Would the University of Alabama have won the national title game if Texas star Colt McCoy had not been injured?

Posted 9 years.


  • Texastide - 9 years ago

    My question is would Texas have won the big 12 if Okalahoma's Quaterback Sam Bradford would have not gotten injured

  • HRH - 9 years ago

    Texas was NOT a great football team no more than BAMA is. Sad we watch games in college football and want to see a true champion, played out on the field against the best competition. Have to go watch D2 for that, real football and real champions crowned! Not this made up grabage

  • RealLife - 9 years ago

    Some of these comments are soooo pitiful. Like life, football games are not scripted. @#^&* happens and you have to deal with it the best you can. Each team had the same 60 minutes. You can pontificate forever about "what ifs"; what good does that do? Texas is a great college team. McCoy is a great quarterback and seems to be a great person. If only some of you posters had the maturity and class McCoy exhibited in his comments. Congratulations Alabama!

  • wayne - 9 years ago

    Bama has got the NC, who cares what any one says, they are # FREAKING 1

  • HRH - 9 years ago

    Media talking about it because DA Walter....it wasn't earned! Worst **National Championship team ever against weak schedule...... When will the NCAA get their head out of their a$$ and get it right????????PLAY IT ON THE FIELD! Have a playoff system for the big boys so we don't have crap like this happening again

  • Walter K - 9 years ago

    thats a dumb question ..WHAT IF? WHAT IF? WHAT IF?..Ridiculous speculation....IT DOESNT MATTER ......Its over and Bama is 14-0 and National champs ....Auburn fans need to worry about your own mediocre Team andyour moral victories you know why? IT DOESNT MATTER ,get over it ALABAMA won it all in 2009 and congtatulations are in order not all this B/S

  • Ro bert Arnold - 9 years ago

    To you Auburn Fans first of all Alabama won that championship if Auburn beat Alabama yiu couldve bragged BUT AUBURN LOST, Tenn lost so keep your moral victories as lessons of losers , Yes I believe Alabama wouldve beaten Texas minus 1 player thats what backups are for,Bama had about a half dozen players injured ,playing their parts GMACS ribs,Ingrams Legs .Dareus had played injured,Mclain had to have IVs at the half and before the game , did you notice the substitutions? Bama played the whole night in worse physical shape than Texasm I believe from a medical standpoint Mcelroys cracked ribs were worse than McCoys pinched nerve ...Roll Tide I dont know why this question was even asked ...the media wants to hear from Auburns bonehead fans I guess

  • Robert - 9 years ago

    Little Nicky Saban statue next to Bear Bryant. What a disgrace and an act of desperation on UA to retain Saban. After all he does have a reputation of deserting programs

  • Robert - 9 years ago

    Alabama is pathetic and way overated !

  • HRH - 9 years ago

    You ignorant BAMA fans think only an Auburn fan is talking bad about your tide????LOL It was a phony game with 2 over rated teams playing for a "*national championship" that is aas mythical today as all those in the past. No playoff= NO CHAMPION....get it And yes, with MCCoy TEXAS wins by 7-10 easy

  • Jason - 9 years ago

    First of all, I want to say that I was for the Tide. Kentucky is my team, but since they will never win a championship, might as well go for an SEC team.

    Now I think with McCoy in the game, NO QUESTION, Texas wins the game by 7 to 10 points. When we went down you could just tell the entire Texas team just wasn't the same for the entire first half. Even the defense looked deflated. Hell I was worried from the start on how Bama looked. It just seemed in the beginning that Texas was gonna have their number. The down goes the golden boy. You can take 7 points right off the bat for the stupid interception at right before half time. Now the 2nd half, the Texas defense looked so much better. If they played that way the entire game and Colt stays in the game, Texas wins.

    Now I know you Bama lovers are gonna say people are crazy for saying stuff like this. I don't blame ya....defend you team. Just know this, anytime in the future that this game is talked about, people are always gonna say Bama won *but that's the game that the star quarter back for the other team went down and a freshman still got them with in 3 points in the 4 quarter while turning the ball over 5 times. LOL!!! Sucks for you guys.

  • SG Baker - 9 years ago

    Good to see all the BARNERS denigrating Bama's winning of the NC. Of course, can any of you BARNERS tell the world how many National Titles you have garnered over the years. I'll give you a hint, the number lies between -1 and +1. Go Barners, see if you can figure it out.

    In the meantime, Bama has #13 and counting.

  • roger - 9 years ago

    i seem to remember fla running up 63 points on fiu and 51 points on cinn. i say run the score up as high as you can sorta like the 36 to 0 ass whipping in the 08 iron bowl rtr nc no 13

  • roger - 9 years ago

    mccoy was not injured the x ray was negative, sissy boy mccoy was afraid to get a beat down, so he threw his back up under the bus lol texas aint nothing , alabama is the nc mccoy didnt get hurt he quit his team what a loser

  • HRH - 9 years ago

    Be nice to have 2 teams that belong for one time though and earned it on the field not by someones vote.....the what is...is that BAMA was handpicked to win this year by SEC and NCAA watch the replays and the missed no calls...pretty obvious its rigged......the SEC was down admit it, put the asterisk by it and call it what it is.....

  • wldougl - 9 years ago

    At Alabama and the rest of the SEC schools, we do not say "WHAT IF", we say "WHAT IS". And the "WHAT IS" is that when the clock read 0:00 at the end of the game UofA won 37 to 21. In the SEC there are no excuses. You go with what happens during the game and make adjustments. If you do not, you will not win. It is simple, Texas played with all the heart of a champion. They showed great gamemanship before and after McCoy went down. The media does not have any reason to be-little UofA win, nor do they need to make excuses for a great Texas team.

  • HRH - 9 years ago

    Don't know if the hit on MCCoy was cheap shot, definitely came in head first to spear him possibly. I agree, BAMA didn't win Texas lost. Still NO CHAMPION on the field of play! D2 and down has it right, get a real winner each year with a playoff! No more popularity games. If BAMA is so good, how come TENN and AU whipped that A$$ so good??????

  • 110%au - 9 years ago

    I like the way you Alabummer morons compare losing a running back or a linebacker with having to replace an all-american quarterback with an inexperienced freshman. You were lucky, and crooked, and you know it, but keep trying to build up your win. I'll bet you soiled your pants when the Elephants didn't cover that kickoff. Texas would have been up 14-0 at that point, with momentum. You wouldn't have got the cheap touchdow at the end of the first half, or the cheap touchdowns in the second half, so just when were you going to win?

  • autrueblue - 9 years ago

    Of course, the UAT Elephants wouldn't have beaten Texas if they hadn't knocked McCoy out, that's why it was part of their game plan. Darius speared McCoy after he was already stopped, he intended to hurt him. Look at the film. Typical Alabama low class play; just like scoring the last TD, any team with class would have run the clock out with 1:14 left in the game. Satan wanted to humiliate Texas as much as possible. Maybe he got some more bonus money for running up the score. Lucky Alabama bastards, they were choking bigtime until they got to pick on Texas's inexperienced freshman quarterback. Put an asterisk by this one A$$holes, *Texas not at full strength; won by unsportsmanlike conduct

  • rh - 9 years ago

    Doesn't matter. All that matters is Bama beat Texas in the only contest that matters. Roll Tide!

  • lee - 9 years ago


  • Joanne - 9 years ago

    This Tide fan was sorry to see McCoy get hurt and devoutly hopes he heals fast and completely. I think it actually hurt the Tide in a way as well-- they surely had planned their game around trying to stop him-- and with him out, it became a different game. The freshman got good fast-- he has a great future ahead of him. Texas played a good game and I hope they are proud of themselves and each other.

  • pat oslon - 9 years ago

    TEAMS win championships not individuals!

  • MORT OLSON - 9 years ago


  • JCW - 9 years ago

    I do not know what the outcome would have been if he had played nor does anyone else. A legitimate question could have been asked about Alabama since the Arkansas game. In this game star linebacker Dont'e Hightower was lost for the year. Hightower's loss was a big one since he was one of the best
    players in the country. We know that his loss did not cost any games but we do not know if his loss made games closer than they would have been had he played. Also, Alabama's quarterback played the last half of the SEC Championship game with two broken ribs and this injury influenced his play last night. Texas not Alabama made the decision to bench McCoy.

  • HRH - 9 years ago

    Texas is a decent football team and definitely better with McCoy. Great team, nah, not even with him. I saw NO Heisman winner play this year nor a real champion on any field.

  • Jerry - 9 years ago

    Congrats to Bama, but I feel that with McCoy in the game, Texas would have won an epic close game. Texas had Bama's number, but when Colt went out, and Gilbert started to throw up on himself, Texas' coaches, both defensive and offensive, became desperate and started to make hasty decisions.

    With Colt in the game, IMO, there would have not been 5 Texas TOs. Texas started the game much like Auburn did against Alabama. They forced Alabama to adjust. The difference is, Texas is MUCH BETTER than Auburn, and with Colt at the helm and with the Texas defense, Alabama would not have been able to come back and win by 7 like they did against Auburn. The score would have been 14-0 in the 1st rather than 6-0.

    Just my opinion.

  • KTT - 9 years ago

    We'll never know....but it doesn't matter. I'll guarantee that if Mark Ingram had been injured early in the game and unable to continue and Texas had gone on to win, they wouldn't feel that their victory was in any way "tainted'. If McCoy stays in the game, its a different game....no way to predict what the outcome would have been.

  • HRH - 9 years ago

    Alabama is the best of a mediocre football season. SEC was down(see all the 7-5 teams) and no USC or Oklahomas to deal with this year. Should be an asterisk maybe by the title game winner? Kinda like the homers hit by steroid users??????Will we ever have achampion on the field?

  • JUK - 9 years ago

    A victory is just that, a win. And ALABAMA has the "W" in it's column. Why must media always give the TIDE bad press and doubts? We will never know what "might have been" but what we do know is that ALABAMA won!

  • RON REYNOLDS - 9 years ago

    Well look at it like this, does the US ARMY go into battle with only one weapon, or do they have several or more than one, well we know the answer to that, who's fault is that, yes it's the coach's fault ROLL TIDE FOREVER!!!

  • twistedmuser - 9 years ago

    I think that is a ridiculous thing to even discuss. Alabama played Texas. McElroy didnt play McCoy. That discussion needs to end! Any game any time you can play the what if game and thats fine and even interesting to do, but to even thing about trying to tarnish the win is a stupid thing to do.

  • Kevin - 9 years ago

    There is no way to know how the game would have been different if McCoy had stayed in the game. Bama would never have had a 3 yard third quarter - they would have been much more aggressive. On the other hand, I would assume that the Bama D would not have gotten 5 TOs from Colt. What bothers me is that I did not get to watch THE game, I just got to watch A game. I wanted to see a great game, win or lose, and this was more of a case of Bama trying to kill time and Texas trying to run the adrenaline out of a frosh QB.

    I will also say that if you took both teams and took their best player (hypothetically, of course, but Colt for Texas, Ingram for Bama), Bama would be head and shoulders above Texas. At full strength, we will never really get to see.....

  • La Mont - 9 years ago

    Football is a tough sport and you have to able to take hits. No college QB would've been able to take that kind of pounding all game from Alabama's fired up, huge D-line. If you watched the game you couldn't help but think, "will they have enough QB's to finish the game?".

  • Larry Dees - 9 years ago

    I think BAMA's "Game Plan" changed accordingly. They would never have played as "Conservative" if Colt had been in the entire game. The "Game lPan" worked for Tebow, it would have worked for Colt most likely. BAMAs' McElroy was playing with cracked ribs from the SEC Championship game.

  • HCG - 9 years ago

    If he stays in game, Bama doesn't play conservatively and rolls up 400 yards of rushing.

  • Tom - 9 years ago

    Sorry Colt didn't play, but to say the win was tarnished is like saying Texas shouldn't have beaten Oklahoma because Bradford wasn't in the game.

  • David - 9 years ago

    I whole heartedly believe that the Tide would have gone on to win regardless of McCoy's status, but I am saddened that they didn't get to do so, and I am saddened for such a great kid like McCoy not getting to compete in this game. I think that Texas has a very good team and Gilbert is going to be a monster at QB, but there is a tremendous amount of talent coming back to Alabama next year, too. What do you say, Texas fans, wanna do it again next year? ROLL TIDE!