What do you think of Pete Carroll's decision to leave USC for the Seattle Seahawks?

  • wayne nichols - 12 years ago

    I have long dreaded this day. Pete Carroll's great coaching ability, along with his wonderful contagious enthusiasm for the game of football, will be very difficult to replace. His 9 year record speaks for itself. I was put off by a comment made in an earlier column which stated that, "the USC program made Pete Carrol". That is laughable. When Pete was hired, the football program was inconsistant, coaches were short-lived in the mix, and we were not getting the quality of talent that made the great teams of the past able to win 10 National Championships. It didn't take Pete and his excellent staff long to infuse great teaching with that infectious enthusiasm and the results were 2 more National titles surrounded by 7 straight PAC-10 Championships and 4 Rose Bowl victories. Pete did many things beyond coaching the football team to great success. Many of Trojan nation saw the "60 Minutes" segment on Pete's work with inner-city hard core gang members. He was obviously welcomed and trusted by those under-privileged young men. They listened attentively to what he had to say. Another endeavor was his series of excellent football camps for high school youngsters throughout southern and central California. My son, now playing college football, attended camps during all 4 of his high school summers. I remember him once telling me that what made the camps so worthwhile for him was the great time everyone was having, including the coaches, teaching and learning about how to play their positions more effectively. Pete will take his positive philosophy and great teaching ability with him to Seattle. I certainly wish him well. Thanks Pete, for 9 great years of fun and football.

  • KELLY - 12 years ago


  • Marty - 12 years ago

    At least Pete is a bit smarter than the musicians on the Titanic.

  • John - 12 years ago

    In my heart I believe Jim Mora should have been given a 2nd year as head coach, but having said that I believe Pete Carroll will with the help of a new GM give the Seahawks the best chance at being a championship caliber team again. While this is not particularly good news for USC it is great news for Seattle Seahawks fans.

  • Troy girl - 12 years ago

    Change is inevitable in college football. Obviously it was a change Pete was ready to make. We felt things shifting since the Mark Sanchez press conference and the departure of our coordinators. We had a fabulous run with Pete Carroll and he made us believe again. The Trojans came back to elite status in his 9 seasons. For that we are grateful. He also made an impact on others in the community and his infectious enthusiasm and compassion not only was incredible but it also taught his players to be greatful for thier opportunity and to think of others beside themselves. Unfortunately, NCAA sanctions may cloud his tenure but nothing has come down yet. Everyone is so quick to bash a winner. USC has always been the school you love to hate, if you are outside the family. Thanks, Pete, for making us proud to be Trojans again and giving us so many thrilling moments. I am confident his successor will be just as committed to keeping SC at elite status. We have been through this before. I remember when there was no BCS...we were incredible before Pete, during Pete, and we will be there again.

  • Brett Shepherd - 12 years ago

    I am a USC fan and though I hate to see Pete leave, I am actually excited for him and the Trojans. Look, coaches don't stay forever anymore. Gone are the days of Mckay, Dooley, Bryant, Wilkerson, etc are gone. We got 9 years from him and some would say that we got 4 or 5 more than expected.
    We had good times and any Trojan fan that is upset is ridiculous.
    As far as sanctuions, we may lose a scholarship or two, but THERE WILL BE NO SMU TYPE OF DEATH PENALTY. If they do that, then they would have to come down on alot of programs...even the 4 that played in the Rose Bowls and perhaps another one in a little town in Indiana...so relax all you Trojan fans and run along all you Trojan haters. USC will not be banned from tv or any postseason play because they are far too important to the NCAA and ESPN/ABC. Do you really think that the networks want to see another non USC Rosebowl or BCS bowl game? Remember if they ban USC, then they will ban all the other elite programs and then you will end up with a title game of
    Congrats to Pete and thanks for the memories....now lets move on to our next coach and as long as it isn't Jeff Fisher, I will be happy!

    Brett Shepherd

  • Pancho - 12 years ago

    Good move for him professionally bad for USC due to recruiting timeframe.

  • lgherb - 12 years ago

    The USC program made Pete Carroll. Prior to arriving at USC, Carroll was an average at best head coach in the NFL.USC gave him the opportunity to become extremely successful. Carroll will return to also-ran status as an NFL head coach.

    Unfortunately for USC, a cloud now hangs over the program as the result of the Reggie Bush and Joe McKnight controversies. Carroll leaving for the NFL probably means that the USC program will be hit with somewhat significant sanctions. Carroll gets to leave USC just before the explosion and any subsequent collateral damage.

    Carroll's foray into the NFL will probably mirror that of Nick Saban in that Carroll will have marginal success and after 2 years come back to the NCAA as head coach of a tier one program that will be looking for a new coach at the time (perhaps Michigan or LSU).

  • Susie Paul - 12 years ago

    It's a good move for Pete, but a sad day for not just USC but for Los Angeles as well. Pete was never a man to "stand idly by" in the community. He did many things for the community that were not often televised during the NCAA games, such as helping young people who might otherwise have slipped through the cracks of such a metropolis as ours. He was a man who set an example for the young athletes he coached, and for the entire USC "family", which pretty much touches all the corners of our country. Seattle's gain is Los
    Angeles's (and of course USC's) loss. Best of luck to you, Pete. I hope to see more of your infectious smile on TV next season at Seahawks' games! (Finally, a reason to watch an NFL game!)

  • NoeValleyJim - 12 years ago

    Since the NCAA is about to put the hammer down on U$C for its many recruiting violations in both the football and basketball program, it is best for everyone concerned if Carroll leaves now, before he is forced out. It still won't keep the football program from being penalized though.

  • Tom - 12 years ago

    Half of Pete's success was due to his great recruiting. Now he can relive his life as a half good pro coach.

  • Darla - 12 years ago

    I hope that he's is as successful in the NFL as he has been (and would have been for years to come) at USC.

  • Bob Thomas - 12 years ago

    Pete has given Trojan fans and football fans in general a lot of great moments....now memories. I wish him well at Seattle and will no doubt be cheering on the Seahawks next season. Trojan fans should understand that the "only constant in life is change." Can he take Garrett with him is the next question to be answered. GOD BLESS, PETE!!!!

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