Big 1-2. I'm pulling for Texas. I grew up in Birmingham in the 70's & 80's and it was difficult being an Auburn fan, with all of the abuse the Alabama fans gave us. After growing up in Alabama you pull for whoever is playing the University of Alabama and hope they beat them like Utah did last year.

  • bhindenemy lines - 9 years ago

    i really hope texas takes it to alabama. im an auburn fan that got stuck attending UAT. the whole time during undergrad i never heard a peep out of anybody(i was fortunate enough to be an undergrad 2 years into auburn starting the 6 in a row) now that bama has the upper hand for the moment it seems everyone who has made a tradition out of living in the past is ready to start fresh and has a longterm memory spanning about 730 days(that would be 2 years for the bama fans that aren't good at math). graduate school will be miserable down here if these goober heads win the NC and heisman in the same year.

    P.S. i hope LSU fires Les Miles and St Nick gauexs home

  • TigerKen8387 - 9 years ago

    Don't even live in the state but couldn't image doing so with UA winning this game. Forget the SEC thing - save that for the teams that aren't doing so well (and Tenn). Hook'em Horns!

  • Suzanne Alexander - 9 years ago

    I am a big Auburn fan, but would never pull against any college within the state of Alabama. I have never understood fans that would pull for some other state. I had a friend once that told me I wasn't much of an Auburn fan if I wanted Alabama to beat LSU. Why would anyone want LSU to beat any team from the state of Alabama? Well, I am a true Auburn fan, but also a true STATE of Alabama fan. Thanks.

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