Who would you rather watch at 11:30 p.m. slot on NBC?

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  • Christina - 14 years ago

    Conan is a true character of comedy. You may not appreciate his witticisms, but he certainly deserves a great deal of respect. He makes me laugh. Job well done.

  • Susan Barstow - 14 years ago

    Jay Leno is the only funny one of the talk show hosts. He belongs on at 11:35. I think Conan is silly and childish, but if people like him, then put HIM on at 10.00p. And also, I liked the old format just the wat it was.

  • The Suzer - 14 years ago

    Gee. Let's take the top-rated show in its time-slot and... fire the host! Then, let's get a really not funny geek who can't even keep up with the over-aged frat-boy, womanizing, should-have-retired-years-ago Letterman. Shift the classiest act in show biz - Jay Leno - over to 10:00PM, mix well and what do you come up with? The disaster that is NBC. Please, puh-lease fire the dolt who came up with this idea. Then put Jay back on at 11:30. I really don't care what you do with Conan. The planets will re-align and all will be right with the television world.

  • StopSocialism - 14 years ago

    Who would you rather watch at 11:30 p.m. slot on NBC?

    That's easy - Dennis Miller.

  • bucinaus - 14 years ago

    Yeah, I do think Jay is way more funny than any other talk show, other than the AM radio stuff. Maybe his show is not a good lead-in to the news, I don't know and like the other comments, I don't understand how his ratings are "sagging". Yeah, Jay should be back with the tonight show and kick Conan out. Jay can get the biggest stars like no other host which says a lot.

  • William Crocker - 14 years ago

    What a fiasco, I knew years ago when NBC announced that Conan would replace Jay in 2009 that someone was making a horrible mistake. Conan is JUST NOT FUNNY. I have nothing against the guy,he seems like a very nice man,but he's not funny and he can't do an interview without stareing at his notes and his on stage antics are childish. I have tried very hard over the years to like him only to turn him off half way through the program. Jay on the other hand I have watched for years. I used to watch him when he subed for Jhonny Carson. I dont think I ever missed a tonight show once he got the show,I even watched the reruns. Now I watch Jay at 10PM, my local NBC news,at 11PM then I turn to Dave at 11:35 (He's not bad but he's no Jay) For goodnes sakes Please put Jay back on the Tonight Show,get rid of Conan,and let Jimmy Fallon keep his spot. You are ruining an institution the Tonight Show is going down the tubes.

  • holly - 14 years ago

    oh man i will be sooo glad when jay is back at his regular time, conan was impossible, letterman is boring and perv.. honestly i still haven't been able to handle his leaving. that earlier time wasn't good, and i'd always forget to record it.

  • RMM - 14 years ago

    For the life of me I cannot believe NBC would replace Jay with Conan. I have tried to watch him a dozen times and the truth of the matter is, HE IS NOT FUNNY. NOT EVEN AMUSING. It is apparent NBC realizes they made a mistake when they see Letterman ( who is less funnier then Conan) pass Conan in the ratings. They should send Conan off to CBS or ABC and not worry what happens. Leno and Fallon can keep the NBC audience satisified. Bring Leno back to his usual time slot. Give Conan his walking papers. No other network will pick him up. He should have stayed as a comedy writer.

  • GE Stockholder - 14 years ago

    Another GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt screw-up ... he takes Leno's No. 1 rated show out of its 11:35pm - 12:35am time slot for no sensible reason!!! NBC was No.1 when Immelt became CEO; now it's No. 4. GE was the premier company in the world when Immelt became CEO; now its valuation is 3 hops above a penny stock!!! What did you expect??? The optimal solution is to permanently move Jeffrey Immelt from GE!!!

  • ARose - 14 years ago

    As far as my family's concerned, the 10 pm time slot has a dismal lineup on all other stations Monday through Wednesday. We end up thankful for the Leno option week after week. Have the Affiliates considered the possibility that we're all watching Leno and then turning them off because they're lame?? If they need a bringer, rather than being able to stand on their own, they're in trouble in this day of CNN and MSNBC. Don't shoot the messenger.

  • Joanie - 14 years ago

    Jay Leno is by far a better host and easier to watch than Conan. Jay knows how to deliver a joke and interviews guest with ease, while Conan always appears to be uncomfortable in his own skin in whatever he does. If the plan is to take Jay off NBC, then NBC should really rethink this because let's face it other networks are in the shadows waiting to snatch him up...I will follow Jay where ever he goes. Hang in there Jay...
    New York Fan

  • Walter - 14 years ago

    The 10PM time slot is between a rock and a hard place due to football Monday and Friday and baseball and hockey and Nascar. Put him back at 11;30pm for an hour and put Connan on at 10PM, never watch him anyway.

  • sherryberry - 14 years ago

    I can't belive that NBC would think of cancelling Jay. He was great where he was. I'd rather watch Jay than Conan at 11:30. They should have left their programing times alone. Conan's a little too nuts for me at that time of night. I hope they rethink this.

  • Mike - 14 years ago

    I like Jay Leno waaaaaay more then Conan, but i think Conan has a better show... Kind of wierd I know, I think its because the people who write for Leno are very dull and not really funny... its not Jays fault!

  • Tally Haugen - 14 years ago

    I'm AMAZED that Jay's show is doing that badly. I thought it was a GIGANTIC "gift" from the network to put him on at a decent hour thats not too early or too late. Although his material is occasionally too raw for my tastes, he's HUGELY funny:his meeting for instance with Gov Schwarzeneggar was a CLASSIC, also the "Ford Car CHallenge " routine.He has a natural "sidekick relationshipw/Kevin Eubanks, and we tape it every night. Certainly he has the stuff to outshine his dismal TONIGHT SHOW replacement,Conan. Hey! Let it be a bad dream wil ya? KEEP JAY LENO!

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