So what do you think? Good logo refresh, or marketing gone crazy?

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  • Terry - 10 years ago

    "no no no no".. should be what you said to the marketing gurus. Looks childish and should keep the old logo. I feel exactly what is said above by Duncan is near the best outcome except forget the added puke beneath it. It says it all in the name Smart Salary. No no no to the changed logo, looks like a face or snail. I wanted to make a face out of it and add the eyes and nose , ooops sorry now looks like dumbSalary and you don't want that. Bet the marketing guys have had a change of mind already.

  • Luke - 10 years ago

    nothing special. i think the Y at the end is silly and the smiley face also a lit corny. The fact that opinion is 50/50 on the pole should make you reconsider changing it.

  • Duncan Ward - 10 years ago

    i think the new logo looks smart but accept the comments above. By far the most catching part of the new logo is the nice sharp font and i love the new tag line. maybe the upgrade can be the new font and keep the S as uppercase and keep the old logo. therefore just sharpen up the old S logo, change the font, take out the uppercase S in the middle and add the tag line. That way you keep a more conservative look as you obviously have a conservative customerbase and a serious product but have a 2010 look. A small migration may really make the compromise complete.

  • Dan - 10 years ago

    Doesn't look good. It does look like a downwards facing snail.

  • Adam - 10 years ago

    The 'icon' is preferred. Updating will just confuse your existing loyal customers. What other changes are they making - is a question that will come to mind. Think McDonalds changes its Big 'M' logo every 10 years? Leave it how it is, it looks more professional and we don't need a corny catchphrase 'going forward' (puke).

  • Vicki - 10 years ago

    I have to agree that the 'old' logo actually looks good and was far rfom outdated. Once the intent of the new logo was pointed out I could see ot but I have to say it didnt just automatically fit. I have always been told by marketing professionals that if you need to 'explain' your tagline or logo then you are off base. It should be obvious. If the company are set on introducing the new then make the coin more obvious and the 'slot' more clear so it makes more sense at a glance. Great to see you keeping the colours, they are powerful in the marketing world so good advise. I really hope that heaps of money has not been spent on this exercise... seems to be a trend these days.
    All in all though it is quality of service and often through recommendation that counts, not the logo in the corner!!

  • Myra - 10 years ago

    No, I thought it was a coin. Makes no difference to me though. I do think the original logo was looking dated in comparison to the new one now when I look at it. I like it, but its the standard of service that I seek. If rebranding makes your customer service reps happier, fine by me! Potentially attractive to new clients, nothing special for us oldies!

  • Dean - 10 years ago

    The new logo looks cheap and does not portray a professional business.
    Lowercase letters give a sence of a relaxed attitude, is that what you really want prospective customers to think of this company.
    The smiley face again portrays a simple even childish effect to the business.

    The current Logo is smart (no pun intended), clean cut, and has a very serious business stature to it. the "S" in the white box looks sharp.


  • Jenni - 10 years ago

    Agree with other comments - the icon looked nothing like what it was meant to represent. I chose SmartSalary over the other brand because I was drawn to the colour and the simple name. It wouldn't have made any difference to me whether there was a tagline there or not - that just complicates the matter.

  • Matt - 10 years ago

    Looks like a snail to me!! A rethink perhaps?

  • Chris - 10 years ago

    I think your old logo held it's age well to last over ten years and I don't think it looks dated at all. The new tag line is nice, but the coin thing looked like a snail to me until I read the blurb...

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