If you were the Prime Minister of India would you: Ban the bomb?

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Posted 10 years.


  • sender - 9 years ago

    Great poll

  • d.choudhury - 10 years ago

    We need not take the role of moral policing over the issue of banning nuclear arsenal. There is no denying the fact that only because of the nuclear deterrence there is no further world war after the second. That holds true in case of the possibility of further war with our neighbours.

  • K.Vijaya Mohan raj - 10 years ago

    From child wood onwards in schools we teach them moral responsibility to them. Then only it is possible they led a good life. Then the nation,community leave peacefully.

  • satya - 10 years ago

    there is a first issue, current prisident have unconfermed 13causes on her head,so first throuh the old political currepted basterdes,then must remove the cast vice reservation.must increes our military power,must focus on north east regine by the state develapment of econamey,eduction,industry development, erazing nacksalites,must cut wepon supply line accrace the border like china,banglladesh,meyanmar,pok,

  • Aditya Adhikari - 10 years ago

    Dear Ramesh & Sify:

    Why India should ban the Nuclear Progress in house? Why the Nuclear detonation is not only for making a Bomb it is to test the potency of the material we refined from crude matter.

    This also helps us develop better Nuclear Technology. which we don't have to buy from someone else. Why buy Russian, American, Australian or Japanese Reactors? Why buy their technology why not develop your own?

    France on agreement with Australia still detonates A & H Bombs, US Does it Russia and China do it and they get a little mention in the world press as they sit in the permanent 5 club.

    Only the strong survive, India has been bleeding for over 60 years on both ends and no action has led to constantly shrinking land, as it is been grabbed by the two (three) neighbors.

    Wake-up or be gone.

  • s vasudevan - 10 years ago

    Nuclear arsenal can not be used now, as done in the 2nd world war, as there will be hue and cry globally and even boycott of the user. Hence to have it does not scare any one in a war and the conventional war only will continue, more sophisticated, unless there is a 3rd world war which will be a total anihilation, which no sane person would like to have and see. The energy spent to have nuclear wepons, to store, to safe guard, etc can be utilised for betterment of humanity so that bad in us is reduced. This can be achived if there is enough food for all, human dignity and less desparity in conspicuous consumption. Secondly a mental inclination towards spirituality and accept life more philosophically to make mind strong and instil the fear of indicipline. A society can degenarate with in a generation or vice versa and all depends on attitude, as we see in China. Mind tends to be corrupt always and it is not easy to ward off evil thoughts and ego, but social regimentation and punishment can check it. We have built a nation with a slogan whats wrong in doing so, rather live as the mind waywards, instead live like this attitude. When Gandhiji can invent a new warfare for human dignity, we can still invent a warfare for not waging a war and we Indians only have the backround to teach the humanity. Teach every human being his/her responsibility towards himself, to the family, to the neighborhood and to the society, to the nation and to the world and also teach what catastrope humanity has to face if failed to be responsible. We can set an example to the world not compromising our freedom and soverginity in a convetional war. Make MAN strong mentally and physically and the rest will follow automatically.

  • ramesh kumaraswamy - 10 years ago

    The World is going to dogs, its enough ,we should start thinking in more practicaly action which should SAVE the world from the bad people and NATURE should be given first priority.

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