Humans: are we

  • Skittlebeans - 12 years ago

    Sorry Martin the Sound Man
    - I wrote Mike - now I'll never be forgiven.

  • Skittlebeans - 12 years ago

    Pork looks sort of pink when raw, while human meat is always depicted as red in all those CSI autopsy shots and in the Dexter dismemberments. So following the Chris Cringle line of argument: if 5,000 TV crime shows depict human flesh as red it must be red.

    Incidently I always thought sweetbreads were the pancreas, not naughty bits as said by Mike the sound man - they're Rocky Mountain oysters or prairie oysters in the USA.

  • Wibble - 12 years ago

    Human meat is said to be most similar to pork (a white meat)

  • Jonroy - 12 years ago

    Why are we having a poll? One very easy solution: Cut off Olly's leg and cook it.

    Also you get a sandwhich

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