Who's to blame for nude cell phone photo?

  • LOL - 12 years ago

    Wow look at all the self-righteous slugs. This was a complete invasion of privacy and everyone is saying this is her fault? Maybe some of you people should be checking your teenagers cell phones to see what they have on them? I used to work for a phone company and it wasn't uncommon to find nude photos in people's photo collections when dealing with issues regarding their albums.

    This is absolutely absurd that so many people find her to be at fault. I bet most of these high school kids are also allowed to be surfing the internet and watching T.V. being exposed to kinds of smut, but that's completely okay right? I don't see anyone crucifying pornography.

    This is a blatant double-standard and hypocrisy at its' finest.

  • Lou - 12 years ago

    Why does someone need a nude photo of their self on their cell phone?

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