BEST Superfood Powder (round 2)


  • jamie - 12 years ago

    You do pay for quality-but Boku's not quality to me-I can't stand the taste! I voted for Delicious Greens 8000-it tastes much better, and even has more nutritional value, and it has reasonable pricing!- But than again-some people like the bland/grassy taste...

  • Harlem Shueman - 13 years ago

    I guess you just pay for quality. I need a product that's organic and vegan, including the probiotics which often come from a dairy source. I've found Boku works the best for me and I like how all of the mushrooms keep my immune system strong too.

  • Toni - 13 years ago

    Bee Sure by Noi Noi is the best I have found, especially for the money, but I do have a hard time getting it sometimes because it is not with the larger suppliers.

  • Paula - 13 years ago

    No doubt all these have some merit...however in the present economy I can't afford to lay out the kind of money Boku and living fuel require. So for me Amazing Grass had the vote for affordability and availability. Something the more expensive companies may consider

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